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Guest CattalieChan

Movies That Make You Cry

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Guest LuRay

I cried when I heard they're doing a Warcraft movie.* Does that count?

*This is actually a big lie, though I did l o l a little.

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Guest sleeping chrysalid

Hah! I cry over episodes of the Simpsons sometimes. One that really gets me sobbing is Seven Pounds.


Any movie with a lot of emotion will get me going though.

It is funny you should mention crying during the simpsons because I have done that as well. To come up with a specific example I would have to mention the episode in which bart purchases a new dog with a credit card and gives his old dog to the repo men. My brother saw me crying and I was a bit embarrassed even though I was not ashamed of crying because I knew he was going to tease me. I also cried during seven pounds and I cried during I am Legend. I would have to add gattaca to the list. It was such an emotional movie and I cried for scenes that weren't sad but evoked a variety other emotions that made me cry. There is also a funny instance in which I cried during a comedy. LOL. The film was "Fun with penis and Jane". I cried because I couldn't see the things that were resorted to as hillarious because I only saw them as tragic. It is kind of funny that I thought "I can't believe it has come to this" instead of "Oh my god it is so funny what it has come to" but that is the way I saw it the first time. I also cry listening to certain songs. I cried listening to "nothing to lose", "you found me", "boulevard of broken dreams" and others that I can not recall just from the top of my head. I can be quite the cry baby even though I have absolutely no access to female hormones and I am seventeen. I wonder what I would be like on hormones. I would probably be an emotional reck but there is no way to find out but to do it (that won't be for several years when I become fully educated for my career and move out but it is interesting to think about).

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Just saw this movie and I was in tears many times.

"A Walk to Remember"

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Guest Guest_SL

Random Harvest with the stunning Greer Garson. If you can sit through this without crying, you're a stone.

No one mentioned Bridges of Madison County.

Million Dollar Baby, which brings up a point. Why are people saying Hillary Swank isn't hot? That bothers me. I think she's drop dead gorgeous.

Someone mentioned Blood Diamond. Good choice.

Penny Serenade.

In Name Only, with the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, Carole Lombard.

Pvt Ryan, also mentioned is a great one.

The Searchers

The Goodbye Girl

Waterloo Bridge

Here Comes Mister Jordan.

Shawshank Redemption.




.....just to name a few

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Guest Guest_SL

Shoot. Old Yeller. Forgot.

Deer Hunter was mentioned. Great one.

Blackhawk Down as well.

The new version of Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Also brings out my anger at Thomas Hardy) and the newest version of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility with Hattie Morahan. Little Dorrit. Tale of Two Cities.

( I love my Jane Austen's)

More later.

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Guest SuperKali

Practically everything. But my biggest cry goes to Marley and Me. Oh and Charlie St. Cloud.

And Jewelry commercials... They get me EVERYTIME. The writers for those commercials should be given an award or something :P

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Guest Sam_P

I tend not to well up at films, though one that really got me as a kid was Pit Pony. People can get killed and I don't blink an eye but as soon as it involves animals it's a different story! :P

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Guest ametur_poet

Let's see... There are a bunch of movies that make me cry when I watch them.

Forrest Gump

The Green Mile

The Place Promised in our Early Days

(Any movie from Studio Ghibli)

The Shawshank Redemtion

The Truman Show

Those are the ones that come to mind. I'm sure I could get a better list if I was looking at my collection while writing it.

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Guest erinanita

I well up for lots of movies. Just about anything with an emotional build up. I doesn't need to be sad. Love stories. And I can watch a movie several times just for effect.

Green Mile

Steel Magnolias really touched home for me.


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Guest Doodlen

Cowboy: I cry at Lion King too! And the Fox And The Hound. When the woman brins the fox back to the woods, gets me every time.

Um let's see. Gattaca gets me a little teary near the end. And Lost And Delirious, the ending makes me cry. And The Notebook almost made me cry the first time I saw it.

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Guest Cowboy

Cowboy: I cry at Lion King too!

w00t! I'm not the only one haha!

One I watched recently that made me cry: Precious

Sad movie.

It also made my friend Billy cry, and he's cismale so tongue.gif

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Guest Smitty

Tron: legacy

It hit me as I was mourning the loss of my father.

Brian's Song

A Walk to Remember

La Bamba

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Guest ametur_poet

Just saw "Artificial Intelligence" last night, and it is DEFINITELY getting added to this list! Also, "I Am David" always starts the waterworks.

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Guest Mina89

A lot of movies make me cry.

The weirdest one by far was a documentary I saw on the old Penn Station before it was torn down. There's a scene with one of the angel statues lying scuffed and broken in a New Jersey landfill that absolutely crushed me. Someone spent countless days carving a thing of beauty beyond anything I've created in my entire life and that was how later generations treated it. It's so callous that it almost seems unreal.

I'm actually tearing up again remembering this.


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Guest Emily Ray

Seven Pounds makes me cry every time I watch it.



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Guest NatalieRene

I cry during a lot of movies. I cried when i was watching outbreak the other day out of compashion where before i didn't value my own life a thought dropping the bonb was a good idea.

I cried during spy game when gred pitt's character had a bad date with his girl frienr because of his boss interfering.

I cried in finding nemo when ellen's character was being stung by the jelly fish.

I pretty much cry at everything now even when out and about. I wasn't having sucu a great night a couple of days ago and i happened to have my ball cap with me and spent most of the night with teary eyes hidden by the cap.

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Guest Miss_Construe

wow, I cry at so many moments.

Lorezo's oil

Imagine Me and You (Lesbian romantic film that helped me identify myself)

Muppet's A Christmas Carol

The Time Traveller's Wife

Sucker Punch

Several of the Harry Potter movies



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Guest Tanyalynn

I cried way too much long before I took hormones anyway, but one that does me in is Ghost, when they finally get to kiss. Another is Schindler's List, when the survivors are honoring him at his gravesite.

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Guest AlexForever

There are several movies that made me cry the first time I saw them (the fact that I saw a lot of them as a kid when I was a crybaby didn't help, LOL), but these ALWAYS make me cry even rewatching them:


-Interview with the Vampire (not as much as the book)


-Blade Runner

-The Thirteenth Floor

-Requiem for a Dream

-The Butterfly Effect (at the very end)

-Leòn/The Professional

And speaking of cartoons...the end of THAT Gosh darned episode of Futurama with Fry's dog! The sad music doesn't help, LOL

Also, Ai no Kusabi and Winter Cicada are two well-made yaoi anime...but they are REALLY sad. I only saw Winter Cicada once so Idk if I'd cry again watching it, but the first time I sure did.

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Guest ladyamy

I cry a lot when iwatch a film if its a romance or drama a few examples i guess are.

p.s i love you and wall-e

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Guest Ariel Mai

Haha am I the only one who has said the movie "The Notebook" I just start bawling, haha honestly I pop in a movie when I just want to cry, and when people are like why are you crying you can just point to the movie and they'd be like ahh. No more further explanation.


-The Notebook

-The Outsiders

-Romeo and Juliet

-Finding Nemo

- Lion king


Tv Shows:

- Extreme makeover Home addition


- Weight Watchers

Haha I cannot think of anymore off the top of my head right now,


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Guest Tanyalynn

I had to add a movie I just saw to my list- I watched "Julie and Julia" yesterday, and it made me cry- I'm just not sure why...

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Guest RawrDinosaur

Some people have listed films that got me too. I didn't cry, i just had watery eyes. To list a few; LOST, Up, How to Train Your Dragon, Wall-E, The Green Mile, Lion King, The Time Traveller's Wife, One or two of the Harry Potter movies, The Butterfly Effect, Romeo and Juliet, Finding Nemo, Tarzan, and My Girl. - Yeah, i got carried away.

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Guest Midna

A lot of stuff (anime, books, tv shows, videogames, sometimes even songs) make me cry but somehow films don't often...

well, the only one I can think of is the second Pirates of the Carribien film when Jack got eaten by the Kraken.

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      She certainly uses her assets well and i'm glad to see her given positive attention.  Hopefully the rest of us don't feel we have to live up to those standards of beauty.  I know i'm content simply being an old woman but .........a girl does dream sometimes   Hugs,   Charlize
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      I hope she gets the nomination at the least.  It sounds like a difficult but beautiful film.  Hopefully we will have the opportunity to see it as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
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      http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/transgender-actress-daniela-vega-creating-oscar-buzz-article-1.3772809   Would a nomination be awesome?   Carolyn Marie
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      http://www.eonline.com/news/908255/laverne-cox-is-cosmopolitan-s-first-transgender-cover-star-and-it-s-fierce-af   Carolyn Marie
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      Hi Tali and its really nice meeting you!!!   I prefer to hang out only in the LGBT world but it's also impossible to stay there forever. I attend a transgender group meeting every week and it has really helped me to stay grounded as you pointed out that being transgender has its own set of problems.   I fairly new here and I will say the girls and guys here are very accepting and over the top helpful in every situation I have seen presented. You have found a safe place and please feel comfortable here! Welcome and hope to see you on here often!!!   Tess
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      Hi Kelly and it's very nice meeting you!!!!   Tess
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