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Guest CattalieChan

My Idea For A Short Movie

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Guest CattalieChan

Start with a shot of hands going into various make-up containers and slowly show the person putting on the make-up. As the shot slowly zooms out, the person suddenly becomes alert to a sound, and then rushes back into boy mode. The mother comes in, and is totally oblivious to what happened. The person then goes through her day in boy mode, and the expression on her face never changes. She sees GG’s in the hallway and sighs. Slowly tears form in her eyes, and in the background hours and hours are passing by. Suddenly everything stops, and she is back in her room, putting on her make up. This time there is a determined look in her face. She opens the door, and goes down to confront her family. There is much yelling (not audible) and the girl runs back up stairs. The next day her parents continue to be hostile towards her, and she grows sadder and sadder. The shot changes to her mom, who is looking concerned and sorry when she enters the room. She opens the door, and the camera zooms back to show the rope going out of the window. The concern in her face heightens, and the scene changes to the girl running away in full dress. She eventually is just laying at a bus stop crying, when her parents come up to her and find her. They are deeply concerned, and as they talk a smile slowly spreads across her face. The scene transitions into her transitioning. She gets a new wardrobe, and a bunch of other stuff, and then her mother presents her with her new birth certificate. Tears well up in her eyes, and she hugs her mother. The scene goes through her living her life, now en femme, and she gets happier and happier most of the time. Then she bumps into someone, and the scene transitions into them falling in love slowly. But as she was walking around on campus some people clock her, and then proceed to harass her. She runs away, and the next shot is her with her mother in a fetal position. She swallows hard, and then goes to her boyfriend. She comes out to him, but he doesn’t get the message until she shows him a picture. The scene zooms in on her face, and she looks down. But her boyfriend comes into the scene and kisses her on the cheek. She looks surprised at first, and then she becomes more and more happy. The scene transitions into them getting married and adopting children, and going through their life. It is much like the scene with her walking through her life only they are now together. But this doesn’t last long, and in the following scene she is outed. The next scenes proceed with her getting kicked out of the town, and them starting a new life together. She ages, and is quite elderly when the whole scene slows down, and reveals a small boy being gender variant. His mother comes up to him, and scolds him. The girl comes up and talks to the mother. The mother kind of shuns her, and gets angry. She goes up to the little boy, and talks to him. The boy smiles, and then runs back to his mother. Eventually he comes back to her some time in the woman’s even more elderly years a full grown woman. She smiles, and they talk for some time. Eventually their life goes on, and the husband dies. It is a time of sadness, for the woman, but she remains happy for the short time left in her life, until the ending scene shows her standing on a hill next to her husband’s grave, and then it zooms out, and the woman fades away and is replaced by her own grave.

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Guest ChloëC

Sounds good to me.

I would love to see it someday.

Every year at a movie theater over in a small city nearby, there is (or used to be) a film festival of animated short features, some funny, some serious, some just artsy. Some without words, just music. I could see what you describe as a 5-10 minute animated short (go see 'The Man Who Planted Trees' - lots of visuals - for ideas how videos like that are done). Sometimes these have more power when the viewer is forced to see and think about what's going on.



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    • jo jo
      i find the best thing to do is just practice and see  what suits you if your happy then bingo you gotta think most women themselves arent perfect at makeup !!!
    • Kirsten
      Ugh I hate that. I can’t tell you how many times I hear Michael at work and I turn my head. There’s like 5 michaels in our garage too. So it happens a good bit. And it’s never me. Lol
    • VickySGV
      I can see an application of this theory at work in the murder rates of Trans women in non-white racial and ethnic communities where masculinity is given special status and narrow definition.  The same is true even in geographic regions where general "male privilege" is held higher than female status.  It is that male privilege that is currently on display and excuses allegations of sexual force against women.  
    • Jani
      Great.  Yes soon your old name will be unfamiliar and you won't become alert every time you hear it.     Jani
    • SugarMagnolia
      Yes, it gets easier and easier every day which is what I'd hoped for. I'm still getting used to people calling me Julie at work, though. It seems completely normal in the rest of my life, but I didn't realize how surprising it would sound coming from my co-workers. Its such great blend of being surprised to hear it and being relieved/happy to not have to hide. ❤️

    • Jani
      There are two forms for obtaining passports, the original and renewal.  For some changes you need to use the original form even though you have a current valid passport.  The lady at the office who took mine said I had the wrong form until she realized I needed the gender marker changed.  So read the instructions carefully.  Best of luck.   Jani
    • Jani
      I would always prefer they err on the side of caution.  Years ago a guy I worked with had shoulder surgery and never came out of the anesthesia.  He was young and healthy.  it was so sad.  We never know how our bodies will react to it.   You'll be fine and your day will come.    Jani
    • Jani
      Greetings!!  You're not alone on this journey.  I'm glad you joined us.    Jani
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Thank you very much.  I need to get my passport or update my BC cause I found out that the state of AZ when flying, the TSA will no longer accept our licenses next year and we will we need to use our passports for TSA or get a second special federal ID card to fly out of AZ.
    • Briana
      Hi Mickey,   I can certainly understand your frustration.   That has to be a total let-down.   Hopefully you can get things rescheduled quickly.    While you may have thought the swelling was "not that bad" in your legs, any swelling would be something to note and consider preop/pre-anesthesia.  While the anesthesiologist may have been overly cautious, he's also keeping your safety in mind.  Anesthesia can take a left turn very quickly.  People tend to think that surgery is very exciting as it's portrayed on TV - constant motion and drama.  Generally it's hours of routine boredom punctuated occasionally by a few moments of sheer terror.  That "terror" is generally when people have an unexpected bad reaction to the anesthesia.    Best of luck!  
    • CyndiRae
      The problem is mostly re-enforced with those suffering from conservatosis. Conservatosis is very hard to cure, steady doses of truth can help. Unfortunately we have a society that feeds on a conservative propaganda machine, and that helps keep the hate machine rolling.   It's a terrible condition of the mind, it starts when your always afraid, step out of line, the man comes and takes you away.
    • MaryMary
      that's a great article I think. That's good to have a fresh perspective (for me at least). It will maybe help me better deal with those people
    • CyndiRae
      Yes that sounds like it would work, there are certain words required on the letter from Dr, same requirements as SSA, stating you have completed the transition from M to F for example. I did mine 5 years ago, and since my previous passport was still valid in my old name/gender, I did not need to present a birth certificate to prove citizenship (that's what they really care about these days !).   C -
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Thank You CyndiRae.  Would my original Endocrinologist letter that I needed for the DMV and SS office work?     Lots of Love   Amy
    • CyndiRae
      This info sounds correct Amy for name change, there is a 2nd part of this and that is the gender change on the passport, I am assuming you want the "F" for "Federally Female 😃". That part requires a physician's letter.   Good luck   C -
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