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Word Of Warning

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All this time I've blamed the wrong person, me

when I should blame you

all the worthless hordes come in

treat me like im trash

well I've got news for you

You are quite lucky

I don't kill you

when I make you food,

Slip in that lye

watch you bleed choke and die

when im opening that box

you scream your venom

box cutter in hand,

bloody sliced throat in yours

I didn't

and do you know why?

because I forgive you

for all your trespasses against me

I forgive you

because I hold the one card of win

you are nothing more than vermin

when I step on you to move forward

I feel no remorse

when you crush a bug

do you feel pity?

you don't, nor do I when I stamp you out

when I rise

You better fear

I really do hate people. Here's a word of warning people. When you come in to a store and treat us bad because you feel bad, don't hold out hope we don't snap and kill you. More and more lately im feeling like a caged dog people are poking. Im losing my humanity and my compassion for this lesser species. We hold so much pride in ourselves when we are nothing but trash, a blemish upon the earth. I wish I could erase us all. I hate us.

I feel so angry, so sad, so down and all because human garbage treats me like im some thorn in their side. Oh and when you get offered a plus sell, don't call me an annoying fa ggot. Because its my job you mook. I don't make commission. You know what I get? A peed customer and to keep my job for another damned day..

I wish my life would end already...

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I can sympathize with you, Milly. I've worked in the service industry too and I'm all too familiar with goobers being in your face, cussing you out for no good reason. Treating you like dirt. Why? Just because they can. Not because you did anything wrong. If it's at all possible, Milly, I'd look for another job. You shouldn't have to put up with their crap.


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Guest therisa

MaryEllen speaks the truth, Milly. I could never last in a sale position, just too much anger to deal without a healthy outlet. Hoping you can find a new job which treats you, with respect and dignity, you deserve.


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Guest miss kindheart

Dear Milly,

<<<< hug >>>>

Please try and let go of this anger :blink:

It won't help you at all, and it actually might hurt you one day :(

I can understand having such feeling from time to time :unsure:

But I think that sometimes it is best to keep them private -_-

Take care sweet heart :wub:

:wub: vanna

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    • Susan R
      I agree with @VickySGV on this. I thought your post was brilliant and in this sentence...”It sounds to me like you are a trauma survivor.” there is nothing you said in that statement that was offensive. Most of us know exactly what you meant. Thank you @Just Lee for taking your time to help out here. It’s really nice to have people with your kindness adding to our conversations. Thank you for joining in. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts..   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • KathrynnCox
      Thank you! That’s a story that I hope will follow for me but I highly doubt it. One of the first acts I did when we decided to move in together was to toss all my stuff in front of her. Now I get the threat of leaving me and destroying my life if I come out about this.    She terrified I’ll completely transition, at this point I just want the OK to dress up if they are out of the house on errands or something. Like when no one is home. But can’t even propose that....
    • Suzanne1
      Where I reside, no one has seen fit to enact mask executive orders, let alone legislation.  It has always been my understanding that any thing less than a N-95 mask (of a particular "flavor"; there are many types of N-95 masks) will not do much to prevent one from contracting the doomsday-cold.  It is my understanding that a non-medical grade mask will help prevent to spread of any virus from one who is already infected, but will do little else---other than hiding one's identity.   Of course, the above paragraph is only my understanding, and I cannot claim any current knowledge re: virology.  I'm sure all our citizens will adhere to the laws, legislatures, or governors of their land & will follow their instructions/orders obediently.
    • King Arthur
      Okay, so we all know how dangerous binding can be even if you’re doing it “safely”, but are there any ways to compress your chest that are safer? It doesn’t need to be entirely flat, but flat enough so that it’s not noticeable if you’re wearing a baggy hoodie or some -crap-.
    • VickySGV
      I do not see and source of offense in your earlier post.  Trauma is just a general word applied to something that causes injury or pain.  Lets leave it in the pot because it is all part of the same dysfunctional parenting that produces all the other descriptions.
    • Mx.Drago
      "I Want You"- Savage Garden  
    • Suzanne1
      Well, some Baptists called me a heathen when I was growing up, but I never claimed anything but that of a non-practicing Roman Catholic.🤔
    • Just Lee
      I never meant to give offense. Some of us have suffered abuse, neglect, and/or trauma. Some of us have anxiety, depression, PTSD and night terrors. I did want to bring together the concept that what each of us here has suffered brought us here to become survivors. If I upset anyone with my word choice, that was not my intention. While I'm fully capable of using proper terminology from the current DSM in comprehension of behavioral modification, I chose laymen's terms. 
    • NB Adult
      Suppose I could have worded it more delicately than "self pity" but picking a teammate's brains off your face is indeed very traumatic along with many other similar horrific events but eventually I chose to move on rather than to continue to relive it and yes, it is a choice.
    • Emily michelle
      Hi and welcome Katie.  I’m about the same age as you I recently came out to my wife and started hrt. My wife told me twice before that if I was transgender she would leave me. After a while I finally had a break down and she found out after that she has been supportive and said it explains a lot about me now. Your wife said she is a trans ally then maybe after it sinks in she may come around. Hiding it will just make it worse trust me I wish I had the strength to admit years ago.
    • Suzanne1
      Certainly, that would be nice.  I think though, that for most of us such is something which is easier said than done.  An allusion was made to "trauma survivor" in an earlier post in this thread; if we can equate the terms "trauma" & "abuse", I'm not certain that secondary gains derived from self-pity are usually sufficient to sustain the cognitive-behavioral consequences of emotional-/physical-abuse.🤔   Again, just my 2-cents worth, and that doesn't buy much quality these days.
    • Kaltia_Atlas
      https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6492192/ This article talks about the trials being done in Sweden. They have completed over 42 successful transplants and of those, 12 resulted in live births to date. There has been 5 successful transplants done in the US and 1 has resulted in a live birth, while several others are waiting for IVF.    The science and technology is there. It is entirely possible to do UTx for women who are born unable to give birth. Not all trials include immunosuppressive drugs. Which is why I bring into question the possibility of using gene therapy for an MtF transgender woman. Since our gene Foxl2 is not active, would activating this gene allow for the UTx to be more successful? would it allow for the neovagina to grow and produce the needed Ph balance in the vaginal canal?    With all of that said, how many trans women would line up for the chance to be able to give birth? I know when i start talking to my endo, i will see if she knows of any trials or any research being done in this field, and if not, then maybe reaching out to groups to see if they would be willing to start trials, or to include a trans woman in a current trial. 
    • Petra Jane
      Yep, 'fraid so. Nothing changed from Dev running things to my taking things over, and money donated will be used towards the site expenses and nothing else. And a big thank you to those people who have already  made a donation, or have promised to do so when they can. As has been said, it's NOT a condition of membership, but as Tesco (a supermarket here in the UK) says, "Every little helps".   So, to those can, a massive thank you, and to those who can't, thank you anyway for being here and making this place as special as it is.
    • Dana Michelle
      I've read that a uterine transplant costs $200,000. I've also heard that it is necessary to take immune suppressing drugs after having the transplant (which makes the patient more vulnerable to disease including some cancers), and the uterus will have to be removed once pregnancy is finished so that immune suppression drugs are no longer needed.   This article from 2012 https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/organ-transplants-without-life-long-drugs says "Patients must also take immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of their lives", though it also discusses an experimental technique to train the immune system to tolerate the new organ.   This article https://theconversation.com/stem-cells-could-regenerate-organs-but-only-if-the-body-wont-reject-them-122017 says that even tissues generated by a patient's own stem cells get rejected.   I would like to receive a uterine transplant, but in addition to cost and the immune suppressing drugs, I am concerned about how safe it is. Since a very small number of uterine transplants have been done (and probably none on transgender women), there is very little data.
    • MaryEllen
      $69.20  per month amounts to $830.40  per year. Relatively inexpensive considering what we're getting. Hopefully, enough people will step up so we can meet that goal. We realize that many just cannot afford to donate but that's ok.  Everyone is welcome whether they donate or not. All monies collected goes to the site operation. None of it goes to the staff. We're all volunteers. FYI   MaryEllen
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