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Petra Jane

What Stage are you?

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Guest KellyKat

Your COGIATI result value is: 540 Which means that you fall within the following category:COGIATI classification FIVE, TRANSSEXUAL

390 to 650         Class 5 (Classic Transsexual)

No big surprise here. ;)

S.A.G.E. Test ResultsYour Raw Score is: 1145, which indicates that overall you are Very Feminine.

Your appearance is Feminine. Your brain processes are mostly that of a Feminine Female person.

You appear to socialize in a very feminine manner. You believe you have serious conflicts about your gender identity.

You indicated your were born Male.

ANALYSIS: If your physical sex is Male your analysis confuses S.A.G.E., as you appear to be living in a Female gender role,

but have not apparently done anything to alter your physical appearance.

Leading this program to wonder if you are actually Intersexed?

NOTES: Your Answers indicate your psychological state has likely prevailed since you were quite young.

Gee... another shocker!! lol :D

Well it was fun...

Luv Kat :)

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Guest ma-head-a-spinnin

Just ran both test, again:dry.gif


Class 4, Probable Transsexual


Your Raw Score is: 535, which indicates that overall you are FeminineYour appearance is Androgynous Your brain processes are mostly that of a Female person. You appear to socialize in a feminine manner. You believe you have major conflicts about your gender identity. You indicated your were born Male.


Male to Female Transsexual, either post-operative or in transition


Your Answers indicate your psychological state has likely prevailed since you were quite young.

I don't agree with the note. I`m 22 and only now, do I feel like my head is in a vice.

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Guest Sharah

COGIATI result: 270 classification FOUR, PROBABLE TRANSSEXUAL

Interesting test.

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Ok interesting, I spent about 20 minutes on it, had to walk away a few times, however.

Your COGIATI result value is: 165

Which means that you fall within the following category:


Cindy -

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Guest Orva26

As a preface, I don't have much stock in these types of test. I took the COGIATI and it gave me back feminine male as the answer which is probably a reasonably good one but several of the questions are poorly constructed in my opinion (I have no problem hugging people but wouldn't want to hug a stranger not because I have a hug aversion but because hello, they're a STRANGER!) and the same goes for the SAGE though I think it was a little better. But I'm still of the opinion that both test more accurately test how much you conform to sterotypes than anything else. The big annoyance I got out of SAGE was the questions regarding things like car work and house work. Car work is something I like to do but I don't get aroused by it, I just like understanding how things work, in a similar manner I enjoy cooking and doing things around the house but I get no arousal out of it. I think those questions are strange. :blink:

I tried to answer as honestly as I could given some poor question construction. I also kind of made a fib about the sexual attraction questions as I KNOW that I am only really bi-curious at this point and not truly bisexual.

Your Raw Score is: -380, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous

Your appearance is Masculine

Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person.

You appear to socialize in a androgynous manner.

You believe you have mild conflicts about your gender identity.

You indicated your were born Male.


Male to Female Crossdresser


* You are in a statistical minority as a bisexual crossdresser. Most crossdressers are heterosexual. Your motivation for crossdressing may be driven by the binary nature of your sexuality, as a way to more fully explore the Female gender role.

* Your answers indicate you may be AUTOGYNEPHILIC. Your answers indicate you may fit the following type(s):

o Physiologic: arousal from the idea of having opposite sex physiology. This does not necessarily mean you WANT the physiology of the opposite sex, you just find the IDEA of it exciting.

These results seem more reasonable than the other test thanks for posting about it. The last bit is actually the thing I'm mostly disputing in my mind as in, is it really just that?

Out of curiosity, is there a really flushed out clinical way to do this that therapist use for patients or is it more the really gray area I think it is?

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Guest Opal

Out of curiosity, is there a really flushed out clinical way to do this that therapist use for patients or is it more the really gray area I think it is?

I believe it is in the really gray area. As far as I know, there is no 'Standardized' Test being used. So please do not be overly concerned as to how you might do on this or other 'Gender ID' tests found on the Interweb.



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Guest Orva26

Thanks for the answer! That is what I figured but its good to have conformation. Like I said, I never really put much stock in the internet quizes so I'll guess I'll just have to wait and see what'll turn up in therapy. :)

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I scored a 305. But I don't take much stock in the test. There are many questions with multiple answers I felt could relate to me.


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Guest Susan57

Four Probable Transsexual

I guess that is about right for autogynephilia

...a seemingly tricky place to be.


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Guest Samurai_Kid

I've seen that test dozens of times but never taken it. It's sad that they only have a MTF version..

I'd just switch any MTF directed lines to FTM versions, but that'd screw it up.

I'll.. Gee. I can never finish this thing; I quit. My attention span is short to these things..

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Guest sleeping chrysalid

I took this test on several occasions at different times. I only checked the actual numerical score for the most recent two but all tests placed me in classication four: probable transexual. The two scores I checked were 230 and 250. There are occasions when I doubt myself and others in which I am certain that I am transgendered and this test, though not scientific, will provide me with some insight.

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Guest sarah f

Everyone should remember that this test isn't perfect. Just because you tested to be a 3 or 4 doesn't mean you dont need to transition to be happy. That is what a gender therapist is for. This test is just a starting point. Don't let your results get you down.

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Guest Lily B

I took it a while ago and got 4, but I really wish the question about math wasn't there, its quite insulting and inaccurate according to current research.

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Guest Justine_69

Classification 4 (probable transsexual)


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Guest Wingsonair

Mm..I dislike the COGIATI. It bases everything it asks on stereotypical ideals on how a woman should act. Everyone is different, and no test can tell you who you are.

Either way, I took it and got "class 4".

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Guest Alice_XY

360 - Classification four, probably transexual

Pfft. I'd go for a five!

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Guest Cynthia Of Creation


Wow... just wow. This test is mind-bogglingly sexist. It's just one absurd stereotype after another. Apparently because I'm a woman I can't parallel park, can't read a map, and am incapable of solving mathematical problems. ???

<end rant>

thats right. lol

i hate math, but i am great at geomtry and such, maps sounds, driving, actually my car lost traction during ran it started to swivle and it seemed liike i was gnna endup crashing onto the side walk but i pulled it off and regained control of my car! and didnt end up crashing. Some of it was definatly steriotipcal although i also know im a bit of a tomboy, although a lot of it is acurate schoolastic and actions that have no bases for emotions like driving, i think really dont count like billards. its a guys game but best player is a women! I actually read maps and graphs and blueprints and instructions better than anyone guys and girl im in a class of my own with that.

I scored a 295, i cant remember first time. There is also a flexibility issue because not every answer describes a person exactly so i would say although not accurate it does reflect fairly well what range you might be in. I know im Transexual although you will see racing my car on a drag stri[ and playing billards and going to a heavy metal rock show!

once again 295 class IV

i think when i took it four months ago i was 275

PS: its not so much sexist, but really co-relational people tend to embrace steriotypes and therefore they forfill their own prophicies.

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Guest XSarahX

Scored a 155; probable transexual. I don't think any of my friends would pick that. I reckon it's a pretty good description of who I am. But maybe I'd skew more towards category 5 instead of 4.



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    • ShawnaLeigh
      Holy crap I miss a day and I seemed of been the subject of controversy.  My apologies to all since my original posting about a relationship with @Patti Anne most likely sparked this. Maybe not in the way I had hoped. I simply wanted to share my joy of finding her in a place I had not intended to seek anything more then friendship. @KymmieL does know a bit more though so does @Jackie C. and @Maid In Bedlam and @The Viv Element.   It is not so much a secret but something we discussed and decided started to share with everyone but the full extent of our still evolving plans have not yet been fully revealed to open forum.  However it’s no real secret that Patti Anne and myself are in a serious relationship that is definitely headed towards a life long commitment. Yes, Marriage has been discussed, a lot, but no official engagement nor dates or anything has happened yet.  We both felt a strong need for a larger commitment to each other before living with each other since this move is such a huge event in both our lives. Mine especially with packing up and moving 3080 miles across country to be with her.   My roommate, now ex wife Angela is 100% supporting this relationship and has helped me tremendously with plans and packing on my end and she is a true friend in ever sense of the word. (Which still weirds me out.) Though how many people can say their divorce costs then $45 total?  We truly have remained friends.    Patti and I deeply appreciate the support and acceptance from our friends here.    As for today.  I am one day away from my surgery and afterwards there is little else keeping me chained to VT.     As of right now I’m getting out of bed to go share some coffee with my roommate Angela and to wait patiently for my GF to text me.     Have a wonderful day!
    • Emily michelle
      It felt wonderful hearing that especially when I wasn’t even looking for it. I needed it my emotions have been a battle this week. The dysphoria has not been good. It seems my confidence comes in waves. In all honesty the intent of the outfit was to get a little sun I look like a ghost lol. I’m sure my neighbors were wondering and some younger people we know saw me when we were riding they didn’t stop and say anything but they were snickering which is fine I was exercising. I’m getting tired of hiding from the people I know. If the don’t like me that’s there issue. Now I just wish I had that confidence at work lol.  By the way Susan I love your new avatar pic. Errika I just wanted to thank you for your service.
    • Petra Jane
      Having recently taken on the site, forums, and many of the bills, from Dev and because I also want to be fully transparent about the cost of running the site, I feel it's time to update this information.    If you'd like to donate, please do so here.  The months of July through October are pretty heavy with annual and semi-annual expenses and every little bit helps.   Here's the breakdown as it stands now:   Chat:  $10.00 monthly. (Stu now runs the Chat)   Forums:  $45.00 every six months (February and August, effectively billed in January and July). Resource Locator:  $50.00 yearly, payable in September. Email Delivery:  $10.00 monthly. Server Rental:  $30.00 monthly. Security Software:  $90.00 yearly, payable in October.   Total Monthly Breakdown: 69.20 / month.   Now then.  I'm on a fixed income, which means I know what it's like not having a penny to spare.  If you're not in a position to donate, please don't feel guilty; I didn't take over here to turn a profit.  The lights will stay on.  Donations are very much appreciated, but they are not a requirement of membership.   Petra Jane
    • tracy_j
      Just one thing to think about which I have found with leggings Kay . I am UK size so won't quote actual sizes because of the difference but I found that I needed one size larger than my optimum waist size because of the size of my calf muscles.   Tracy
    • Petra Jane
      That was going to be my next thought.   It's pretty difficult to figure out (for me) where to tweak the colours for some of the boxes on the right hand side backgrounds. I was kinda hoping that the Firefox Dark Mode option would resolve most issues.   Ah well, back to the drawing board. 😪
    • Susan R
      To some degree this probably happens to many of us transitioning with and without spouses although I never heard it referred to as a ‘pink fog‘ stage. Obviously, before coming out fully about wanting to transition to female to my wife the topic just was never brought up. Shortly after coming out though, we seemed to talk about nothing else. So much so that we talked about a [future] time when transition, gender, and all of the issues it creates would not be a part of our regular discussion throughout the day. I’m really not sure that will ever happen. Now that we have become quite accustomed to our life as two married women, we no longer worry about it like we once did.  My wife and I find enjoyment with several support groups where gender issues are the main focus. Plus, we are both involved of online trans communities that we really enjoy. It hasn’t got to a point where a ‘pink fog’ has detrimentally affected our lives. If it ever starts to interfere with our life together, I’m sure we would make some changes in our day to day although I’m not sure what those changes would entail.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Janae
      Thank you Kay!  My wife and I have been married over 30 years, and more than half of those she has known about, and supported me.  Last year I came out to her fully that there is more to this. i have mentioned to her that I want to go to therapy, but she insists that it don’t need it.  In one of our discussions she mentioned “MTF runs in the family “ (I have a cousin that transitioned many years ago), it may be that she is worried that I will end up going to a therapist and starting the transition that day? When it comes to money, she controls it, and I have learned that I need to ask before spending it or risk her anger. Kay, please let me know how things go with you and your wife and your approach for therapy.  I too don’t want to go behind my wife’s back, but I know that I need therapy.   Thank you Kay ❤️   Janae
    • Sarahnr1
      Youre on the right  way  and thats  great  . Just take  this  ONE day at a  time  and dont try to rusch things in the hope things will get better faster.  And whatever you do DONT for one second  think that suicide is  the right  way to go as its NOT TRUST me on this.      And above  all  if you feel bad again DONT be afraid to come back here  and  also seek  help and support from the profetinals if needed  youre NOT alone  Rosalina      
    • Susan R
      @michelle_kitten Great response and some great advice!! ...I especially like the parts in bold in your well thought out post.
    • KayC
      Wow!  this hits so close to home, its almost as I had written it myself.  Going on 2 years now since coming out to my wife (only), but not really being able to talk about it because it always gets uncomfortable.  I can dress at home (mostly in private) but similar "boundaries" about  going out or going farther .. not really sure I am ready for that yet anyway so its not a big issue so far. I received a similar threat of "leaving" if I transition, but recently she denied she ever said that (I didn't forget), so maybe that is a hopeful sign. I recently made a determination that I need to open the communication again.  Big reason is I want to start therapy, and I don't want to do it behind her back.  I am hoping she doesn't see it as a threat but an opportunity for me to get my arms around my gender identity.  Hopefully it will include her at some point too .. and I feel unless we understand and support each other, it will be difficult to continue without one or both of us being unhappy in this relationship. Thank you Janae for posting this .. I too feel I am fortunate to have found this forum. Wishing you all the best in your journey  
    • Carolyn Marie
      I'm really glad you're feeling less down these days, Rosalina.  It's rarely an easy thing to transition, what with roadblocks and family issues and self confidence issues and everything else.  Just take it one day at a time, and every day that you can stand tall is a good day.  And every day when things look bleak, don't stop trying for better, and know that you can come here and find solace with friends who understand.  Take care.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Mx.Drago
      I missed my morning cup cuz spent the whole night up and spent most the day trying to rest with the neighbors blasting music that was so loud, the house vibrated from the bass. Looks like I got two black eyes, I'm so tired. But need coffee otherwise I start getting a headache. Use to be terrible, drinking up to 5 cups easy. Now I can barely have 2. My gut can only take so much abuse from acid.  
    • TammyAnne
      Depression is indeed a beast. Debilitating, paralyzing. Coupled with the shutdown, it makes things difficult. You feel trapped, no way out. Kellysinclair101 I sort of understand. I was homeless in the Boston area, living out of my car, for over a year. You have to have faith in yourself that you can find a way through this. Keep us posted on how you're doing, okay? 《《《 Big hug 》》》 TA
    • TammyAnne
      The best way. I'm jealous. Once upon a time I could drink coffee any time I wanted. Now it's just the early morning two cups and that's it. TA
    • Janae
      I have been having difficulty concentrating on things for the past few months. Today I was thinking about this more and it kind of felt like I was in a fog.  So I guess I have heard the term Pink Fog before I suppose, because I went ahead and googled it and came up with this post back in 2009 (oddly I could not find it here, but it looked like it was posted in this discussion group back in September 2009.   “Have many of you ever go through really bad pink fog stages where all you can think about is your gender issues? It seems like every two months or so this strikes me with a vengeance and I struggle to keep everything together. I am going through a pink fog phase at the moment and it is bitter sweet, I love the feelings and emotions I am experiencing and yet at the same time feel I am being smothered by a heavy weight of frustration.   I am struggling to keep on top of this and carry on with my daily activities, it's not so bad during the day when I have work etc to distract me but at night it is more difficult. Have you had these feelings and if so what do you do to manage them? My wife is very supportive but I can't talk to her about this as it makes her uncomfortable - I have already tried. It is so confusing and I just wished I could find a middle ground whereby I can be Rachael whenever the urge is there without being obsessed by the whole thing. Normally I am okay with being transgendered - love it in fact, but during these periods I find it a struggle as it makes me feel vulnerable and a bit lost.  “   Wow.  Yes, I couldn’t have described it better, or said it better, - same thing exactly but more frequently than every 2 months.  I have been dressing for the past 50 years. I found this forum a little over a year ago, and it has helped immensely knowing that i am not alone.  Everyone has been very supportive.   Things were going very well for me (my wife was supportive it seemed) until last October when my wife one day out of the blue told me she would leave me if I transitioned to a woman.  I was devastated as I thought things between us were going rather well.  (In retrospect- that week it was cold outside so I took advantage of that opportunity to wear a heavy coat to hide the fact I was wearing a bra and ran a few errands.  Maybe  my C cup was not so obscured) We have had some good discussion over the past couple of weeks and she told me she would have left me by now if she was unhappy.  So i am happy about that. She has some hard boundaries- no going out of the house wearing a bra, and I need to wear out some of my clothes before getting new ones.  I do love to shop, and have more bras and panties than she does.  She has a hard time wrapping her head around that, and has asked many times why i want to wear a bra when she hates it. I have tried to explain how it feels the right thing to be doing - it just feels right, (better than how I feel when I don’t have any breasts/bra) and when I look in the mirror I like what I see, but I think for a cis person they just don’t understand.     Probably way too much in this post - but if anyone has any of these feelings mentioned above how do you manage them?   Thanks for reading.   Hugs Janae
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