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Guest Donna Jean

Hell Froze Over...

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Guest Donna Jean



Well, I'll be danged!

Ok...back story....

I called my finance guy at Wells Fargo (Ohio) and told him that I need my stuff transferred to New Orleans..

And he knows that I'm Trans...

So, I get a call a few days later from the local Wells Fargo office and the lady welcomes "Donna Jean" and says that she has a few things that she'd like to go over with me...uh-oh...a financial sales pitch...

But we talked the next day and she is the president of the local Universal Unitarian church...

She tells me that she works with local LGBT and that they have a Transwoman member....

AHhhhh....now we're getting somewhere...

So we were invited to come which we did.....I've never felt so welcome in my life...

And their whole humanistic approach to life really appeals to me...

I've not been to a church in 40 years and I grew up Baptist...Methodist...Nazarene...Catholic....Jehovah Witness....

All ideology and beliefs are welcome there...the president of the church wears a pentacle and is Wiccan...

They believe in all beliefs having merit.....And they don't steer you in any direction...

Praying is just moments of silence to reflect, think about what is on your mind or just watch a fire engine go by...

I've firmly held onto being agnostic all of these years....this is the first organized thing to get past the front door with me...

This mornings services were held under the "Tree of Life" a very old, very big oak tree which is a landmark here in New Orleans...


I kinda like these people.....they think like me!


Donna Jean

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Guest MonikaC

Thats awesome DJ!

I've considered going back to some sort of church as its been about 15 years for me. Maybe I'll have to check out the local Unitarian church.

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Guest Zenda

Kia Ora,

:rolleyes: ....Bloody 'tri'-sexuals are into anything and everything... ;):D

:rolleyes: Whatever rocks your boat DJ, enjoy your new found interest... :welldone::thumbsup:

Metta Zenda :)

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Carolyn Marie

I'm glad you found a place of worship that fits, Dee Jay. If you find peace there, and the people are nice, and they share your views

of life, then I could not be happier for you.

As for me, I'm looking for a place that has a Rabbi who wears a monacle, rather than a pentacle, and who eats an icicle while riding a bicycle. ;)

Carolyn Marie

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Your church shares my beliefs. I am very happy you found it

Love & miss you


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That is such good news for you Dee Jay, I only wish that I could have been at that beautiful service but retail stores do not care much about your soul just their cash registers.

They are wonderful and extremely accepting people.

Love ya,


PS - Carolyn, I think you are looking for Rabbi David Small from the movie "Lanigan's Rabbi" - played by Stuart Margolin.

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Guest Chrysee

Congratulations, DeeJay!

I must say that had it been me, I might have been put off the second that someone working for the bank brought up church.

Now is there a Universal Unitarian church and then just plain Unitarian?

That magnificent tree looks like something out of Tolkien! My eye sight sucks: is that someone up the tree, or am I having visions again?



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Guest John Chiv

Dee Jay,

Glad you found a church you like. Are you hiding behind that tree again or do we get to see evidence in form of a photo. Paging Lizzy for that picture.


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Timber Wolf

Hi Everyone,

I was just scanning through these post titles out of curiousity when I noticed this one, "Hell Froze Over". I noticed it because Hell freezes over every winter. Hell, Michigan! A little town between Lansing and Detroit. Couldn't resist sharing this! 

With regard to the topic, I tire of people who think everyone should believe as they do. I think we have the freedom to determine how we believe and worship. It's between us and the diety of our understanding, not the other person's. Theirs is great for them, mine is great for me.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf?



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3 hours ago, Timber Wolf said:

Hell, Michigan! A little town between Lansing and Detroit.

There is also a town by that name out in the Mojave Desert here in California, and in winter, it may not get much rain or snow, but I have had camping gear destroyed when I left water in it overnight out doors.


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    • Charlize
      You can post here anytime as well Regn and while it may take some time you will certainly get a response. Even if you don't get messages on the TGAA list serve i hope you will come to the Zoom meetings as well. They are at 7 on Mondays, 9 on Thursday, 6 Saturday and 8 on Sundays....all eastern time.  There is no need to use speak or use your video but listening can certainly help.  It certainly helped me.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Timber Wolf
      I am glad to hear that there is something out there at least. But there really should be more. It's just common sense. Spouses of trams people are put under tremendous pressure and need support. I can't really say any more on that. But if she ever does decide to try forums, we do have a forum for family and friends of transgender.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Cthorne
      As it says in the title I have finally gotten up the guts to go back to the docs after my first failed attempt, I will totally be ready for the mental health comments this time but any ideas on what else to expect? Should I be doing research on stuff and how much should I actually tell them?   Thanks in advance  Connor
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      I have had my nipples pierced and my belly button. These I did my self.  I don't have them anymore.   I do like them a lot though.    Not to much into tattooing for me      love the toe rings          My wife does not like them on me   
    • tracy_j
      I don't think you are crazy Julie. It's unlikely that I would have done the same, but I try to avoid politics. I am not an activist as such. That said, many times over my life I have done similar things without thinking (I am not thinking trans here, but I have been a bit of a rebel). We all do to some extent. My thoughts are to look at possible consequences, and be ready for them. Minimise any risk. Bullies tend to be such in their environment, but often subdued outside of it.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Tattoos seem to be one of the main things which make me feel my age. When I was little, women locally would never ever contemplate a tattoo. It signified a tart at the very least! I remember some elderly male relatives having tattoos. They looked dingy on their aged wrinkled skin. I am not against them in general, but would not recommend them and not have one myself.   I personally don't go in for piercings either. Ears would be Ok, but I don't wear earrings often enough to make it useful.   I am probably very old fashioned, but I grew up in an earlier age and social circle.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Thanks Dev   Tracy
    • Dev
      I see Vicky found the emoji I forgot to mention.  😂   If you click the emoticon button in the editor, there are a ton of new options, including our old favorites.
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    • VickySGV
      I actually have these books in my personal library  BTW.  I know they are good.
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