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Guest meagan

My Make Up Bag

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Guest meagan

I have mentioned a few times that i have been learning from a friend how to be better at my make up. I have finally gotten my make up bag set up enough, minus a few brushes still but i am really happy that i have my own stuff. The last few weeks my friend has been giving me her routine and hints as to what things i should get to create for me the best look possible and i feel like sharing what is in my bag.

Toner...Neutrogena Alcohol free. I start with this and my face feels cleaner and fresh as well dry not oily. I have a mix of oily skin normally.

Moisturizer...Neutrogena Moisture oil free. After the toner some moisture makes my skin feel alive and healthy. it is also SPF 30 to fight agains the sun a bit.

Primer....Smashbox photo finish oil free foundation primer. I really like this, once on my skin feels silky smooth and i noticed my pores looked reduced.

Foundation....Smashbox high definition foundation. So far one foundation, it is oil free liquid and for my skin i have Fair F1. It blends really well for me and doesn't look cakey or mask like.

Powder...Clinique stay matte pressed powder, oil free 101 invisible all skin tones. I like this, i do not look shiney and it barely feels like i have anything on. My face feels breathable and like everything is going to stay in place.

Brushes... Mac brushes. Basic set to get me started and i added a powder brush from Dior for my pressed powder. doubles also for my blush until i get another brush.

Lid Primer... Urban Decay primer potion. transparent and helps make the eyeshadow last longer and make the color stronger.

Eyeshadow....Shiseido luminizing satin trio BR209... A really great trio of brown tones, the colors a really nice and have a beautiful satin sheen to them and light glints from the color for some really nice pop.

Liner....Revlon color stay and Maybelline liquid liner. I start with the revlon pencil and line the top lid as well the upper water line outer corner, then i re-line the top lid with the liquid and bring the line out and up from the lash line just a bit for a bit of drama and to tighten the look. I start with my liner before i do the eyeshadow, the eyeshadow softens the liner line and smudges it a bit to blend into the color.

I use two products as well for the lashes.

Plumping serum..Diorshow maximizer. to prime the lashes and plump them up and give them some length, as well to give the lashes some strength and health

Mascara...Diorshow waterproof... I love this, i have other mascaras, but for me this one is my fav, clean look, no clumps, looks long and full.

Lash Curler.... Just a cheapy, but the curve is a bit tight and pinchy. I tried one from Shu Uemura that was nice and did not pinch my lids and may get it from ebay for cheaper than the store.

Blush... unfortunately i have no idea as my friend gave it to me and it had no name on it, but the color is nice and gives me a perfect glow.

Lips... No idea here either, she is from Japan and gave me a lip gloss and color pallete that is Japanese, i apply with a lip brush. i can use a single color or layer them then finish with a clear gloss, in the middle of the bottom lip for some really nice shine. Feels light on my lips.

Make up remover...cause well, it has to come off clean at some time lol!

For the toner i use a face towel to wipe my face down. I like a towel instead of disposable pads cause the towel can be washed unlike throwing away the pads. Once the toner is dry, i move on to the moisturizer, the primer and then the foundation. I pump them to the back of my hand cause the palms carry oils and i don't want that on my face if i can help it. Using my middle fingers i put each on my face(one at a time of course) in five spots. Forhead, nose, chin and cheeks. then use the fingers to blend it outwards and down the neck. Making sure it is even.

Once i have that done i move to the powder, Taking my powder brush i pick up somepowder, tap the brush and then from the chin brushing outwrds from the center and working my way up to the forhead i apply the powder. If i do not look cakey or mask like i have done good.

Then i prime my eyes with the lid primer, lining them after first with the pencil, then the liquid. I start my eyeshadow look with a light color or a white along the brow bone, under the arch of the brow for a bit of high lite. (my shadow is a trio of browns shades) starting with the lightest shade i work the inner corner of my lid to the center.( sorry my brush is not labeled, but is an eyeshadow brush) Then i move to the mid shade and do the outer corners blending in to the lighter shade, and bringing the color into the crease under the brow bone. using the same color, i go from the outer corner of the eye and give a few taps not strokes just to the outer edge of the bottom lid. The final dark shade is going to help soften the liner and i use a stiffer shadow brush applying the color just along the lash line from the inner corner tot he outer and then back again. With the darker color again give a few taps of color to the outer corner of the bottom lid along the lower lash line. I should add, that each time i pick up shadow with the brush i give it a light tap on the back of my hand to loose any loose dust and because it is easier to darken a color on your eye lid than it is to lighten it if you applied the color to heavy.

I have lipstick, but after using the lip brush and the gloss pallete i would rather not do the lipstick. I tried using the brush to apply the stick, but it still feels heavier and i don't like the feel too much. The gloss palette feels light and looks good. Has nice shine. I start with the lower lip and go from each corner intot he center on the outer edge of the lip, then do the same for the top lip. I fill it in afterwards with vertical strokes following the natural lines in the lip. With some clear gloss, i brush it on the center area of the bottom lip in verticle strokes, giving it a full look with nice shine.

I tried to take pics but the lighting in my room is creating too much shadow to see anything clearly. These are my steps as shown to me and i have liked the effect. I hope this helped someone or provided a different approach to someone elses routine. I would love to hear what everyone else is using and how they set up their look.

Good luck and have a great day! :)


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    • Timber Wolf
      Hi everyone,   Well, I'm up to my old shenanigans again. My landlord is here working. He's going to do some painting in my place, so I had to try to hide my cat, Gizmo. Gizmo had been my cat for 11 years almost, and is the most precious thing in my life. Unfortunately, I'm not supposed to have a cat. My landlord is currently working very close to where I've got Gizmo hidden. So far, when I've been near there she's been really quiet. I'm very nervously hoping he doesn't find her. He hasn't said anything, but he often doesn't say anything right away. Hopefully when he  leave this evening I'll be able to start breathing again.   I've lost everything else I love in my life, my home in the National Forest, my Siberian Husky Lupi, my Black Lab Chemuhk. Gizmo's the last one. She keeps me from being all alone. She's helped me get through some really tough times in my life. Without her, I'm not sure what would have happened. Didn't sleep well last night, too scared. Guess this is what happens when you do things on the sly, like bring a cat into where it's not allowed. She's the last of my family though, family I live with that is.   I just wish I could get an apartment that allows cats and end this danger Gizmo and I live with. My credit rating is still too bad to get into a corporate apartment complex though.😔 It's a little better than it was due to my checking account and the fact that there have been no new defaults I guess, but it's still bad. One serious health issue puts my credit right back in the toilet again. Can't afford health insurance. Actually, with tax issues for no health insurance, my credit may already be right back in the toilet.   Just venting, under a strain here today.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Kirsten
      You will be the last to know that you pass. I know when I look in the mirror I see the same person that I’ve seen my whole life. Some subtle differences, but I don’t see someone who passes as female.  But when I went on my trip last week I was gendered female 100% of the time. I didn’t think much of it cause I get gendered that way at home too and just assumed it was people being nice because of where I live. But after talking to my therapist she says going to a place like the Carolinas you truly learn how well you pass. Apparently it’s not a very accepting area and if they don’t fully believe you to be female, then they call you sir. A ma’am is a hard thing to get in that area. Idk if I fully believe that but I sure want to. Lol. Either way it made me feel better about how I look. And if it’s true, I really am the last to know that I pass. 🤣   also i guess trans people are required to use their birth restrooms in North Carolina by law and I was helped to the women’s room two times that I asked where the restroom were. So 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe just maybe right.    My point being these awesome things will happen more and more. And they really are awesome. Relish in them! ❤️❤️ And before you know it you’ll pass too. 
    • Jani
      I had been gendered female in person from when I was a teen through my 50's.  Sometimes I saw it but other times...   I think you are showing more feminine attributes than you think Josie.     Jani 
    • Jani
      Going back to your initial question, for me it was day 1.  Inside I know I was transgender and transitioning but my image to the world was as the woman I saw myself as.   This is what its all about in my opinion.    Jani
    • Jani
      Great for you!  This kind of validation is wonderful as it comes across as being honest.     Jani
    • VickySGV
      Over on FB, I just report all of them as SPAM.  I do have one picture of a can of Vienna Sausages that I have been known to send back in PM's (DM"?) before I block them.  I also have one picture that I put on my site from time to time when I have been cloned that warns my real friends to look out for my doppelgangers and report the fakes.  It is a deliberately ugly evil picture of how I can look!!  
    • VickySGV
      Now why didn't I suggest that up above??  An excellent way to go. You are a special type of parent!!
    • ToniTone
      Fun! Y'all look like you had a happy, relaxing time. Love going to the ocean!
    • KymmieL
      Kymmie , has finally gotten her own Facebook page. luckily I only have state trans and Lgbt pages liked. I haven't had any creeps yet. If I don't know them I don't even respond I just ignore the ask.   Kymmie
    • ToniTone
      And I seem to be taking to it alright. I think my fat distribution has changed subtly too. Not enough to show yet, but it is inspiring some confidence. 
    • ToniTone
      Thank you Carolyn Marie, Josie and Vickie!  Like I said I'm going to be very patient with alot of things, notably the orchi. I'm still pretty early in transition and kinda torn. It is one of those big step, one-way decisions that I should really discuss with a therapist. I guess I'm not too hung up about that aspect of my anatomy, just the rest of it, lol!    I am concerned about the impact of hrt though, the risk to benefit ratio. So far I'm in good health 
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Welcome and enjoy
    • Amy LeBlanc
      I get a mix of them.  Some I know they are bots cause when I check their profile, There is no information and they only have one picture.  So that there to me is a bot.  Then I do get the real guys where on their profile they are married and have kids and yet they are requesting to be friends with me and sending me cheesy pickup lines and wanting to hook up.  So I get a mix of real and bots.  
    • Ellora
      Welcome! Enjoy!
    • Ellora
      I was wondering the same, i hope things are working out, or at least that this brings you peace and comfort.
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