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Another View On Homosexuality

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This past week I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is a member of the same church as me. He told me about his childhood. When he was young, he acted more femininely than the other boys, and some even began to make fun of him for it. This unfortunate occurrence caused him to step away from the church, and he later began to question his sexuality. He dated several men and women, and eventually found a woman to marry. He has since returned to the church.

I respect this man because he has gone through a lot of things that he should not have been subjected to, but in the end, he overcame any issues he had and returned to the church. He saw past the people's problems and saw the greater good in the church. But what I find most interesting is his view of homosexuality. He believes that homosexual people have a gift that most of us do not. And that gift is the ability to feel more attached to and to be able to love more strongly the same gender. He then continued that their issue is that they do not know how to express this increased love and attachment.

What do you think? Do you think that transgenderism could have a similar explanation? Or does this explanation deserve no merit?

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I would say that it's quite true. Since it's so easy for a straight couple, I see gay or lesbian love as more valuable than a straight love. Simply because those of us who are in the fight for gay rights know just how hard we have to fight for it.

- Taylor

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