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Guest Kaitlyn88

Xxy Mtfs

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Guest Kaitlyn88

Well I'm genetically XXY. I've always since my first memories and long before I found out about being XXY thought that I was female. Well my family considers me just a regular transsexual because everything they have looked up about XXY or Klinefelter's says that they are males and they should take testosterone, not estrogen. They are very religious and think a transsexual is the ultimate evil and sexual deviant. It doesn't help that I'm also lesbian. I was wondering if anyone knew about any sites, books, videos, etc. that was about XXY MTFs. I find it interesting anyways but also if I found enough information to show that I'm not the only one going female and any research could only help my situation. There probably isn't much research but oh well.

I remember reading a web page last year saying that doctors are now starting to classify XXY in two categories. They aren't just being looked at as males with an extra X but instead as females with a Y. I can't find it again though. The only video I have found about someone XXY transitioning was this:

So if anyone can share anything that would be great.



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Guest Elizabeth K

I have seen that on a site - but I don't recall where. Have you looked through the intersexed sites? They can tend to be elitist (like some transsexuals) and not count anyone without true organ duality. But it might be worth a try.

Just a thought


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Guest Kaitlyn88

Like what sites? I've just tried typing variations of XXY, intersex and transsexual in search engines but not much comes up.

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Guest Elizabeth K



Also Larura's home page shows under INTERSEXED:

Available Online Support Group Meetings

Definition of Intersex

Wikipedia Intersexed

Intersex Society of NA


Genital Surgery On Intersexed Children

IT People

Intersex Individuals Dispute Wisdom of Surgery on Infants

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

Bodies Like Ours

UK Intersex Association


If you don't know my Gender Just Ask me

Klinefelter Syndrome

Turner's Syndrome

Intersex Forums

But you may have checked these out.


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Guest Ryles_D

there's a "bodies like ours" forum for intersexed people. It might be worth an ask.

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Guest AshleyRF

I never really viewed being IS as making not a regular transsexual. IS or not we go through the exact same stuff that non IS transseuxals go through. It's all the same.

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Guest AnnieB

You're XXY

That's 2 to 1.

Genetically female by a margin.

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Guest Paula :)

Hi Honey,

Me too. XXY MTF. Me? I'm a female born with an extraneous chromosome as far as anyone I know or come into contact with is concerned. I wrote a very long description of my life and feelings, and handed them out to family and friends so they could gain a fairly good understanding of who and what I am. If you want to, I can send you a copy. I found it really helpful ... as in very, very few people see me as anything other than a woman now, and they have a better understanding of intersex issues.

Be well,


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      Very well put. The journey for many is hard and long. Hopefully as time goes by it becomes easier for many.
    • ChloeRoss
      I would add Transgender Date to the list. While I am MTF the site does a good job of catering to everyone. They do a great job of breaking down the identities instead of just grouping everyone together. There is a vast community there so finding someone there is definitely a good chance of finding someone. There is also a lot of discussion on the site which is focused more on just dating. That may provide a good outlet for your friend as well.
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