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Guest Zenda

Just A Thought!

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Guest Zenda

Kia Ora,

:rolleyes: I can feel a little touch of weirdness in the grey matter wanting to get out… :blowup:

However if the reader is suffering from manic depression I would suggest they seek professional help before attempting any of the following…

I’ve put this in the open arena ‘spiritual section’, even though the contents is Buddhist related, it’s not ‘all’ about Buddhism…

:rolleyes: A bit of background….

I normally attend a Buddhist meeting at a friend’s house once a week and for around ten months of the year we are fortunate to have Geshe-La Tingley [whose a professor of logic and philosophy] visit the island to give a Dharma talk. B)

The subject of ‘anaatma’ :unsure: [non-self] is continually brought up. Some long term practicing Buddhists in the group still have a hard time coming to terms with this concept-that is, they refuse to let go of the concept of a permanent self :hairpull::banghead: , fearing what lies beyond the gateless gate that continually blocks their ‘transition’ of the Westernised mindset[Not unlike what most transgender people experience]…

Well ‘I’ also ‘thought’ it was about time ‘I’ explained what is meant by my signature…“ ’I am’ just a ‘thought’ who ‘thinks’ ‘I am’ thinking’ ‘I am’ just a ‘thought’!”

[Well attempt to explain ]…Here goes…..Nothing !

But first, I would like to ask the readers a few questions, like.. Who or what is it that ‘thinks’? Where do ‘thoughts’ come from? And do you have any control over them? :dunno:

What you will find is that there’s no single/central tangible force that’s the instigator[pumping out the thoughts] and as for controlling them, by ‘training’ the mind one is able to promote a more ‘positive’ thought pattern …Thoughts are just the product of ones ‘conditioning’ and we are all capable of ‘re-conditioning’ our minds… :thumbsup:

As the five aggregates [‘form’ ‘sensation’ ‘perception’ ‘mental formation’ and ‘consciousness’] go about their business, continually producing the illusion of a permanent self, it is the four aggregates= sensation, perception, mental formation and [ consciousness being the catalysis] that conjures up ‘thought’ …And these are all influenced[and continue to be influenced] by our environment and past and present conditioning…

Just to add more confusion to the mix, :blowup: ‘think’ about this…

There is no ‘doer’ only ‘doing’ - no ‘knower’ only ‘knowing’ – no ‘hearer’ only ‘hearing’. All that I/we ‘think’ I/we experience, is just experience itself, there’s no ‘I’ there to experience it…In other words “The lights are all on inside, but no one’s home!” :goodjob:

I guess the idea of this post is to ‘try’ and help those trans-people who at times struggle with negative thought patterns, to begin to ‘think’ outside the square [or a little ‘deeper’ inside the square]. When a negative thought arises instead of attaching oneself to it[or the illusion of ‘self’] and being dragged through hell and back, become ‘aware’ that ‘thinking’ is taking place…A good way to do this is to ask yourself “ Whose ‘thinking’ this ?” This will put the flow on hold and bring present moment ‘awareness’ to the thought process…After awhile you’ll start to laugh [or a big grin will spread across your face] when you realise that it’s only a ‘thought’… :doh1:

Now this all might sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo :wacko: [ my posts often do when first encountered], however, the more one contemplates what ‘thought’ really is, the more one will begin to understand how to ‘change’ their thought pattern= re-condition their mind…No doubt some are already doing this without really ‘thinking’ about how it’s done :welldone: , but others might need a little shove to get the ball rolling… :unsure:

“If through the mind one can explore-what lies beyond the doorless door-

A door which is just a state of mind- of which ultimate awareness sits ‘patiently’ behind!”

“When is an oxymoron not an oxymoron[ a doorless door]???” When one can see what lies beyond it !

:rolleyes: Ok this post/topic is weird I know, but hey…

At times even I have trouble deciphering the contents of my mind, so I sympathise with those who are having problems deciphering what I write…

But alas, regardless of what the reader ‘thinks’ about this post, the seed has already been planted… :lol:

Happy Mindfulness :mellow:

Metta Zenda:)

PS :rolleyes: I’m only here for the emoticons B)

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Carolyn Marie

Kia Ora, Zenda.

For someone who openly questions where thought comes from, and what is the nature of the mind, you've been doing an awful lot of thinking.

When it comes to both physics and metaphysics, I've found that my personal hero Albert Einstein usually can be relied upon for a cogent

and inspiring thought.

He just happened to have a couple appropriate for this topic:

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

"When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about."

Something to "think" about, Zenda. :rolleyes:

Carolyn Marie

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Guest Zenda

Kia Ora Carolyn,

:rolleyes: If one 'think' about not 'thinking that's when the mind switches to 'non' thinking...This subtle shift allows the mind to become the observer of 'thought'...Which is a form of unpolluted awareness...So in a sense I'm in the habit of 'not' thinking much at all...[if that makes sense] :mellow:

:rolleyes: Einstein makes a lot of sense,and his thinking was along the lines of Buddhist philosophical thoughts on 'emptiness'..."Form is emptiness-Emptiness is form!" and the 'illusion' is when we put labels on things that do not 'exist' from their own side...Does a chair exist?

Metta Zenda :)

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Ah, more philosophical discussions - my favorites (I think or maybe I don't think but then the thought is there whether I am indeed the thinker of the thought or not)

The idea of an idea and indeed of its origin is something that gives us troubles and can cause a loss of sleep if really considered too much, I prefer to think that I am the one doing the thinking - it may or may not be the case but it gives me some sort of pleasure in thinking (if I am thinking) that I at least have control over one aspect of my existence.

Actually I think that this entire topic was just to get me to send you another chocolate cake - so bravo. :welldone:

It did make me or something else think so I am now going to bed :bedtime:

Love ya,


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Guest Zenda

Kia Ora ,

:rolleyes: Sally, if it is the concept of a permanent ‘self’ [‘I’] that does the thinking, Quote= “I prefer to think that ‘I am’ the one doing the thinking!” this would indicate that this ‘I’[or self] who supposedly is ‘constantly’ in control of the thinking process, should have the ability to change the thought pattern ‘at will’.

But as most people know this is not the case. For example, a negative/disturbing thought pops into the mind via the interaction of the five aggregates[that make up the concept of what many ‘misguiding’ like to believe is a permanent self]= form>sensation>perception> mental formation [which selects a suitable scenario from within its storage of past experiences to focus upon] >consciousness, at times this 'thought' is near on impossible to shake :hairpull: …How is this possible :banghead: ? If one truly have total control over them :unsure:

Hence the reason why one needs to have some understanding of how thoughts arise within the mind, and what it is that continually ‘feeds’ them…{which remind me-I’m still waiting for that cake}…

On a personal level, through ‘experience’ I know how to handle negative thoughts as they arise within my mind[nipping them in the bud so to speak]…

However If mind tripping give one an headache, :blowup: then a more simpler approach to dealing with ‘unwelcomed’ thoughts, is to ‘Welcome’ them :friends: , yeah that’s right ‘Welcome’ them into the mind. Don’t try to push them out :argue: , or block them :thumbdown: , doing this will feed them making them even stronger :superman: . All a thought wants/needs is ‘acknowledgement’ once it’s ‘acknowledged’ it will move aside/dissolve allowing the next one in.

:rolleyes: “Now that’s an interesting ‘thought’ or :doh1:why didn't 'I' think of that!”

One has to remember ‘thoughts’ are just that ‘thoughts’, nothing tangible nor permanent. One can’t stop the flow of thoughts through the mind, however if one allows them free passage their minds be free from unpleasant traffic jams :banghead::angry::blowup:

OK so the highlighted paragraph was all I really needed to write, but hey you know me, motor mouth I like to rattle on and on and on etc, etc…

Happy Mindfulness

:angry::thumbdown: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change!” :welldone::thumbsup:

And may your thoughts be pleasant ones :friends:

Metta Zenda:)

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Guest viv

Kia Ora Zenda,,,Love reading stuff like your post. You got to "read" ,as in it dont

do the work for you - you got to concentrate on the read to absorb the message .

So,,,thoughts??, mine over the past year in particular have been very negative-

got to the stage where I would automatically attach bad or negative thoughts to

most situations I found myself in . You know,,,waiting for the worst to happen .

The worst rarely occurred BUT expecting same in itself is not good and can lead to ,

in some cases , illness. I was being treated by a psychiatrist as I was not doing

too well and headding toward mental illness ( in reality -ha ha ) . I mentioned to

the Doc re my nagativities and he introduced me to the idea that we actually **OWN**

our thoughts and they are not as I believed an affliction visited upon us by some

unknown entity . Anyway ,I bought what the guy was selling and soon enough was

putting my new found skill/gift into action. For me this has been a revelation -

its like a vacume cleaner has been put to my ear and a whole pile of cobwebs sucked

out and the result is a little like the song " I can see clearly now" . Every day

dont bring endless smiles but on the other hand I aint an automatic pessimist

anymore ,,,,,,we really do own our thoughts - so why not have good ones too .

I know this reply is only loosly related to your post,,,,hope ya dont mind ,,,,viv.

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Guest Zenda

Kia Ora Viv, {And "Top of the morning to ya!"}

:rolleyes: Your reply relates to this post/topic more that you would ‘think’ :rolleyes:

However first I would like to congratulate you :welldone: on managing [and continuing to manage] how much ‘thought’ you put into your thoughts :goodjob: [it might sound weird, but I ‘think’ you know what I mean].

We do ‘own’ our ‘thoughts’, but due to past conditioning [for the most part we have little if any control over them], we are ‘programmed’ to react in a certain way to certain situations :thumbsup::thumbdown: . However just a subtle shift in one’s perception can have a major impact on how one views life or if you like, how life treats you :thumbsup::groupwavereversed:

Each morning [and most evenings] I take a trip through my mind[meditation], you could say, ‘I’ check in on the mind to see how things are going, and during the day [like a mother checking up on a small children] I pop in every now and again….

Now some might ‘think’ wow that’s far too much time spent ‘thinking’ :blowup: , but ‘thinking’ actually takes up most of ones waking hours. Researchers believe the average adult has between 50 to 60 thousand thoughts per day :o , most being either of the past or the future, very little time is spent in the ‘present’…

Meditation helps to bring the mind into the present moment :mellow: which slows down the thought process[one pointedness]…I don’t think that much at all really…In other words I’m quite picky/selective when it comes to which thoughts I choose to nurture…

Meditators are like mechanics, in that we’ve learnt how to fine tune our minds/motors so that they run more smoothly/efficiently ….

BTW I love that song

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me down

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shiny day

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shiny day!" :mellow:

And Kia Ora Kathleen Rose,

It’s nice to be back, I hope you’re well…

Metta Zenda:)

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    • Laura Beth
      I've come to the realization that my journey to where I am at today started some 40 years ago, if not earlier. I started to cross dress before my teens and eventually got caught by my Mom. I stayed in the closet for many years with my parents being the only ones to know, they didn't support me at all. Looking back I have come to realize that I outed myself many times to various women who I happened to encounter in everyday life while out shopping. They were accepting of me and didn't draw any attention my way while I was shopping. One older lady I remember from Scotland made a point of helping me every time I was in the store to find whatever I was looking for with a huge smile on her face. This was way before I even thought about going out dressed female. Laura would emerge for awhile then would vanish within the closet for a time.   I often wonder how well did I do at hiding in the closet, I remember being teased while in high school about how I stood and walked. Was my fake facade not covering everything as I thought it was. In my twenties I was in the closet living male by day and as much as possible female at night within my bedroom. During the mid to later part I was in college and at night I would put on one of my female outfit to unwind in. As many know college life has its challenges to keep ones privacy, ones sneaking into each others rooms looking in the closets and drawers. Yes, I did have someone get into my room the one year and find my female clothes but there was no mention of it from anyone. I would remain in the closet for another 18 years before Laura came out and wouldn't be put back. I started to dress more female around the house and eventual to the point of going out every time as Laura.   So I say to the ones still searching and questioning, look to your past for some of the answers because they very well could be there. This is not a short journey we under take but one of many pitfalls and rewards to be each discovered along the way. I am sure others here can relate to what I have said about the hiding within the closet afraid to come out but have and seen how wonderful it is to be our true selves.We can not allow fear of the unknown to rule our lives for one day more because the future is brighter without it.    Laura Beth
    • ErinLeach
      Hi sweetie. Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of great people here, and really good advice to help you on your path. This path isn't easy by any means, but nothing great comes easy.   Erin
    • Gwen
      Welcome, Tali. I'm so glad you found the courage to say hello to TransPulse. I hope you find this a welcoming and informative place, and a safe place to just be yourself. I also have social anxiety and have found life my complicated with my transgender issues. But, I have found support here, and I'm fortunate to have a few people in my life who accept me. I hope you also find the support you want/need as you make your journey, which will provide happiness too. The happiness will come!!   Gwen
    • Charlize
      It sounds like you have a good plan for the future and are getting through the present difficulties with a grace that deserves praise.  I remember the humiliation of being called by my male name in crowded waiting rooms.  Those times were instrumental in getting me to make the necessary steps to change my legal status. HRT and living as yourself are certainly major steps along your journey as is finding a style that works well and makes you feel comfortable as yourself. Thanks for the update and happy birthday!   Hugs,   Charlize
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      Good morning Everyone!🍳   Happy Birthday Alexastimo!🎂 Happy Birthday Laura Beth!🎂 Happy Birthday Trojan!🎂 Hope your day is very special!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • TessaOKC
        Hi Mary,   I have slightly more than 20 good trans female friends that I speak with on at least a weekly basis. I have never felt alone and if I really need someone to talk to there is always someone nearby. My friends situation is very different. Don't know what the stats are but there appear to be far less FTM than MTF humans out there. That is stating the friend situation only for him. Now, since he's attracted to cis females, the numbers diminish even further. No clue for how many cis women are looking for transmales  but the number seems to be like really really low. So, to me, online dating is a no brainer.  I've checked a few places and the suggestions on dating sites are not many.   Good for you doing the online dating thing. I as well think we should be up front about who we are and I also think it can be safe providing that common sense is used       I really appreciate your view,   Tess
    • TessaOKC
        Thanks Vicky. Some people like very much to be part of a couple, me being one of them. Good luck at your weddings!!!
    • MarcieMarie12
      Hi Tali, one thing that helped me was getting out of the house and meeting others. My family members all responded differently  to it. My nephews were pretty much a shrug. It took time for some to come to terms with it too.   Welcome to Transpulse!  hugs, Marcie
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      Hi Raya welcome! Nice to meet you!
    • Jennifer W
      Welcome Tali...glad your here with us. Hugs!
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