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Guest Donna Jean

Hell Froze Over...

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Guest Donna Jean



Well, I'll be danged!

Ok...back story....

I called my finance guy at Wells Fargo (Ohio) and told him that I need my stuff transferred to New Orleans..

And he knows that I'm Trans...

So, I get a call a few days later from the local Wells Fargo office and the lady welcomes "Donna Jean" and says that she has a few things that she'd like to go over with me...uh-oh...a financial sales pitch...

But we talked the next day and she is the president of the local Universal Unitarian church...

She tells me that she works with local LGBT and that they have a Transwoman member....

AHhhhh....now we're getting somewhere...

So we were invited to come which we did.....I've never felt so welcome in my life...

And their whole humanistic approach to life really appeals to me...

I've not been to a church in 40 years and I grew up Baptist...Methodist...Nazarene...Catholic....Jehovah Witness....

All ideology and beliefs are welcome there...the president of the church wears a pentacle and is Wiccan...

They believe in all beliefs having merit.....And they don't steer you in any direction...

Praying is just moments of silence to reflect, think about what is on your mind or just watch a fire engine go by...

I've firmly held onto being agnostic all of these years....this is the first organized thing to get past the front door with me...

This mornings services were held under the "Tree of Life" a very old, very big oak tree which is a landmark here in New Orleans...


I kinda like these people.....they think like me!


Donna Jean

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Guest MonikaC

Thats awesome DJ!

I've considered going back to some sort of church as its been about 15 years for me. Maybe I'll have to check out the local Unitarian church.

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Guest Zenda

Kia Ora,

:rolleyes: ....Bloody 'tri'-sexuals are into anything and everything... ;):D

:rolleyes: Whatever rocks your boat DJ, enjoy your new found interest... :welldone::thumbsup:

Metta Zenda :)

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Carolyn Marie

I'm glad you found a place of worship that fits, Dee Jay. If you find peace there, and the people are nice, and they share your views

of life, then I could not be happier for you.

As for me, I'm looking for a place that has a Rabbi who wears a monacle, rather than a pentacle, and who eats an icicle while riding a bicycle. ;)

Carolyn Marie

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Your church shares my beliefs. I am very happy you found it

Love & miss you


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That is such good news for you Dee Jay, I only wish that I could have been at that beautiful service but retail stores do not care much about your soul just their cash registers.

They are wonderful and extremely accepting people.

Love ya,


PS - Carolyn, I think you are looking for Rabbi David Small from the movie "Lanigan's Rabbi" - played by Stuart Margolin.

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Guest Chrysee

Congratulations, DeeJay!

I must say that had it been me, I might have been put off the second that someone working for the bank brought up church.

Now is there a Universal Unitarian church and then just plain Unitarian?

That magnificent tree looks like something out of Tolkien! My eye sight sucks: is that someone up the tree, or am I having visions again?



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Guest John Chiv

Dee Jay,

Glad you found a church you like. Are you hiding behind that tree again or do we get to see evidence in form of a photo. Paging Lizzy for that picture.


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Timber Wolf

Hi Everyone,

I was just scanning through these post titles out of curiousity when I noticed this one, "Hell Froze Over". I noticed it because Hell freezes over every winter. Hell, Michigan! A little town between Lansing and Detroit. Couldn't resist sharing this! 

With regard to the topic, I tire of people who think everyone should believe as they do. I think we have the freedom to determine how we believe and worship. It's between us and the diety of our understanding, not the other person's. Theirs is great for them, mine is great for me.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf?



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3 hours ago, Timber Wolf said:

Hell, Michigan! A little town between Lansing and Detroit.

There is also a town by that name out in the Mojave Desert here in California, and in winter, it may not get much rain or snow, but I have had camping gear destroyed when I left water in it overnight out doors.


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    • Markjvp
      i still just call it private part because when i first heard penis i was grossed out which was around grade 5 or 6 now it sound weird
    • MetaLicious
      I just call my penis for what it is.  I wish it wasn't, it is a penis, and I have no issues with calling it that.  However, I learned that the "seam" that runs down the scrotum is where proto-labia fused together in the womb - since then, I've taken to referring to that part on my anatomy as "labicles."  It gives me some comfort to know that my corret anatomy is there, just a bit mis-configured.   @ToniTone, it's not strange to me.  I have a history of UTIs that make the idea of a shorter urethra somewhat scary to me.  I don't think I want GCS (or any major surgery) at my age.  I just don't heal like I used to.  We all have to find our own comfort zone. 
    • Debra Michelle
      Mine are severe,we have a rule too called no smoking in the house including in the vehicles
    • MetaLicious
      Yeah, quitting is like fighting a bear - it just seems so much easier to give up the fight and let the bear win.  Then, after you have quit and feel like you're done for good, stress will come and whisper, "Wouldn't a smoke be just the thing right now?"  Or you'll walk past a smoker and the scent will trigger a nostalgic feeling instead of reminding you how disgusting it smells. I had a friend who would always complain about how his clothes smelled after hanging out at my house, and I was always dismissive of the notion until I quit.  Then I would visit a smoker and come home complaining about the stench my clothes had acquired.   It's like you can stop smoking, but you can never truly go back to being a non-smoker.
    • MetaLicious
      I know, right?  I was never much into social media of any kind, but now I find myself grabbing my phone before my alarm goes off just so I can hit the "Good morning All. Coffees on." forum.  It's truly becoming a second home for me in away no other site has been.
    • JoniSteph
      I can't afford it either right now. I am looking at too many other potential costs to even get started on HRT and rid myself of some of self-destroying dysphoria. One of which is multiple sessions with a psychologist @$180-200 per hour. Income is fixed so trying to watch the expenses knowing what is ahead. Just in a bad spot atm emotionally trying to do 1 day at a time. I am so happy to read of others progressions and can offer offer nothing but great support in their trials as well, even if I dont respond very much. I am lurking, reading and cheering you all on. Have faith in all.   Big Canadian Hug JoniSteph
    • secondlook
      Maybe it's because of the 5 minutes I spent as a pre-med student in college (not literally 5 minutes but you get my point), but I'm fortunate to have a sort of clinical detachment on this topic. I look forward to the day I don't have to deal with the penis and testicles, they've always felt like foreign attachments, something that was grafted on to me against my will, but the words don't bother me at all. I can certainly understand why some would have an issue, though. 
    • Juelie_Atlas
      @ToniTone I don't believe that's strange at all. But just to point out from my own research, and please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but one part of gcs is hair removal from the area to prevent infection and other health hazards later on. Though I don't know about your other concern, a doctor would be the one to ask about that.  By no means am I saying you should go full gcs. That is very special for each individual and if they choose to follow the full process or not follow any at all, it makes them no less woman for us, or man for others. It is entirely up to you and your comfort level.   ❤️
    • ToniTone
      Eccentric/eclectic, I love it! 💕   ~Toni
    • Jackie C.
      Honestly, my HRT just leveled me out. For the first time in my life I could think, react and feel appropriately. I can concentrate, feel compassion and generally function as a human being. I'm capable of loving myself as well as others. I have dreams again.   Without HRT, I was an emotional wrecking ball headed for a self-destructive end. Perhaps one of the most miserable human beings on the planet. You wouldn't recognize me if you'd met me three years ago. Seriously.   Surprises were things like how little emotion was actually getting through before the HRT. It was like switching from a sippy cup to drinking from the fire hose. I like the extra feels though. They make me feel complete.   Hugs!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I too do not feel it is a concern of hers to manipulate anything for my sole benefit or even the benefit of many.  Would I like her to relieve me of this financial burden.  Heck yes but I would not pray for such a thing as I feel things do happen for a reason and eventually that reason will make itself known to me.  Countless times of strife and trouble in my life can be looked back on and a positive aspect can be seen of that event or incident.  Even if it is to just simply learn to not do that anymore. (I wish I had this mentality when deciding to get married four times)
    • Jackie C.
      I'm also very allergic to cigarette smoke... how have you managed to co-habitate? Cigarette smoke on clothes will set my asthma off. I'm imagining a nightmare scenario for you... I'm only hoping your symptoms aren't as severe as mine.   Hugs!
    • Debra Michelle
      He knows I am very allergic to cigarette smoke too,doing this for me too.Found out when I was 5 years old,my allergist is glad he is doing it too
    • ToniTone
      I'm glad I got a giggle out of some of ya. It (the term) is both meant to make light of the situation (which has been another name for it, lol), and also me sincerely just owning it. Like many of you stated, I also don't really spend much time looking at or thinking about it.    I've decided I don't want gcs. I have too much hair down there, and some slight urinary issues that I worry would be compounded by a major change in my physiology. I'm not really that dysphoric about that bit. It's the other bits that bother me. I'm eager to get an orchidectomy. Is that a strange disconnect? Wanting the orchie but not the full gcs? 
    • ShawnaLeigh
      That is good to hear.  I've never smoked (never even tried it).so I hear it is extremely difficult to quit.  I applaud anyone who can beat an addiction like smoking.  
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