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Guest Keiichi-kun

Tried Showing My Mom This Place

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Guest Rika-chama

Well awhile back I worked up my courage and told my mom that I belonged to a transgender community online and that parents of transsexuals are welcome to join. She said sure show me the site sometime. The thing is whenever I remembered to wanted to show her she "didn't feel like it" or "was busy" finally after weeks I finally got to show her and she honestly didn't look interested at all. I showed her how forums work and how accounts are made so she just made me save it to her favorites to never be looked at again.

Now we skip to today where I remember I showed her this place and ask if it was even worth showing it to her. I asked why doesn't she make an account and ask some questions here. She replied with "you know I don't waste all my time on the computer like you do" I explained to her that making an account takes only minutes and that posting also only takes minutes and after posting just check back in a few days and read everyone's responses. She said that she doesn't care about other people just me. Well I told her that these people are more knowledgable and may be able to help her understand more about what it means to be transsexual. She just left saying she doesn't want to bother with it tonight.

See the reason I wanted her to join was because right now she's not doing anything to help me. She sends me to counseling and then complains how she doesn't like my counselor. Now she wants to get me a psychiatrist and even though I've been asking for weeks she has yet to call. She keeps telling me that she doesn't want me to transition but to be content with my body. Whenever I voice any hatred about my body she always says "well I don't see the big deal about having periods, or breasts aren't that bad" and keeps saying that I could get a breast reduction surgery every time I mention a masectomy. When she notices I'm unshaven she says it's disgusting and when I said I want a short haircut she just said that that'll make me look like a a small levee. I don't think my mother means any harm but I can't stand her not doing anything. Instead of finding the root of my depression I just keep switching anti-depressants and getting the dosage raised. Everytime she sees a cut mark or my nail biting she acts all embarrased and mad. She says she's always there for me but I don't feel it.

I want her to understand how I feel and how others feel. I wanted her to meet other TG people who could help her understand but she always avoids the subject. I need help badly but she's not helping. I understand she doesn't want me to be a boy considering I'm the little girl they always wanted but I can't help this. She ignores how depressed I get around PMS and just gets mad at me for my crazy mood swings. I thought she would be there for me but she's avoiding the subject. I don't know what to do anymore. She doesn't understand why I'm on the computer a lot. Here people understand me and call me a boy. Here I can be who I am with no questions asked


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Guest Sarah P


Sounds like your mom is having troubles dealing. It also sounds like from other posts I read in your profile that you're having troubles with the family in general? If so, it's been my experience that it's just going to take some time for people this close to you to adjust to the news. And yeah, I know you're hurting, but you also have to keep them in mind as well. What this must be like for them. What this means for them. All that kind of stuff. Not to say that you don't do this already. All I'm trying to say is that some people have a tough time dealing with the news, but given time they can deal with it (just like we all have to on a certain level) and everything can be great. So please try not to get frustrated with your mom now. That might only exacerbate the situation.

That being said, hang in there until you're off to college. I think that you should do your best to go to a college where you'll have to live there, a place with a trans community of some kind, and one where you'll feel free to be yourself. Things may be rocky with your family, but at least you'll have a place to find yourself outside of the bubble of family life. I hope that college is nothing but a great experience, and hopefully everything will work out really well for you.

Oh, and this is just my opinion on it. Please take whatever you can from it. Other people may disagree with me completely, and their opinion is just as valid as mine. Just weigh your options and do what you feel would be best for everyone, while still being true to yourself.

Take care!


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Guest o0tg0o

oof that sucks. hmm. maybe you can print it out and show it to her.

i'm guessing she doesn't think you're totally serious? How about shaving your head bald? That could work...just need to get rebellious :P (without harming yourself of course) You can't always be the nice guy. ;)

Well, once you hit 18, you can be responsible for visits with therapists and such on your own now. Look up one and call them. They're usually open to just a quick chat to meet each other before actually having a session with them. You should also be able to figure out how much it'll cost and hopefully you can afford it for now...

Do you have a doctor you usually go to? Well, you might just want to tell the general practitioner about it and they might be able to let you know who to go to.

Good luck, it sounds annoying that you can't get it through to her. If things don't work, consider scolding her big time. Just because they're parents doesn't mean they don't deserve a good scolding :P

Either way, keep your chin up boy! :)

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Guest Michelle M

Yep that sounds like my mom. I tried showing her a story of a mom's notice of her MTF daughter that changed at 21, and her life sounded exactly like mine growing up, I wanted my mom to read it so she can see how similar it was, and I'm not doing this on a whim or as a fetish.

My mom, however, told me "I don't want to read anything written by anyone else, I want to read something written by you, write me a letter." So I wrote a 17 page autobiography about all my thoughts about being a girl from age 3 to now. And it in I snuck in pertinent info that I've learned from other resources, but in my own words, that I couldn't get her to read in another form. She wanted a letter, well, she opened the floodgates!

Rika do you think you could do the same thing for your mom? I wish she wasn't so stubborn. You're showing your serious you are with your actions, and she still won't budge.

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Guest Rika-chama

Today before my mom got off work I opened this page and left a sticky note saying to read it. I knew that that was the only way to talk to her. I'm not good with words so I thought she could read this. She did and we talked and I think things are sort of better. She reassured me that money will never be an issue and she is always willing to help pay for things. She explained things to me and I think I have a better understanding of her actions. she is just worried about surgeries and all. She has been through a lot. First my brother dies and now I, her only daughter, has depression and is TG and going through so much that she is just overwelmed with everything. I almost hate myself for doing this to her, for making her so sad. She's been through a lot what with her horrible childhood, my brothers getting in trouble through HS, my brother dying, and now me.

Now I know I am 18 and can do things like call doctors on my own but I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm so dependant it scares me. I can't do anything on my own and when i do I get scared and mess things up. It takes all the courage I have just to call somebody I don't know. I'm so scared of everything I don't know what to do. I just seem so pathetic.

Anyways I think things are gonna be better now between my mom and I. Thanks for all the support guys. I love you all


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Petra Jane

Glad to hear that things are improving between you and your mother. At the very least, you now have family support.

Best of luck

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Guest o0tg0o

hehe, don't worry. it took me until this year to notice/build up the courage. Besides, I'm sure you don't want to do anything your mom doesn't approve...I totally understand that. My mother has a terrible life too. (poor upbringing, abusive marriages, chronic depression, single mom, alcohol, and now cancer....and etc) It pains me to see my mother getting into worse situations.

I'm 22 now. It's normal to have some kind of anxiety X-D. I've been battling it all my life and I still do. :P and no, you're not pathetic :)

Meh, if she's understanding, then I'm sure it's workable to get things better. Just stay positive, do well in college, get a good job, u know, all that stuff. I'm sure if she's worried about you constantly, that'd be a great relief. ^^ (meh, it's based on what my mother always says..."all mothers will feel the best when their kids are doing well...SO don't make me worry so much!!!") (haha, yeah, that's something she always says when she's scolding me. :P)

I'm not sure how true that statement is, I'm going to try and believe that while I am planning out my coming out to my mother. :P (I tried today, but I totally didn't know how to describe "gender dysphoria" in Japanese coming to think of it now. lol. I'm researching now and will try again ;) )

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Guest Vince Gothfairy

wow mate thats really tough. my mum doesn't even know I'm bigendered yet or feel like crossdressing. shes such an open minded person but i think her lack of knowledge would make her insensitive also I feel she wouldn't ever believe that i ;have this problem. she'd say its just my experiemental personality and i have loads to be thankful for. I feel it will be much easier when I'm older.

my mum hates me spending time on the computer. shes thinks talking topeople online is unhealthy and i doubt she'd ever join a forum.

So I can sort of sympathise with your pain Rika. maybe you should encourage her to meet other transexuals you know and talk to them rather than online stuff if computers just don't suit her. Its a generational thing. computers scare alot of people. I'm hopeless with them i just use computers for foruming and work.

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Guest harvester52

I have asked my mom to join this site as well, and she hasn't yet. Although, she says she wants to wait until they get their new house so she doesn't have to be in the middle of a coffee shoppe when she reads this stuff. I can see why.

My dad on the other hand-- I'd never give my dad this kind of address. He's the one that still uses my legal name and makes no effort whatsoever to NOT use it. He's not supportive, and I don't really need him to be. I guess that's the good thing about having divorced parents. I'm going to move back in with my mom as soon as I graduate.

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      Thank you ladies! I am truly enjoying life now! 
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      Michelle, being open and available to others is the key to being able to lose our own natural propensity for self consciousness that is sometimes all consuming and becomes the ruination of potentially good experiences out in public and even with friendships. It also serves to drive away the dark clouds of depression that we sometimes fall into when we become overly self absorbed with our own negative self image. Most people don't see us as we do and aren't nearly as critical as we tend to be of our own selves.
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      Well you might have. Women mechanics and women who ride are HAWT. So at least it would have been in a good way.   Hugs!
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      Huzzah for helping people! I've had a couple of people stop me and tell me how brave I am, but I don't think I've ever inspired anyone to get help. Well done!   Hugs!
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      I’ve known other transgender people throughout my life who only question why they have to go through the struggle of becoming someone that people see and respect as the gender they feel like. Many of us have come to the realization early on but some later. Whether it’s personal trauma that starts this introspection or just not feeling correct in the gender we are assigned, it’s a very personal thing. I’ve also encountered very few people who have said they detransitioned willingly but usually they were ftm. This idea that trans trenderism is the only reason people are transitioning is from people who oversimplify everything. But the truth is that since we live in a complex world that complicates things for us, there’s no easy answer for anything in life. Even though I knew from a fairly early age that something wasn’t right I didn’t know what to call it. But once I did it was this realization that “this is possible” and a sense of relief that there was a way. That was around 16, but it took another 14 years of personal struggle and ignoring certain cues because of social pressure until I finally found that HRT was the only thing that chemically made me feel normal. Then when I went through a bunch of craziness for another 16 years that prevented me from continuing my HRT I was devastated, tired, broken, struggling and unsatisfied with my life. I just didn’t realize it again until everything came crashing down on me and I grieved for what seems like weeks. So now after taking the long way around back to the same thing I so easily accepted about myself earlier in life I decided to stop running from it, procrastinating, or trying to fit this false image others have of me. While it’s never too late to begin, it’s also futile to try explaining it away because it’s something that won’t go away. It lingers. It’s constantly in the back of my mind. And it’s not necessarily the need to present feminine and that’s it. It’s so much more. When I looked at my personal thoughts, attitudes about certain issues, my opinions, how I view love and other people, relationships, it really sunk in that my mind is female already.  So now it’s just a matter of aligning the rest of me. Is it more difficult than if I had not been so dense about it at 18? Sure. But it’s something that I’m deeply compelled to pursue. It’s very much a spiritual journey with physical aspects. My life is an object lesson. Not about learning too late, but what happens when I let others question my deep seated sense of myself and stop listening to the inner voice that knows better than they ever will. It’s not really for me to find out why it seems so prevalent today. What is important is being who I really am. Sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself because I don’t see what I want: dysphoria. But some days I see the girl that has always been there. It’s those days that I feel encouraged and renew my determination. To put it in perspective, I don’t have any real life transgender friends around me for support. It’s been difficult to fit the groups and other social activities in for the past year. So nobody can say that what I feel is a result of mimicking others. On the other hand I do find comfort and social interaction with other trans women here and in the discord chat. I come here for the more thoughtful outlet and go on discord for the fun, silly chat where I can laugh and be just one of the girls. They definitely fill a void. Anyway I can be very wordy so I’ll stop writing for now. Just know that what you feel inside is more important than the costumes others try to put you into. 
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      Hi Alex,   I am glad that you have joined us.   Robin.
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      Hi Nina,   I am glad that you have joined us.   Robin.
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