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Guest Samurai_Kid

Why Would A Little Kid Think This?

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Guest Samurai_Kid

I remember when I was five or so. I had begun going to kindergarten not too long ago.

I had to wear this cute skirt uniform; I loved it, uniforms are awesome.

But I don't remember feeling as comfortable with myself as the other girls. I remember looking in the mirror like two or three times and wondering why no one ever mistook me for a boy.

Must have been the pigtails, beads, and cute girly clothing. I was such a girly girl. While I did not wear skirts outside of school, I liked to wear colorful stuff and I always had my hair in some sort of pigtail.

It disappointed me honestly, if not it peed me off a bit. I'm unsure why though, I identified strictly as a girl until puberty began. Then while I identified as a girl until recently, I became more gender neutral (I hated being called either gender for example).

I don't remember exactly the source of my "angst". It didn't last long, though occasionally I do find myself not as cute as my peers. I think it was the same source as I just said honestly, but my memory of that is hazy.

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Guest miss kindheart

The reason you probably thought that was because in your mind and I would guess your heart you are really a guy :D

<<<<< hug >>>>>

:wub: vanna

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Guest ashermohawk

heh, i remember something similar. when i was like 3, around, i remember that i was wearing this dress thingy, with a vest like shirt ontop. i was at home, and it was around dinnertime and i was playing waitress, or something. somewhere down the line, i had put a stuffedanimal undermy shirt and pretended that i was...pregnant...ughh... but it was a realy short faze for me. the next week i was pretending to be a pirate and running around exploring the playground with the boys. i guess i figure out early that i wasnt realy one of the girls.

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