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What Are Your Self Confidence Songs?

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What songs do you listen to when you're feeling really scared or nervous about something and you want to feel strong, or when you just want to show a confident face to the world?

Here's mine:


What are yours?

Ps. No fear!

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Wow never really thought about that but depending on my mood it could either be something like Limp Bizkit's My Way or Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take The Wheel. I know they are totally opposite from each other but like I said it depends on the mood.

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Visions - Eagles

Every time I hear it, it takes me away from here and then sends me along with a smile.

Cindy -

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Lately it's . It may just be my desire to direct this show...

There's also by Rufus Wainwright...but that's just cause it's pretty :D



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Anything by Alice Cooper or AC/DC.

Specifically, Feed My Frankenstein, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell, House of Fire.

When I was running in competition I'd have Respighi's Pines of the Appian Way from his Pines of Rome playing on my Walkman. Really got me over the hump and helped my finish.

But the one that gives me the most confidence is Rick Nelson's Garden Party, "See ya' can't please everybody, so you got to please yourself." Rick had the last laugh. I hope I will as well.


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Arise by Flyleaf always seems to get me in a good place.

Bulletproof by Kerli for when I need to feel a little stronger emotionally.

There are many other songs that can get me in a generally happy, excited mood such as Riot by Three Days Grace.

And then I have Kesha for when everything else fails. Her songs are always just plain fun for me. :P

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'Move Along'

by the All-American Rejects (AAR)

Note: I deliberately avoided the official clip, because it's dangerous for people who are epileptic...

When all you got to keep is strong,

Move along, move along, like I know you do.

And even when your hope is gone,

Move along, move along, just to make it through!

Odd, I'm quite sure he said 'mow the lawn', when I first heard this song... :huh:

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Depends on my mood, when I am feeling really down, I would play something very dark and melodic by The Cure, like "Edge of the deep, deep, green sea" or "Last day of summer". Otherwise, anything by Tori Amos, the early stuff from R.E.M., Sarah Mclaughlin, Soiuxie and The Banshees.


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Depends on my mood, when I am feeling really down, I would play something very dark and melodic by The Cure, like "Edge of the deep, deep, green sea" or "Last day of summer". Otherwise, anything by Tori Amos, the early stuff from R.E.M., Sarah Mclaughlin, Soiuxie and The Banshees.


Way cool selections Therisa !

Sarah Mclaughlin is such a Goddess.

And of course there is "Christine" The Strawberry Girl on Kaleidoscope, just dig that record, the phase shift effect in the end, was always cool.

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Mine is Frontline by Pillar, it jus makes me wana keep going, pumps you up ^^"

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I have a few

Keep Away - Godsmack

Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine

People = S*** - Slipknot

Another Brick in the Wall 1,2,&3 - Pink Floyd

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"Kyrie Eleison" means "Lord, have mercy"

Now, I may be Agnostic, but that phrase really boosts my confidence...

Kyrie Eleison

Down the road that I must travel

Kyrie Eleison

Through the darkness of the night

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First of all, yay for The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees <3 I'm particularly fond of "The Same Deep Water As You", "Trust", and "All Cats are Grey" (and "Charlotte Sometimes", obviously!), and anything from Kaleidoscope for Siouxsie and co. :)

But when I used to lack confidence, I liked to listen to louder songs and jump around to them a bit... maybe something like this (I wonder why? ;)):

and also Green Day's "Platypus (I Hate You)", but I don't think the clip would be brilliantly appropriate for this forum for some reason XD

Charlotte x

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Soul - Matchbox 20

Glorious - Muse

11 AM (Daydreamer) - 10 Years

AAA - Strapping Young Lad

Never Gonna Stop - Ozzy Osbourne

Planet Smasher - Devin Townsend

So So Suicide - Finger Eleven

The Scorpion - Megadeth

No Leaf Clover - Metallica

The Groove - Muse

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

Electioneering - Radiohead

Cooker with a Genius - Tool (I couldn't type the actual name of the song, so I replaced the first and last words with rhymes)

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Heard this one in a store, today, and I really had to share it:

Tokio Hotel - Noise

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Quite an uplifting and inspirational song. I liked it. Thanks for posting it, Roxanna.

Carolyn Marie

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I love music, so there's alot of songs that get me fired up. I have my fight songs (called that for obvious reasons) My mellow songs, my "i wanna party" songs. lol.

One though kinda sums up my life to this point pretty well, and it's T.I.'s No Matter What.

I could quote the whole song because the lyrics are really powerful but one really notable part is

Yeah, and I hope the picture painted clear

If ya heart filled with faith then ya can't fear.

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I recently realized that I subconsciously put a ton of "be okay with yourself" type songs in my iPod...

Two examples are: In the Middle by Jimmy Eat World and Pork and Beans by Weezer

I like those songs a lot, but I sooo didn't realize when I put them in. It was kind of a funny day when I realized :P

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confidence: assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities

these two i think will match better with others,

Lacuna Coil - Im not affraid

Fireflight - Unbreakable

heres my playlist for my coinfidence booster

this includes

atreyu - Honor

Avenged Seven Fold - SideWinder

children of bodom - Next in line, Are you dead Yet?

crazytown- Darkside

Dethklok - Bloodrocuted, Castratikon, The Gears, Black Fire Upon Us,

I tamper With E....., Murmaider II: ......

Devildriver - before the hangman's noose

Disturbed- Asylum, Then Animal, Down With the sickness, Voices, The Game,

Violence Fetish, Stupify, Sons of Plunder, Sacred Lie, The Night,

warrior, Prayer

Kamelot - When the Lights are down, The Black Halo, Once Upon A time, The Zodiac

Full Ciricle - Enemy, Pity

Eminem - Without Me

Escala - Requiem for a tower, Clubbed to death

Halestorm - What Were You Expecting, nothing to do with love

Korn - Evolution, twisted transistor

Lacuna Coil - Im not Afraid, Not Enough

Limp Bixkit - My Way, Hot Dog

FireFlight - Stand UP, unbreakable, so help me god

The Birthday massacre - Happy birthday

Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood

Blind guardian - mirror mirror

Nobuo Uematsu (The Black Mages) - Those Who Fight Further, Dancing Mad,

Paramore - Misery Business

Rise Against - Give it All

Zebrahead - Rescue Me, Falling Apart

please note: its not always the lyrical content but the pure music itselve that gives me confidence.

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Let's see... I've got a short playlsit, it's these, as well as a few others. This is just from memory though as I don't have the playlist on me right now.

I can walk on water - Basshunter

Give it all - Rise Against

Never too late - Three Days Grace

Our Time Now - Plain White T's

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(I ask for the moderators indulgence, as the lyrics have been retrieved from, which states they have permission to show the lyrics.

Thus, I assume their use in this post to be Fair Use.)

I have a love for some soundtracks from movies or Tv series, because I think music requires something... 'atmospheric' to be truly worth listening to.

Now, I'm a fan of the second series of Battlestar Galactica, and I've got the soundtracks for both the miniseries, as well as the four main seasons.

The first season soundtrack has a very nice song, sung in Irish Gaelic, called "Wander my friends":

Lyrics in Irish Gaelic:

Siúlaigí a chairde, siúlaidh liom

Mar cheo an tsléibhe uaine ag

imeacht go deo

D'ainneoin ár dtuirse leanfam an tslí

Thar chnoic is thar ghleannta

go deireadh na scríbi

Seo libh a chairde is canaidh liom

Líonaigí'n oíche le greann is le spórt

Seo sláinte na gcarad atá imithe uainn

Mar cheo an tsléibhe uaine,

iad imithe go deo

Lyrics, translated to English:

Wander my friends, wander with me

Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally

Despite our weariness

we'll follow the road

Over hill and and valleys

to the end of the journey

Come on my friends and sing with me

Fill the night with joy and sport

Here's a toast to the friends who have gone from us

Like the mist of the green mountain,

gone forever

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ive got a few, i like to keep them on a playlist when i can but these would be my songs here

Helena Paparizou - Mambo (English Version)

SuperChick - Hey Hey

she - Atomic

voodoo people(Pendulum remix)

Pendulum - propane nightmares(Celldweller Remix)

Pendulum - Witchcraft

Pendulum - Blood Sugar

Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE

Hollywood Undead - sell your soul

Anberlin - feel good drag

Ellegarden - salamander

Sasha Dith - i love dance

FireFlight - unbreakable

in no certain order of course.

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"Never Too Late" Three Days Grace

"One X" Three Days Grace

"Details in the Fabric" Jason Mraz

"The Tide is Turning" Roger Waters

"Hold On" Good Charlotte

"The Spirit of Radio" Rush (I don't think this would typically be classified as 'motivational,' but it just works for me lol)

"Go" Boys Like Girls

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BUMP!!! :P

This song is 2011's Dutch entry to the EuroVision Song Festival, and I think it's a really uplifting song:

3JS* - Never Alone

* Pronounced 'three-jays'

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