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The Advantages Of Buying Quality Breast Forms


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Guest notsure2015

I recently bought a pair of breast forms with an adhesive on the backs of them, and I haven't seen any information about taking care of them. Does anyone have any advice on maintains the adhesive? 

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  • Admin
2 hours ago, notsure2015 said:

I recently bought a pair of breast forms with an adhesive on the backs of them, and I haven't seen any information about taking care of them. Does anyone have any advice on maintains the adhesive? 

If these are the silicone sticky forms, they should have had a plastic backing piece on them which you need to put back on them between uses.  If they start losing their sticky surface, wash them using a liquid face or hand soap all over, but put the backing on them, and when dry the sticky stuff will stick again.  If you have lost the backing, you can make a new one from plastic sandwich bags.  That will happen maybe 30 or 40 times before it wears out completely.  There are also the silicone strips that you can buy separately that will do the same thing after the original stuff does wear out.

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  • 1 year later...

Since I Have Natural 46B/46C-Cup Breasts...I Don't Need Forms...(How Lucky Am I)...I Can Fill My Bras Without Any Problems...Since I Love Wearing My Bras...What More Can I Say !

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  • 3 weeks later...

I bought my breast forms from Janet's Closet. The first set was the Triangle Tatas in 48D these are silicon forms that can be glued on using the Hollister Medical Glue (which I prefer) or in the packet bras. With them being glued on you can actually feel the weight of the breasts pulling on the body and boy do they bounce like real breasts. The down side is that you cannot sleep with them on and when taking them off you have "Gently" peel them off as you can rip the membrane. I then bought a set of foam forms, I didn't like them. I then bought a set forms that you could sleep in. nice to wear but have to use a water based glue which runs when you perspire. 

I am in the process of putting up some money to buy a set of Aphrodites, these you can sleep in and are glued on using the medical glue. 

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  • 5 months later...
  • Root Admin

I actually get mine from a German online store, which can be quite expensive but worth every penny. They sometimes also have them on eBay auctions, so when mine are getting tired, and they do last for years, I start to look out for the size and shape I like on their auctions, then set myself a top price limit and bid up to that. If I lose the auction, there is usually another in a day or so and I am able to get top quality (expensive) forms for a very reasonable price.

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On 7/25/2018 at 2:21 AM, PaulaPlaytex said:

Since I Have Natural 46B/46C-Cup Breasts...I Don't Need Forms...(How Lucky Am I)...I Can Fill My Bras Without Any Problems...Since I Love Wearing My Bras...What More Can I Say ! 



Just now, Petra Jane said:

I actually get mine from a German online store, which can be quite expensive but worth every penny. They sometimes also have them on eBay auctions, so when mine are getting tired, and they do last for years, I start to look out for the size and shape I like on their auctions, then set myself a top price limit and bid up to that. If I lose the auction, there is usually another in a day or so and I am able to get top quality (expensive) forms for a very reasonable price.

Here here Paula Playtex, I too don’t need breast forms, just over 4 months on hormone treatment and I’m spilling out of a B cup and into  a C cup ? my GP thinks I will top out around an E or F cup as my mother and 2 sisters are G, GG and H.


l love how mine feel now and how they sit when I’m lying in bed x 


i just dont want my ariolas to get much bigger, they already look huge x

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  • Forum Moderator
5 hours ago, Petra Jane said:

I actually get mine from a German online store, which can be quite expensive but worth every penny. They sometimes also have them on eBay auctions

I wish we had an eBay or online anything at the time I was really interested in these breast forms.  Back in the 80's, I bought nearly every type of foam, weighted foam, and silicone breast forms that were available.  The only type I never tried was the silicone forms that stick temporarily onto your chest.  They were advertised as feeling like real breasts when you walk.  I used to buy my forms at a local prosthesis shop here in the. Seattle area and they always steered me away from these.  Their main reason was that I was upfront with them and let them know that I wanted to be able to sleep wearing them too.


Over the years, I had spent a fortune on different sizes of the silicone forms because no  matter what price point they were at, they always started leaking after a year or so due to the weight of sleeping while wearing them (I sleep on my stomach).  I'm curious if anyone else ever tried the silicone "stick on" breast forms?  It's too late for me to try them now but I'm wondering if I missed out when I was younger.


Susan R?

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Susan.  I have various forms, but my favorite that I wear daily are the “natural stick “ silicone forms. Very happy with them.



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  • 7 months later...

My go-to forms are "Pals."  They are soft like silicone but they won't leak because they are not a gel.  They are also great for sleeping, because you can't burst them or damage them.  In fact, they can even be cut or trimmed to obtain the perfect shape.  I love them.





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  • 4 months later...
Miss Linnea

I bought a pair of C-cups from Boobsshop, I absolutely love them. They look and feel realistic, but I would never have imagined how hard it can be to keep the velcro in Place. 


But every problem has its own solution I guess.  :)

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  • 3 months later...
Teri Anne

I have had a few sets from the Breast Form store and always loved the feel.

Don't cheap out with items like this buy quality and you will have many years of use out of them.

I have one set I have had for 12 years and they are still in great shape.

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  • 1 month later...

I guess one shouldn't feel blessed to have gynecomastia but I'm sitting here in a lovely unpadded underwire brassiere with seamless C cups that are filled with MY breasts.  I've definitely looked a breast forms over the years, perhaps indulging my fantasies without making an investment, either in forms or brassieres.  But this year I tried a few brassieres from E-Bay and discovered that a good underwire brassiere puts everything where it belongs.  I'm not especially overweight, so this is doubtless the combination of gynecomastia and diminished testosterone that has come with getting older.  I guess in this one department I should be grateful for small miracles.  I certainly enjoyed the feeling of a brassiere on my breasts this afternoon as I ran errands... wearing an over shirt, of course.  They were my little secret...

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    • Noah A
      Hi @DonkeySocks. Thank you so much for your welcome. You are so right. That's what I've done with one of my best friends. She has been supportive, if a bit skeptical. She leans towards believing that this probably has other explanations, or at least making totally sure that is not the case. Can't blame her, she has know me only in my overfeminine phase.     Thank you for that. It's interesting that, no matter how much I know that is the case, I still doubt them. So it is a huge support to hear those words.       Hi @DeeDee. You have no idea (except you probably do) how reasuring it is that you share this experience in this way (not always knowing) and yet it is totally real and you've come this far. And yes, being honest with myself and self-acceptance and self-love are the goals. Each question and each answer may scare me, but they also set me free, and when I allow myself to think "I am not a woman and I do not need to be a woman" everything inside of me relaxes. It scares me, but I'm not letting go of that feeling!     Hi @Susan R. Yes! I have one. There was none in my area but I found them in Barcelona. I'm only two session into therapy but it has made a world of difference, in terms of being able to talk about this with an informed, neutral and non judgemental person. I actually am in this forum because I could put aside my previous "I am not trans enough" fear, and that's thanks to therapy. The awareness and ability to legitimize my feelings and reality has no price.   Thank you all for your welcome. It is felt and deeply appreciated. I'll do my best to be here for you as much as you are here for me.
    • Noah A
      Hi @sparky I can't talk from experience about coming out to a significant other, because I don't have it. What I can say is that, from my point of view, you've given yourself and your wive the gift of an open and honest relationship, the possibility of being your true selves with one another. I have no clue how it can turn out, but now it has the chance of being real and profound.  
    • RhondaS
      Struggled with that a long time too, besides all the other struggles. But at some point I thought I'd rather live the rest of my life as an ugly woman than any kind of man. And HRT helped me mentally almost right away, well before any physical changes. Yes, I still don't like what I see in the mirror, but feel significantly better than I used to (and it's only 5 weeks in). 
    • RhondaS
      Does anyone ever misgender back? I'd be tempted to do that, at least on the way out. "Thanks, sir!"
    • RhondaS
      Do you have a link for that quote from Harris saying she'll invoke the 25th? Google's not helping, and you'd think that statement would have made enough news to be found somewhere other than on this forum.   The only things google showed was Trump saying that Pelosi would do it to replace Biden with Harris.     
    • Susan R
      Hello @Noah A. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. You are among friends here and are here to help you any way we can.   As @DonkeySocks pointed out...we’re all here trying to find ourselves. It’s a forum filled with real people with at least one aim of self-discovery. It’s a process that takes patience and time. You’ve recognized the fact that something needs attention or that an issue does exist...that’s why you’re here. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it never goes away completely. I can tell you first hand that denial, suppression and compartmentalizing your life does not work for long. Knowing the truth about yourself and accepting who you are, whatever that might be, is half the battle. The rest of the pieces eventually fall into place with good help whether it be professional or through resources that you stumble upon in you research.   You’ll here it often on this forum but it’s very true...you owe it to yourself to find a good therapist with a good understanding of gender identity issues. I don’t know how abundant those type of resources are in Spain but there are online services available and in some places right now online is the only method of service available due to covid.   I believe one can traverse these gender issues without a therapist but the more resources and support you have at your disposal, the better, imho. I think this to a great place to get started and hope to read more about you and your journey. I trust with a little effort, you’ll eventually get there.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Mia Marie
      Everybody is entitled to vote for who you want but I will not vote for someone, and I don't care what party they are from, and end up living in a socialist country with no rights at all to speak of. And if Biden wins Harris has already said at some point she will envoke the 25th amendment to take over the Presidency from Biden. You don't want her in full charge.
    • Robin.C
      This is something I struggled with for a long time and reading other stories, many have as well. There is a mindset in our beginning which is part of the dysphoria. We don't feel we are the person we believe we are and often any visual image we see hits that button time and time again. The best advice I have been given was that I want to be the best female version of myself that I can be. The same height, skin and body shape (although hormones will and do change some of our appearance) but the female version of me. Transitioning is as much about the emotional and mental changes that occur along with some physical changes. A therapist is a must to help us comes to terms of how we progress towards our goal of being our true self. This is a great place to begin as the advice and real world experiences are and have been invaluable to me. We as people come in all shapes and sizes and nobody is ever 100% happy with how they look, we all get by though. You didn't say if you have a therapist, if you don't you should get one as they can be so much help now and in the future.   Hugs Robin
    • gina-nicole-t
      Welcome @Bobbi Jo
    • Susan R
      Thank God you’re OK, Kylie. Septic is a monster. My father passed from an abdominal infection that went septic. It’s scary stuff. I will be sure to drink more water myself. I drink about 48-64 oz or water a day but also drink a lot of diuretic liquids...mainly coffee and tea. I used to be a strict 96oz. of water per day up until a year ago. I think I need to increase it again. I don’t want to get a UTI after reading your account.   Thanks for sharing this important news. It has brought to light the importance of water every day. It’s so easy to let it slide.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hi @Lain, nice to meet you. Welcome. Good subject you’ve started.   Jackie stated something above that I agree with all the way. In the earliest stages of confronting gender dysphoria or gender incongruence of any sort, the focus is generally more on the physical aspects of transition. I don’t want to downplay any of that because it is still important for me today...almost as much as it was early in my transition. It has changed as my focus and understanding about what it is to be a woman has changed. Of course as you medically transition, changes will occur with your physical body that help considerably with your gender dysphoria but there will always be improvements you may desire.  Jackie mentioned several that she might like changed. I have a similar list..lol. Some aspects will improve while others may not. That part of transition is always a crapshoot. Your new look can help you eventually become more comfortable with yourself. Your perspectives during transition will change greatly over time. With proper professional assistance, it can even change faster in many cases. But eventually your issues with your physical self will decrease as you start to see your life through a different lens. If you ask anyone who has started transitioning, many, perhaps most will tell you they the changes were internal as well as external. Of those that have seen changes, I bet most would say that their self acceptance with their physical body has improved. There may even be a time in your future when these issues you now perceive to be a liability become irrelevant to your happiness or in rare cases, an asset.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      @sparky Try to stay positive. That is a great initial reaction from your wife. Very few if any spouse is going to react much better than that after hearing this kind of news. It’s life altering in many cases. I would look at it as a very good first step toward becoming even closer to her than you are now.   My wife and I have a MUCH better relationship now than ever (and it was good prior to transition..her words) and I have to say it’s because now we can talk about anything under the sun without worry of judgement. I’ve learned more about my wife and vice versa in the last 2 years of our marriage than I did the first twenty. Think of it more as an opportunity for renewal with the whole person and not what you want her and the rest of the world to think so that you conform to their expectations. As @ElizabethStar mentioned...be honest with her and make sure the line of communication is always open between you two. That can be difficult when a spouse feels they have lost something important. Reassure her that they haven’t lost the important part of their relationship—the intellectual, compassionate and loving part of yourself.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Actually, I am happy to report that the text +/- works perfectly on both 2017 & 2019 iPads running iOS 14.1. The buttons only affect the text size within the post on each thread and has no effect on the text size on right side panel showing the previews of those posts. I’m not sure if it works that way on a desktop or not but that’s something I’ll likely check dow the road unless someone else uses a desktop for this forum and wants to comment. I rarely if ever use TP forums on a desktop.   It’s a very nice added feature, Petra Jane. I’m at that age where I use reading glasses after about an hour on my iPad. This may curtail that another half hour..lol.😁    Thank you! Susan R🌷
    • ElizabethStar
      It can be hard but your being honest with yourself and your wife. If she's being supportive that's a good start, keep talking with her. Don't be like me. I went the other way and hid almost everything until I couldn't. I almost lost my best friend and destroyed my marriage.
    • ElizabethStar
      I was really down on myself when I started my transition. I want to be cute and tiny too but I know that will just never happen. I felt like there is absolutely no way I would ever pass or even remotely look like a woman but I went ahead anyways. What did I have to lose by trying?   My therapist pointed some things I never considered. There are women with wide shoulders, big arms, big  hands, flat chest, no butt, no hips, big brow ridge, tall, big feet, deep voice, ect. Yes a woman having a lot of these traits would probably be gendered as male but she would also make sure to correct you in a heartbeat.   Affirming surgeries can fix a lot of things but not all. So I will off-set as much as I can and work with what I have. It's amazing what a little medical intervention and new attitude can do.   I've also learned not to trust mirrors anymore. Since I've been seeing the same face for over 40 years I don't see much in the way of changes neither do the people closest to me.   If you really feel it, than follow your heart.
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