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Carolyn Marie

Will Power - Where To Find It?

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My weight issues are relatively minor compared to many others. I know that. Yet, they drive me crazy

just the same.

Most of you know I'm short (5'3"), and I weigh 145 lbs. I am down from 156 last year, so that's good, but I need to lose another 5-10 before I'll feel good about myself.

I've been stuck at this weight for months. Sometimes after eating really light for 2-3 days I can get it down to 141-142. But all it takes is one decent meal and I'm back to 145.

I bring lunch to work 4 days out of 5, eat just half of a small T.V. dinner, or half a Cup O'Noodles, and some fruit, and maybe one small cookie. Breakfast is a bowl of cereal.

I have a desk job, so I don't exercise at all during the week. I can't walk a lot due to arthritis in my hip. On the weekends I ride a bike 3-4 miles. I know I can exercise more, go swimming (well, that might be more of a problem these days, what with the girls growing nicely), or aerobics. But its hard to get motivated.

I suppose I'll have to go to eating those diet shakes for lunch, or just the fruit, but then all I'll think about all afternoon is how hungry I am. :(

I'll figure it out. Thanks for reading my rant.

Carolyn Marie

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Hi Carolyn,

I feel your pains. I'm 5'7" and 164. I so want to get back to 145-150. I was there once before, but a long bout of depression and that dang refrigerator became a very close friend of mine. Seems I have seen 163 once or twice, but normally am around 165. I want to see that target goal come up in the scale so badly.


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I'm 5' 7" and some change...

145-150 lbs and I want to lose 8-10...

But at one time I was 203 (YIKES!) *sigh* true...

But, I had high BP and Diabetes and I HAD to lose!

It all depends on your motovation...I didn't want to die, yet.

I dieted all the way down to 138...that was TOO I came back up some...

I also have a desk job with little exercise..

It's the hunger that gets to you,, here's a couple of tricks that I use...

I drink a bottle of water right before lunch...makes you less hungry!

I chew TONS of sugarless your moth something instead of snacking...

I eat a big salad for supper 4 nights a week...and snack at night on popcicles made with sugarless Koolaid...

That all works for me....

Good luck, Honey!


Dee Jay

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Hi Carolyn Marie,

It sound like your metabolism has reset to the amount you are eating. That's why you sometimes see one person eat everything in sight and another eat like a bird and both maintain their current weight-often will even be the same size. The main difference is usually that the bird eater has dieted often. It changes metabolism-as does the loss of muscle due to HRT.

The bet thing to do is east more-healthy,it doesn't have to be sugary or salty stuff-but eat more and add more good fat to your diet for a week-maybe two. When you go back on your diet you will find you'll lose quickly again. That's why the first month or so on a diet the weight goes quickly and then slower and slower. Once the weight loss slows down it's important to up intake for a few days. You'll feel the increase in energy that tells you when your metabolism comes back up.

Have you tried isometric exercises?-The kind you can do in a chair even-they can tone muscles without stressing your joints. Because they don't have any aerobic benefit they have sort of fallen out of favor but they are perfect for doing at work at your desk or driving and when you can't stress joints.

Hope this helps. You might find more advise on it on the web under metabolism set points or reset. There's a bunch of nutty stuff out there but also a lot of sound advise based on medical evidence

Good Luck Hon


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Were you specifically told not to walk because of the arthritis in the hip? I have it everywhere they x-ray. very bad in both hips. They've tested me for rheumatoid type because it is everywhere. Every doctor has told me to keep moving. I'm walking a half marathon in a month.


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Hi Carolyn,

Just want to caution you a bit on those shakes. I used them many years ago and got my weight down, but was unable to keep it down because I was essentially in a starvation mode. Not only gained all the weight back, but added additional pounds beyond that.

Wish you the very best on this. Keeping weight off is a real challenge for me.



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Were you specifically told not to walk because of the arthritis in the hip? I have it everywhere they x-ray. very bad in both hips. They've tested me for rheumatoid type because it is everywhere. Every doctor has told me to keep moving. I'm walking a half marathon in a month.


Thanks for the good advice, everyone. I really appreciate it. The isometric exercises sound like a good idea; I'll try that.

Kimberly, I wasn't told not to walk, but I find it very uncomfortable, even painful, to walk more than a couple hundred yards at a stretch. I can do it when I have to - I walked all over Disneyworld a couple of years ago, but I took a lot of breaks and then just sucked it up. Biking is much better.

Carolyn Marie

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Well, i read your rant, so you're welcome. lol.

I actually have the same issue. I'm 5'1", 5'2" on a good day. and about 145-150.

I got a lot of weight to lose before im back in good shape again. (spent all last year in a heavy depression and it did a number on my health)

there's an effective way to lose pounds, and when i find it i'll let ya know. lol.

i can offer some tips though, that you may or may not already know.

Water. Lots. It makes you feel fuller, and has 0 calories. try to cut down, or out, on beverages with lots of calories. Sub those for water or for 0 calorie vitamin waters. Or other low calorie drinks.

Look into adding more celery and lettuce into your diet. they take more calories to burn off, than you actually take in when you eat it. im sure there are other foods that are like that as well, but those are 2 im sure of.

Serving sizes. All the info on a food label is based on serving size. sometimes those can be wayyyyyyyyyyy unrealistic. but even by giving that a look over, you can get a better idea of just how much your consuming, and it can help you identify the areas you really need to work on.

Dont eliminate carbs completely. carbs are energy. your body needs that. lol. cutting down is fine, eliminating them out totally isnt healthy.

Portions. Eat more often, but in smaller portions. (recommended is 6 portions a day) It helps you keep a faster, healthier metabolism. eating less slows it down, and actually causes weight loss to be harder.

Eat peanuts, cashews, and other mixednuts instead of candy. if you have to have something sweet, go to dark chocolate.

um, those are all i can think of right now. if i think of any more i will pass them along.

hope i helped some.

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