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The Advantages Of Buying Quality Breast Forms


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Guest notsure2015

I recently bought a pair of breast forms with an adhesive on the backs of them, and I haven't seen any information about taking care of them. Does anyone have any advice on maintains the adhesive? 

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  • Admin
2 hours ago, notsure2015 said:

I recently bought a pair of breast forms with an adhesive on the backs of them, and I haven't seen any information about taking care of them. Does anyone have any advice on maintains the adhesive? 

If these are the silicone sticky forms, they should have had a plastic backing piece on them which you need to put back on them between uses.  If they start losing their sticky surface, wash them using a liquid face or hand soap all over, but put the backing on them, and when dry the sticky stuff will stick again.  If you have lost the backing, you can make a new one from plastic sandwich bags.  That will happen maybe 30 or 40 times before it wears out completely.  There are also the silicone strips that you can buy separately that will do the same thing after the original stuff does wear out.

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  • 1 year later...

Since I Have Natural 46B/46C-Cup Breasts...I Don't Need Forms...(How Lucky Am I)...I Can Fill My Bras Without Any Problems...Since I Love Wearing My Bras...What More Can I Say !

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  • 3 weeks later...

I bought my breast forms from Janet's Closet. The first set was the Triangle Tatas in 48D these are silicon forms that can be glued on using the Hollister Medical Glue (which I prefer) or in the packet bras. With them being glued on you can actually feel the weight of the breasts pulling on the body and boy do they bounce like real breasts. The down side is that you cannot sleep with them on and when taking them off you have "Gently" peel them off as you can rip the membrane. I then bought a set of foam forms, I didn't like them. I then bought a set forms that you could sleep in. nice to wear but have to use a water based glue which runs when you perspire. 

I am in the process of putting up some money to buy a set of Aphrodites, these you can sleep in and are glued on using the medical glue. 

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  • 5 months later...
  • Root Admin

I actually get mine from a German online store, which can be quite expensive but worth every penny. They sometimes also have them on eBay auctions, so when mine are getting tired, and they do last for years, I start to look out for the size and shape I like on their auctions, then set myself a top price limit and bid up to that. If I lose the auction, there is usually another in a day or so and I am able to get top quality (expensive) forms for a very reasonable price.

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On 7/25/2018 at 2:21 AM, PaulaPlaytex said:

Since I Have Natural 46B/46C-Cup Breasts...I Don't Need Forms...(How Lucky Am I)...I Can Fill My Bras Without Any Problems...Since I Love Wearing My Bras...What More Can I Say ! 



Just now, Petra Jane said:

I actually get mine from a German online store, which can be quite expensive but worth every penny. They sometimes also have them on eBay auctions, so when mine are getting tired, and they do last for years, I start to look out for the size and shape I like on their auctions, then set myself a top price limit and bid up to that. If I lose the auction, there is usually another in a day or so and I am able to get top quality (expensive) forms for a very reasonable price.

Here here Paula Playtex, I too don’t need breast forms, just over 4 months on hormone treatment and I’m spilling out of a B cup and into  a C cup ? my GP thinks I will top out around an E or F cup as my mother and 2 sisters are G, GG and H.


l love how mine feel now and how they sit when I’m lying in bed x 


i just dont want my ariolas to get much bigger, they already look huge x

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  • Forum Moderator
5 hours ago, Petra Jane said:

I actually get mine from a German online store, which can be quite expensive but worth every penny. They sometimes also have them on eBay auctions

I wish we had an eBay or online anything at the time I was really interested in these breast forms.  Back in the 80's, I bought nearly every type of foam, weighted foam, and silicone breast forms that were available.  The only type I never tried was the silicone forms that stick temporarily onto your chest.  They were advertised as feeling like real breasts when you walk.  I used to buy my forms at a local prosthesis shop here in the. Seattle area and they always steered me away from these.  Their main reason was that I was upfront with them and let them know that I wanted to be able to sleep wearing them too.


Over the years, I had spent a fortune on different sizes of the silicone forms because no  matter what price point they were at, they always started leaking after a year or so due to the weight of sleeping while wearing them (I sleep on my stomach).  I'm curious if anyone else ever tried the silicone "stick on" breast forms?  It's too late for me to try them now but I'm wondering if I missed out when I was younger.


Susan R?

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Susan.  I have various forms, but my favorite that I wear daily are the “natural stick “ silicone forms. Very happy with them.



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  • 7 months later...

My go-to forms are "Pals."  They are soft like silicone but they won't leak because they are not a gel.  They are also great for sleeping, because you can't burst them or damage them.  In fact, they can even be cut or trimmed to obtain the perfect shape.  I love them.





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  • 4 months later...
Miss Linnea

I bought a pair of C-cups from Boobsshop, I absolutely love them. They look and feel realistic, but I would never have imagined how hard it can be to keep the velcro in Place. 


But every problem has its own solution I guess.  :)

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  • 3 months later...
Teri Anne

I have had a few sets from the Breast Form store and always loved the feel.

Don't cheap out with items like this buy quality and you will have many years of use out of them.

I have one set I have had for 12 years and they are still in great shape.

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  • 1 month later...

I guess one shouldn't feel blessed to have gynecomastia but I'm sitting here in a lovely unpadded underwire brassiere with seamless C cups that are filled with MY breasts.  I've definitely looked a breast forms over the years, perhaps indulging my fantasies without making an investment, either in forms or brassieres.  But this year I tried a few brassieres from E-Bay and discovered that a good underwire brassiere puts everything where it belongs.  I'm not especially overweight, so this is doubtless the combination of gynecomastia and diminished testosterone that has come with getting older.  I guess in this one department I should be grateful for small miracles.  I certainly enjoyed the feeling of a brassiere on my breasts this afternoon as I ran errands... wearing an over shirt, of course.  They were my little secret...

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    • JillPilled
      That always bugs me as a semi-historian! Sorry for the rant, anyway, just in short--I hardly agree with or remotely like Joe Biden's positions regarding many issues, and the democratic party--but I would rather have him than Trump who can't redress any historical injustice or seek to better anything including that of his own character. And it's quite, bizarre how he's been labelled a socialist when Bernie Sanders was on the vice-presidential nomination ballot and lost to Biden--who was far less radical, and who has been on record rejecting fully reazlied socialized-medicine/economic policies besides a moderate adjustment to taxes on the ultra-rich/corporations. At the bare minimum, I think he would recognize the need for officials to have fitness for office and seek to change or advance productive working policies on the basis of racial-justice, education, the COVID-19 crisis and public health/mental health, rather than 'roll-back' previous administrations policies (Trumpian with Obama administration policy).   Only changing/doing so in those which have actually hurt individuals/the nation thus as a whole ideally (not saying this would be definite if he was elected--but it'd be a far-cry fortunately from Trump). Climate change, LGBTQIA+ rights for me come to mind as well, but socioeconomic status (as a college student and transwoman), and healthcare access are all huge for me and all us I'd expect too--and I couldn't see Trump offering any of those incentives or appealing to righting wrongs of history compared to Biden. In-fact, heck, he [Trump] created a substantial amount of historical injustice and bigotry from merely one term including separating families. And hurting my home, Puerto Rico during its time of need. Imagine two, I don't want to, make sure to vote!
    • JillPilled
      The problem with many in the states who consider or interject commentary on ideologies ranging from communism, to socialism, and capitalism is they often times will confuse each for having one solitary 'monolith' for a model across the world (particularly, those which by definition have sought to critique capitalism--Marx and Engel's theories on economics were at the front and center to this Western self-critique, which later would carry some transition into socialist-democratic principles or guarantees to individual citizens that are held today in many Western-European nations). I don't say this to condescend, just to note that it's something which is a misunderstanding here that many of us take too--for some time while I had no experience learning about distinguishing parts to socialism, communism, capitalism--it took some time to fully process and recognize the wide range of differences between interpretations of each ideology. Though the directions each nation took in interpreting it and having their own cultural/historical resistance lead to FAR more diverse and ranging in successful or drastically failed measures. Nations which are competitive powers, all of them, are not in the interest to host massive conspiratorial efforts to assimilate with one another and supplant democracy.   I'd suggest for seeing and learning history from a case of either, Russian/Chinese history in the sense that both developed issues relating to an 'entrenchment' theory during the course of their revolutions--where becoming steeped in bureaucratic corruption, and authoritarianism of cults of personality resulted in a direct 'muddling' of the ambitions of the revolution to create equitable conditions for citizens and clearing rejecting freedoms Marx and Engels touted to all individuals (Maoism/Stalinism, just for once instance). Both quite distinctive  historical-events contorted the objectives of revolution with active mobocracy at play all the while. Though they, too, are not completely able to be considered one in the same brand of communism. There is no grand overarching conspiratorial effort by the two powers--in fact they are very much in conflict with one another, due to separating differences of view on communist ideology/cultures. The same sense of corruption, and mobocracy (white-supremacist groups for instance, are one sort which has time and time again tried to manipulate events on the national scale through faction groups, militias), has occurred in the U.S historically, yet under a facet of Neo-liberal capitalism/democracy--and assuredly the modern result of capitalism exploiting the underclasses is something we can see in the states today in a not totally dissimilar fashion to communist nations like Russia/China, North Korea with modern corporations seeing sizable change compared to local interests/lower-class citizens who work for them often, in a 'race to the bottom'.   That there is a persisting myth that the U.S somehow hosts 'exceptionalism' straying away from the same types of exploitation seen of communist nations, is gross and negligent of historical precedence or recognition that end of the day borders and cultural differences do not distinguish human beings and our motives (see: race and economic class discrimination, the topic of gender and sexuality in the U.S, to yes, ideology on the basis of socialist-democrats). If anyone thinks the U.S is beyond reproach of these same commonalities we hold with communist nations abroad because we're "superior" or something equally blatantly wrong, you're sorely mistaken.This is something you do not see, a link between socialist-democratic principles in Western Europe to experience of a vision of socialism Marx and Engels would have seen as 'contorted' and not helping lower class people (which, I believe was an objective aim to redress the imbalances of capitalism by them, lost sight of today)--in some places such as modern-day I'd suggest to carefully research what form of socialism someone is discussing, as it's not a loose definition of socialism you can use on a whim to continue to stoke persisting fear-mongering in U.S politics (and, in historiography for almost a century).   An easy notable socialist-democratic development in the U.S was the New Deal program of the Roosevelt Administration during the Great Depression, for instance is an interpretation of socialism in the form of aiding in welfare and social-securities for Americans during a period where such guarantees were not nationalized or federally protected for individuals in substantive need. It is indeed notable that much of Europe runs along a socialist-democracy type model-which retains certain parts of modern capitalism, but still invests in individual lives through socialized medicine and healthcare, farming, welfare, etc. They have vastly different entanglements than those of communist nations in there representation, and aid to citizens--arguably, the inverse is true where in communist nations (compared to socialist) there's a repression of active voice of the citizenry if they are critical or in wont of more from national-government figures/less seen aid to certain individuals if they're 'undesired' or other-d.
    • Erica Gabriel
      I plead the 5th!
    • Sally Stone
      Me too! Guilty as charged.
    • JillPilled
      hmm, not sure ENTIRELY this song I have is entirely about being trans--but for a while throughout trying to find a sense of support/love the message of it relating to relationships or desire definitely was something I listened to A LOT to find one with a tone that resonated with me during the harsher moments of my transition. I can't explain it, but a lot of Boa's music has a quality to it of melancholy and the lead-singer, Jasmine Rodgers, who she sings about ways we deal with isolation. The acoustic-version of this song, specifically, is so incredible too--I'd highly recommend checking them out. They also featured heavily (though existed well before, mind) the anime Serial Experiments Lain which is also quite good as a late-90s anime:    
    • JillPilled
      Interesting post and host of discussion y'all, there's definitely a resonance to this idea of an external force resolving dysphoric thoughts from invading and resolving what we feel are most trying. I see this as quite prevalent in my own life too. Not without basis is what I'm saying, though, no, I would not say it's necessarily right to take! To start- I'd say I don't exactly share my appearance or frequently with others--but I'm really confident in how I look and act after quite a substantial amount of mental-anguish and retrospection. Spending enough time with yourself to become your worst critic if you're in a particularly toxic-living environment too (was for a time), and before you enter the real-world as I have after... I don't even know probably 10-15 years alone mostly (aside from family)- it sucks a ton but helped to build some of that resilience as much as I hated the time for some while. Gotta have the means to look back or forward healthily, or to move on past it or adapt otherwise.   With my dysphoria actually, despite holding some male-qualities still just a year into HRT--it helps that I'm sorta androgynous sometimes looking in the mirror or trying to think 'hey what's one good thing going today with how I look and feel?" I've made some changes to diet/skin-care routines/grew my hair out A LOT in a nice way--and got in hair like my aunts, slightly curly, long, and somewhat dark brown since we're all Puerto-Rican. Through that, seeking what I know to be positives like that, eyebrow-game, lips, my eyes on some days (some, rarely usually still insecure about that lol)--you adapt and work with what you have! I'm confident with how I am now that I'm fully honest with people I meet/myself, and love being trans openly instead of sequestered to my head, now discussing it with almost anyone. Nearly. People I see as wild-cards in how they may react to me, like strangers, those in my opinion pose the most degree of dysphoria (in my experience--it was the only thing for a while fueling why I wish I was born a cis woman--for a short time this was my view too--I saw a lot of people in this category with latent mistrust or fear/disdain in some cases despite not knowing them truly). But others shouldn't be holding you back from accepting yourself or making you view this type idea as realistic to help you--as relatable/valid in feeling at a time it can be, it's not objectively helpful. I see, uh, ultimately changing such and your trajectory of progress and helping yourself ATLEAST though by becoming a cis-woman as a bit bordering on erasure of who we are in my opinion internally and externally, and thus maybe not the best course/necessarily the right thing.   I wouldn't take this pill for the world cause I'd remember what I developed in exchange to get there--bit of a sunk cost type thing, but it's more than that since gender-identity is something we feel from a quite young age when there are inherent disconnects from how our brains configure our expression of ourselves versus what's ASSIGNED unjustly to us without our consent. If my hard work in reality, if this hypothetical existed--and was, instead, replaced with something instantaneous to make me forget all of that experience of success, anguish, finding those who've come to love and accept who I've shown I really am/any sense of growing frequency of 'good' occasions I'm not sure I'd be fully content with the outcome in any way really. That'd be my 'biggest concern' now, but earlier however could I say in teenage life I'd totally take a dysphoria-B-Gone type pill? Maybe so!
    • KymmieL
      Don't I know that we need an up grade to the CO computer systems. We are still using a green screen. But supposed to be switching it over.   Kymmie
    • JillPilled
      I couldn't agree more with you both @KayC @Shay . Thank you both kindly for your words/experiences :3 ! It's rather alarming to think that there's more than a fair share of overlap, but definitely way more comforting to have a sense of belonging in a place like Transpulse for sure where you can express that and look for solutions. Glad to be here likewise!~
    • Willow
      Yeah I sure wish I’d known what transgenders were or know that I had all the traits they now look for to determine if you are transgender.  But when I first started to realize maybe I was different I was just a teen and never knew anything about it in 1962.  As I got older I thought it was some sort of perverse idea that had to be kept hidden and was shameful only now do I get to understand what was going on all my life.  Too late to enjoy all the things I missed.
    • Jandi
      Yeah.   I thought I was just crossdressing at first.  But it didn't last long. That Pandora's Box thing.
    • Jandi
      Oh well… It happens. Guess you can't hide forever.  But it's always nicer on your own terms. Hope it turns out okay for you.
    • Willow
      @KymmieL Sounds like your pos needs an apc bbu so the pos doesn’t die again.  Oh and the alarm system too.   brr to cold for me.     ok I’m out of three letter terms.  Have a great Wednesday?.  
    • RhondaS
      So we're keeping everything Obama started? Good news for Obamacare, let your party know it's time to stop trying to repeal it or get an activist court to throw it out. 
    • Erica Gabriel
      I was texting with a couple of friends; one knows and the other doesn’t (and I am no where ready for him to know). I unintentionally outed my self to him......TO BE FAIR both there names are similar. I shall crawl underneath a Rock now until it’s safe to come out again. Oof-dah!
    • Jackie C.
      I refuse. Also a computer can be two things.   Hugs!
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