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Guest Carter L

Just A Question On Hrt Timing

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Guest Carter L

Hey, guys.

So, in the HBIGDA (current version 6), it says this:

Adolescents may be eligible to begin masculinizing or feminizing hormone therapy as early as age 16, preferably with parental consent.

Now, I've been talking to my doctor and she says there's nothing she can do in the way of hormones since my parents won't give consent. But here, it says preferably with parental consent. Does this mean there's a way around that? Does anyone know about a situation in which parental consent would be ignored/bypassed? Sorry if this seems like a naive question, I'm just curious.


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Guest silverpetals

Hi Carter. The Standards of Care are really guidelines more than rules, and as such it's pretty much down to the psychiatrists discretion. I don't know if you'd be able to find a psychiatrist who'd recommend you for hormones without either parents' consent, but I suppose you could ask around to find out what their policies are, if you know of any near you.

I'm not sure how it is in the US, but in the UK if you go private then the consent of one parent is often fine. I don't know of anyone who would prescribe HRT with neither parents' consent though, unless the patient wasn't living with their parents, or in care or something. I'm sorry...maybe someone else would be able to help more?

The thing is, in theory there are always ways around the Standards of Care, but there isn't really any way around what your psychiatrist/doctor is and isn't willing to do. Hope you find a way though.

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Guest BeckyTG

Hey, guys.

So, in the HBIGDA (current version 6), it says this:

Now, I've been talking to my doctor and she says there's nothing she can do in the way of hormones since my parents won't give consent. But here, it says preferably with parental consent. Does this mean there's a way around that? Does anyone know about a situation in which parental consent would be ignored/bypassed? Sorry if this seems like a naive question, I'm just curious.



Do you have a letter of recommendation from a therapist experienced with Gender Disorders? If you're going to cite part of the SOC, you need to adhere to all of it.

If so, does your therapist have any ideas?

In my opinion, therapy is the most important part, because the changes from hormones can be devastating and all due care should be exercised before you start. Read some stories of those who started, then found out they were mistaken. It's terrible.

If you have that backing, perhaps there are drugs that might inhibit your development until after you do reach 18 and can give your own consent.


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Guest Donna Jean

That's right......

Without a therapists letter reccome3nding you for HRT, very few doctors will prescribe for you, regardless of age...

Have you seen one yet?

Good luck, Hon....


Donna Jean

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Guest Carter L

Thanks, everyone, for the insights. In regards to the last two posts, I'm not saying I'm trying (I haven't even seen a non-gender therapist), I was just curious as to what sort of situations parental consent wouldn't be required (not for myself, just a curiosity...raised by psychologists and all, I'm all curious about people). I'm assuming an emancipated mature (16+) minor would be exempt from parental consent, and other similar situations (orphaned and self-sufficient, parents unable to make proper decisions because of disabilities, etc.). Thanks, though, guys.


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Guest Elizabeth K

Two years will not make a huge difference, although I suspect you will disagree. There are usually no short cuts unless you show NOT transitioning is a life threatening situation, healhwise.


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Guest JazzySmurf

Hi Carter,

I will forward this question to the gender therapist who supervises my trans-support group, who specializes in trans-youth issues, and I will repost here when I get a suitable reply. In meantime, I suggest that you reach out to the Trans Youth Family Allies at http://www.imatyfa.org/ for further support.

Have a wonderful day.


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      Hapy Birthday Robbie Bargar!🎂 Have a great day and lots of cake and ice cream!   Hugs, Brandi
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      I am attracted to everyone equally. I have dreams of either a trans man, trans woman, cis man, or cis woman. I am on an estrogen rich diet. I like being pan. Could HRT really turn me not pan, or is that just speculation?
    • Noel L.
      Be who you really are, find that. I can't relate in your scenario, I'm 15 and MTF, but if your husband really loves you, and cares, then he should have no problem with transitioning. Neither should your kids. Just be honest.
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      Resist, resist, resist 😋
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      You look great now but right after the operation it looks like you got into a bad fight.  even so you look very female.    I know that as an addict i have to be very careful with painkillers.     Congratulations!   Hugs,   Charlize
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      It's lovely to see you again Cindy but even better to heart your doing so well.     Hugs,   Charlize
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      Hi Ezra,   Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to read, write and generally join in. There are many friendly people here with a wealth of experience. Take you time to understand where you sit and where you may be going. Understanding yourself is a big step, and takes time. Being in the right atmospere helps. The gender spectrum is wide and people can sit anywhere on it or even move around. In your teens epecially, you are finding your place in the world, but gender wise there are many here of all ages with your feelings. It's good to question. Far better than living in sadness wondering what if!   It's nice to have you here   Tracy
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      Congratulations Marcie! Just live your life and the world will roll on. No-one will expect anything different so they are not looking for it.   Tracy
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      Hey. I'm Ezra. I'm not sure if this is the right place for me to put this intro, but I felt the need to go in depth about my story.   I'm 17 years old, AFAB, and have been questioning since age 12. I remember the exact day it hit me that I might be transgender. I, like a lot of preteens, went through an edgy phase of writing stories and making up various characters for said stories. Something that remained consistent with me, however, is that all the protagonists of my stories, all the characters that I made and focused on the most, were male. I remember drawing all of them, thinking about them, detailing them and writing them out, and I rarely incorporated female characters into my writing or art, and when I did, they were two dimensional; I never put much thought into them.   It was one day when I was thinking of a pose to draw one of my male characters in, and I found myself emulating that pose in real life. I just shifted my posture to fit the stance I was thinking of in my head. And that's when I realized: I'm not making all of these male characters because I think they're attractive or cool or anything, I'm making them because I want to be them. These male characters were idealized versions of myself; I wanted to be the characters I drew so much. That's what started this whole spiral of questioning.   I started thinking about getting short hair, wearing more androgynous clothing (already, my entire life, I loathed skirts and dresses. I stuck to shorts, jeans, and T-shirts), even changing my name. In my freshman year of high school, I crossdressed for the first time. I already have pretty tiny boobs, so I was able to look mostly flat chested with just a sports bra, so I threw one of those on, stuffed my hair into a beanie, buttoned up a flannel and put on jeans. Then I looked at myself in the mirror.   I almost started crying. The happiness, the exhilaration I felt at seeing myself this way was indescribable. My curves were gone, my jawline looked sharper without the long hair falling down the back of my neck, and I just looked so... good, so much better than how I had ever seen myself before. I sent a picture of myself to my friend, and she was shocked; she kept telling me how good I looked, even asked if I could crossdress and go to the mall with her to be her date - which, looking back on it, probably wasn't the best response, but I took it as a very high compliment.   I continued to have these feelings throughout high school, and in junior year, I cut my hair boy short, and it helped immensely with my self esteem. I felt so much more myself; with long hair, I always felt like I was in drag, but after that I felt like I was actually me. And so now, here I am; about to go into college, still questioning since that day I realized I was relating to these fictional guys,  and becoming more open about who I am. That's why I chose to register on this forum. I want to explore my masculine identity; I'm not sure if I'm entirely FtM, but I do think I'm probably androgyne, or transmasculine. I just ask that I be referred to with he/him pronouns.   I'm not out to anyone in real life yet. I know most people in my life would probably be okay with me, but this is such a big thing to comprehend about myself, and I'm so uncertain; I don't know if I'm just a girl with an unusually strong connection to her masculine side, or if I really am a man; or if I'm somewhere in between.    I just hope that I'm discerning myself correctly, and I'm not just mistaking being a tomboy for being a real man.    But, yeah, so that's me.
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      That is so awesome, I am so jealous, I’m only just now starting to plan some basic wardrobe changes. I look forward to the day when I can be in your situation and worry about the same things, being just one of the girls must be an amazing thing, I can’t wait to get there myself but I’m very jealous of you right now! Hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Well, two things to report, I finished reading Jenny Boylan’s book she’s not there, fantastic by the way if you haven’t read it pick up a copy. And I am just now tickling the 200 pound mark, I should dip down into the 199.9 or sub category any day now, I’m glad I only bought two pairs of pants because they’re going to be too big faster than I realized, I just put together two garbage bags full of clothes I can’t wear anymore that I have to take down to the donation center. Hugs, Jae
    • Carolyn Marie
      http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-boyertown-transgender-bathroom-policy-appeal-20180523-story.html   More and more courts are siding with trans students.  A good sign.   Carolyn Marie
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      I am sad to say that this person is about the middle level of some things that went on in front of kids in some of the Scout units I was around.  I was a council level volunteer who was to be a liaison between the actual National program and the Sponsoring Institution and it go rough at times.  I often had urges to help tighten neckerchiefs in those days.  I must have been trying too hard to be a "man" in those days.  I am ashamed to say I did not call some of them on it. 
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