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Guest meagan

My Make Up Bag

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Guest meagan

I have mentioned a few times that i have been learning from a friend how to be better at my make up. I have finally gotten my make up bag set up enough, minus a few brushes still but i am really happy that i have my own stuff. The last few weeks my friend has been giving me her routine and hints as to what things i should get to create for me the best look possible and i feel like sharing what is in my bag.

Toner...Neutrogena Alcohol free. I start with this and my face feels cleaner and fresh as well dry not oily. I have a mix of oily skin normally.

Moisturizer...Neutrogena Moisture oil free. After the toner some moisture makes my skin feel alive and healthy. it is also SPF 30 to fight agains the sun a bit.

Primer....Smashbox photo finish oil free foundation primer. I really like this, once on my skin feels silky smooth and i noticed my pores looked reduced.

Foundation....Smashbox high definition foundation. So far one foundation, it is oil free liquid and for my skin i have Fair F1. It blends really well for me and doesn't look cakey or mask like.

Powder...Clinique stay matte pressed powder, oil free 101 invisible all skin tones. I like this, i do not look shiney and it barely feels like i have anything on. My face feels breathable and like everything is going to stay in place.

Brushes... Mac brushes. Basic set to get me started and i added a powder brush from Dior for my pressed powder. doubles also for my blush until i get another brush.

Lid Primer... Urban Decay primer potion. transparent and helps make the eyeshadow last longer and make the color stronger.

Eyeshadow....Shiseido luminizing satin trio BR209... A really great trio of brown tones, the colors a really nice and have a beautiful satin sheen to them and light glints from the color for some really nice pop.

Liner....Revlon color stay and Maybelline liquid liner. I start with the revlon pencil and line the top lid as well the upper water line outer corner, then i re-line the top lid with the liquid and bring the line out and up from the lash line just a bit for a bit of drama and to tighten the look. I start with my liner before i do the eyeshadow, the eyeshadow softens the liner line and smudges it a bit to blend into the color.

I use two products as well for the lashes.

Plumping serum..Diorshow maximizer. to prime the lashes and plump them up and give them some length, as well to give the lashes some strength and health

Mascara...Diorshow waterproof... I love this, i have other mascaras, but for me this one is my fav, clean look, no clumps, looks long and full.

Lash Curler.... Just a cheapy, but the curve is a bit tight and pinchy. I tried one from Shu Uemura that was nice and did not pinch my lids and may get it from ebay for cheaper than the store.

Blush... unfortunately i have no idea as my friend gave it to me and it had no name on it, but the color is nice and gives me a perfect glow.

Lips... No idea here either, she is from Japan and gave me a lip gloss and color pallete that is Japanese, i apply with a lip brush. i can use a single color or layer them then finish with a clear gloss, in the middle of the bottom lip for some really nice shine. Feels light on my lips.

Make up remover...cause well, it has to come off clean at some time lol!

For the toner i use a face towel to wipe my face down. I like a towel instead of disposable pads cause the towel can be washed unlike throwing away the pads. Once the toner is dry, i move on to the moisturizer, the primer and then the foundation. I pump them to the back of my hand cause the palms carry oils and i don't want that on my face if i can help it. Using my middle fingers i put each on my face(one at a time of course) in five spots. Forhead, nose, chin and cheeks. then use the fingers to blend it outwards and down the neck. Making sure it is even.

Once i have that done i move to the powder, Taking my powder brush i pick up somepowder, tap the brush and then from the chin brushing outwrds from the center and working my way up to the forhead i apply the powder. If i do not look cakey or mask like i have done good.

Then i prime my eyes with the lid primer, lining them after first with the pencil, then the liquid. I start my eyeshadow look with a light color or a white along the brow bone, under the arch of the brow for a bit of high lite. (my shadow is a trio of browns shades) starting with the lightest shade i work the inner corner of my lid to the center.( sorry my brush is not labeled, but is an eyeshadow brush) Then i move to the mid shade and do the outer corners blending in to the lighter shade, and bringing the color into the crease under the brow bone. using the same color, i go from the outer corner of the eye and give a few taps not strokes just to the outer edge of the bottom lid. The final dark shade is going to help soften the liner and i use a stiffer shadow brush applying the color just along the lash line from the inner corner tot he outer and then back again. With the darker color again give a few taps of color to the outer corner of the bottom lid along the lower lash line. I should add, that each time i pick up shadow with the brush i give it a light tap on the back of my hand to loose any loose dust and because it is easier to darken a color on your eye lid than it is to lighten it if you applied the color to heavy.

I have lipstick, but after using the lip brush and the gloss pallete i would rather not do the lipstick. I tried using the brush to apply the stick, but it still feels heavier and i don't like the feel too much. The gloss palette feels light and looks good. Has nice shine. I start with the lower lip and go from each corner intot he center on the outer edge of the lip, then do the same for the top lip. I fill it in afterwards with vertical strokes following the natural lines in the lip. With some clear gloss, i brush it on the center area of the bottom lip in verticle strokes, giving it a full look with nice shine.

I tried to take pics but the lighting in my room is creating too much shadow to see anything clearly. These are my steps as shown to me and i have liked the effect. I hope this helped someone or provided a different approach to someone elses routine. I would love to hear what everyone else is using and how they set up their look.

Good luck and have a great day! :)


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    • tracy_j
      Hi Cara, welcome to the forum!   Thank you for your introduction. Good luck for Friday.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      I have not seen any issues apart from possible temporary low sperm count but this is something to discuss with your doctor. It would not likely be a specific time anyway as people's bodies vary.   Tracy
    • Petra Jane
      I tried this, just to test things, and it worked fine. Oops
    • VickySGV
      My "mark all read" button is only working to where it asks me if I want to mark all read.  The it quits.
    • VickySGV
      It was not the shops, but rather the wares that had us concerned for you.  Now you know and I will lock this thread for now.
    • CaraMC
      Hi all,   I am lucky to go to a very nice gym, however, I am transitioning MtF, I wanted to buy gym clothes and go to the female toilets to change and I did see advice of this online...   I did e-mail the manager and he said he would need to get back to me, I would feel ashamed using the disabled toilet and there is no locker in the toilet either...   Have you guys experienced this?   Cara xxx 
    • CaraMC
      Hi all,   I read somewhere you should only tuck for less than 10 hours a day or you can cause yourself to get ill and go to hospital is this true? or a myth?   Thanks   Cara xxx
    • CaraMC
      Hi all,   So very happy to find a transgender forum!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope all of you are having a smashing day so far.   I wanted to introduce myself, My name is Cara I knew I was female at the age of 5 and when my Dad found out I got beaten up many time before he decided to leave the family home. I tried to come out in school only to get beaten up with a few bones broken in the process. I then put a fake macho image on but my feelings never went away, I got married in 2010 with no children to a controlling but loving wife and as my feelings grew I threw myself into work to the point when I was realised I need to transition, I was so scared I would lose everything that I attempted suicide (Please speak to someone if you feel this way - never keep to yourself). Now I am in the process of getting private help and on a 3 year waiting list for the NHS.   I came out to my employer, family, friends and wife, which was hard but worth it as I feel a giant burden lifted off my shoulders and whenever I am buying, wearing womens clothes and putting make up I am so much more comfortable in my skin!   I look forward to talking to more of you, this Friday is the first day I am going to fully transition in public, wish me luck!   Take care all and stay safe   Cara    
    • CaraMC
      Hiya Vicky & MaryEllen,   I was hoping you would not say that!   Sorry to discuss those type of shops did not know but thank you both so much for responding!   I will take this as a painful lesson, I am in the queue for a private discussion with a doctor, so hopefully this will help alot!   Cara
    • CaraMC
      Hi Reyindium and Ellora,   Thank you for your responses!   I think a sit down is certainly appropriate too, I will be sitting her with today on what happens going forward.   Thank you for your support I did not expect any to reply.   Take care   Cara
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2019/05/20/michelle-tamika-washington-transgender-advocate-gunned-down-north-philadelphia-street/   Another loss for our community.  Rest in peace, Michelle.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.reuters.com/article/us-filmfestival-cannes-port-authority/transgender-love-story-shines-in-cannes-idUSKCN1SQ20C     Carolyn Marie
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      https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article230596759.html   Muhlaysia suffered far more than anyone should ever have to suffer.  May she rest in peace, and justice served on her killer.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Nichole, and thank you for sharing your story.  It is in some ways like my own.  I came out to my wife at the age of 55.  She wasn't sure at first if she could stick it out, either, and had many doubts.  But we are still together 10 years later, and doing well, so I hope that gives you some cheer for your own future as a couple.   Why we are who we are, and what we are, is an interesting thought exercise, but it doesn't change anything in the end.  n my case, I think it may have something to do with my mother's likely use of the drug DES during pregnancy in the 1950's.  But there is no proof, and, like I said, it doesn't much matter.  So my suggestion is to let that issue go, because it won't change anything.   There are a lot of good questions among the forum threads, and an equal number of good answers, and some bad answers, too.  Please look around and don't be shy about asking any questions for yourself.  We have a lot of experience among the members here, and one thing we like to do is share it.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Alex C
      what about BRUCE!!!!  lol ...I always like the name Zara...Zora..different and if you become a U-Tub star its really marketable..G.L …..oh and its closer to S then other names you mention 
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