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Guest Elizabeth K

Chick Flicks

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Guest Chrysee

Looks like most of the classics are covered. Mean Girls is my favorite recent chick flick. I freakin <3 that movie. After that Lindsay Lohan became...well, what she is now.

Also, I don't see Heathers anywhere on this thread. Very much a dark comedy with chick flick elements. One of Winnona Riders best films ever imo.

What was the title?. . .Girl Interrupted? Woman Interrupted? Wynona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. I've been in hospitals just like the one in the film.

Someone mentioned My Fair Lady. Just saw it the other night for the first time since it was released. As far as I'm concerned, anything featuring Audrey Hepburn.

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Guest Jade Camp.

I may be 16, but I personally love the chick flick "bringing up baby" from 1939; so funny, and so cute!

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Guest Elena

Oh my gods, nobody has even mentioned Hope Floats, Romancing the Stone, or What Dreams May Come! I can't wait to watch those again once I do actually start HRT.

:lol: I used to drive my second wife batty with chick flicks, I would always be the one who cried too. I literally dragged her into the theaters to watch The Devil Wears Prada. She wouldn't talk to me when we got home til after she had watched Indiana Jones, as she put it to 'wash out her head'. :lol:

Sometimes it is a bit more obvious we wre meant to be girls than others ehh?



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Guest Darcie

Here's some I've recently seen or just can't help gush about!


Little Miss Sunshine

Anne of Green Gables (the whole series)

Mrs. Henderson Presents starring Judi Dench

Different for Girls (a moving performance)

MIddle Sexes: Redefining the He and She (a excellent documentary with into by Gore Vidal)

TransAmerica (brilliantly performed by Felicity Huffman)


Dark Eyes starring Marcello Mastroianni (a must own, find it used on ebay or Amazon)

Slightly off topic but I couldn't resist these super special and hardly known present day performers:

Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester (see the many wonderful YouTube videos)! A must see in person! They usually tour the states in spring. Check their site for dates.

Sister Swing (Andrew Sisters revisited with 10 pc big band, check their website for a new upcoming CD and concert schedule) Also a must see in person.

Jackie Evancho (11 year old crossover classical soprano phenom, check out her front page and click on "Angel", I guarantee you'll be bawling before the song ends)!



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Guest Darcie

Sandra Bullock - Practical Magic

Love the Merton quote!

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Guest PhoebeJoan

Some in my collection, although I dont think i've seen any chick flick in my 50 days on HRT. Revisiting some of those mentioned may be interesting.

Here's an interesting one.

Nine 1/2 weeks - 80's Mickey Rourke was possibly my first male crush(what happened mickey?!!?!), and him and kim basinger are great in this slightly dark, yet sexy film.

Bright Star is a good recent one.

Certain LGBT-themed films have always got me teary, especially Milk, A Single Man and Different for Girls.

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Guest Megan_Lynn

a walk to remmeber is one of my old time favorites but since it was already mentioned here are a few others not mentioned as of my posting..

it could happen to you

city of angels

licence to wed

the ugly truth

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Guest Tanyalynn

I may be 16, but I personally love the chick flick "bringing up baby" from 1939; so funny, and so cute!

Right on Jade- I think its the funniest movie ever made.

Me, I would be inclined to question the definition of chick flick. I love suspense films, and thrillers, and many of the best romances are in those. For Romance, regardless of what else-

Casablanca- How could anyone argue?

The Big Sleep- one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time, but hey, it was Bogie and Bacall...

Charade- Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn- a beautiful love story in the midst of my favorite Hitchcock film.

An Officer and a Gentleman- not just for us chicks, but the ending always makes me cry, and it was just a great movie.

Ghost- When Patrick Swayze finally gets to touch her- my favorite on screen kiss of all time.

and finally, one final throw in- Ghosts of Girlfriends Past- I love take offs on A Christmas Carol, and this manic Romantic Comedy is on of my favorites. Im not a huge Matthew Moconaheigh fan, but he and Michael Douglas are hysterical.

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Guest Zoe_1988

Well, I don't know if those I'll mention are considered chick flicks or not, some of them I know they are some others I'm not that sure, since I like chick flicks and action movies alike, nothing like watching men dodging bullets for me =P

Anyway, my favorite list:

Juno- With Ellen Page who was also lovely in Inception.

500 days of Summer- It's not a love story, but a story about love and I love it =D

Awake- More like a drama but the mom-son relationship, it's adorable.

Paris Je t'aime and New York I love you- Mini stories about these cities and also about different kinds of love.

Veronika decides to die- Sarah Michelle Geller is awesome in this one, I loved it for many reasons.

Just like heaven- Reese Whiterspoon is adorable in whatever movie you watch with her, but I love this one specially.

Other movies listed in the thread are great too, like Devil wears prada, I also like Miss Congeniality and Legally Blonde.

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Guest Lacey Lynne


How come nobody mentioned The Godfather II?

:poster_oops: Lacey

Just kidding ... not REALLY though. Ain't no chick flick though, THAT'S for doggone sure, but it's just about the best movie I ever saw. "Michael, we're bigger than U.S. Steel!" Actually, Meyer Lansky said that in real life. U.S. Steel was born in my hometown ... 1901 ... thank you, J.P. Morgan (fronting for The House of Rothschild in Europe) by way of Charlie Schwab to that canny old Scot, Andrew Carnegie. Oh, those days of bare-fisted capitalism. Should have seen how polluted it made my home city.

Anyway, I LOVE chick flicks!

My faves:

When Harry Met Sally / You've Got Mail

What IS it about Meg Ryan? :score:

Some AWESOME chick flicks were made in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Guest Maggie_O

In another TOPIC 'Fried Green Tomatoes" the movie, was mentioned. GREAT chick flick! When I first saw it I loved it - then I thought I understood. BUT now my brain is rewired - fueled by the proper fuel! WOW

MTF here - sorry guys

What was the one with the two witches that were sisters - Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kiddman?



i adore movies. it's a lifelong thing. i started going when i was a kid and staying in the dark theater all day as a way to hide and grew to love movies a lot that way. the "so-called" chick flicks are my favorites. sure, they are predictable, etc, but that's why i love them. something good that happens. i have lived enough real ugliness, created enough real death and destruction to last 50 lifetimes. so, in a movie i want something that can put a smile on my face. i do watch other types of movies, everything but "horror", but it's the girlie ones i love the most. maybe i just love romance and dreaming of romance.

as for the hormone angle, i don't know how i compare as far as that kind of perception. my body hasn't produced any testosterone since i was about 25, and even before that not much. i do have some female hormones as a result and a female brain. i'm mtf, just fyi. but since i love movies here's some of mine ...

most recently:

crazy, stupid, love.

friends with benefits

life as we know it

the devil wears prada

the ugly truth


no strings attached

he's just not that into you

everybody's fine

eat, pray, love

love and other drugs

letters to juliet

larry crowne

morning glory

shall we dance

soul surfer

the help

the jane austen book club

something's gotta give

as good as it gets

the witches of eastwick

my best friend's wedding

mona lisa smile

the kids are alright

vicky, christina barcelona

the rebound

kate & leopold

like water for chocolate


french kiss

IQ (odd but i liked it)

the piano

a walk in the clouds

hope floats

the english patient

the bridges of madison county

the prince of tides

father of the bride (both the old and new versions)

romeo and juliet

10 things i hate about you

on a clear day you can see forever

father goose

waterloo bridge

the way we were

barefoot in the park

funny girl

desk set

pat and mike

adam’s rib

woman of the year

guess who's coming to dinner

bringing up baby

the bishop's wife (the original)

come to the stable

it's a wonderful life

i could go on and on ... but this list isn't bad added to the other suggestions.

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      Just waiting for my son to vacate the bathroom so I can get ready for my yearly medical. She's a new doctor and although I saw her once in Sept this will be my first medical with her. My electrologist is tomorrow so I have a little growth of white hairs but the denuding of the chin is noticable. I figure no makeup. The other significance is it will be my second medical since starting hormones so my second exam for breast cancer signs. (I check for signs but have never formally learned) For some reason i am kind of private with surgery so I will leave the details to my discussion with her today as I have approval from my transition doctor and shpuld be on a waiting list. The weathers lousy here right now and despite Vancouver's beauty in the spring and summer, the winters are mostly wet, dark, and dirty from debris being blown away. Still it's my home and it always looks worse outside than it actually is. 2 weeks from now is my transistion doctors appointment and I hope to have a surgery date by then or given to me then. Cheers Rachel  
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      Thank you for sharing about the issues facing you in Bulgaria.  I fear ignorance and fear of anything different has long been a tool used by politicians and "religious" factions to unite less educated individuals.  We face that to some extent here in the USA as well.  It is especially obvious with the present administration.  Hopefully enlightenment will continue and acceptance will win out.   Hugs,   Charlize
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      I agree with Charlize as I would like to see it as well.
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      https://www.coe.int/en/web/conventions/full-list/-/conventions/treaty/210 This is the document that brings chaos in Bulgaria's media and 'society'. The word 'society' is in quotes, because it reflects only a selected members and groups of privileged and oppressive people in the country, who  see themselves as the 'society'.   What in the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence also know as the Istanbul's Convention in Bulgaria, brings that wave of shock and hatred?    First it was the conception of 'gender'. In Bulgaria, for the regular people, 'gender' and 'sex' means one thing. For the scientist and intelligent people it's not one and the same. So the here is the definition that started the war between Bulgarians Christians and Nazis against the Human rights advocates and transgender and intersex people:
          So the from here, evangelistic-oriented and sponsored, pseudo-democratic organizations like 'Society and Values' started to talk about how the Convention will force the country to add 'third gender' to their Constitution, how trans women 'who are men' will compete with women and use their facilities (painfully, well known in USA and other countries, haters-strategy, yeah!) and that it will allow a 'same sex marriages' to be legalized. The doors of misery and stupidity, diverse the attention from the major goal of the Convention - to limited the violence in Bulgaria.   Bulgaria is country with a lot of psychopathic traditions related to sexism, patriarchate and chauvinism. The hate and discrimination against LGBTI+, women and emigrants, in the country are totally above 'normal'. The motives for hate are like taken from the Medieval. If we start to talk about the domestic violence, against vulnerable people and minorities, based on different categories, I must write a whole book in here.   So at this moment, at this point, the Convention can't have ratification (it's signed), because illiterates and haters are throwing their poison on the citizens, making them to believe that the Convention will force the people to have 'third gender' or even 'worst' - to accept transgender and intersex 'freaks'.    This is our reality, which is more like hell! The stupidity, hatred and complexes are spreading around dressed like 'Christian and family values'... We still can't predict the end.        
    • Charlize
      She certainly uses her assets well and i'm glad to see her given positive attention.  Hopefully the rest of us don't feel we have to live up to those standards of beauty.  I know i'm content simply being an old woman but .........a girl does dream sometimes   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      I hope she gets the nomination at the least.  It sounds like a difficult but beautiful film.  Hopefully we will have the opportunity to see it as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Carolyn Marie
      http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/transgender-actress-daniela-vega-creating-oscar-buzz-article-1.3772809   Would a nomination be awesome?   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      http://www.eonline.com/news/908255/laverne-cox-is-cosmopolitan-s-first-transgender-cover-star-and-it-s-fierce-af   Carolyn Marie
    • TessaOKC
      Hi Tali and its really nice meeting you!!!   I prefer to hang out only in the LGBT world but it's also impossible to stay there forever. I attend a transgender group meeting every week and it has really helped me to stay grounded as you pointed out that being transgender has its own set of problems.   I fairly new here and I will say the girls and guys here are very accepting and over the top helpful in every situation I have seen presented. You have found a safe place and please feel comfortable here! Welcome and hope to see you on here often!!!   Tess
    • TessaOKC
      Hi Kelly and it's very nice meeting you!!!!   Tess
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