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Guest Elena

Exploring Spiritual Common Ground

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Guest Elena

As we all struggle through pain, doubt, fear and loneliness I believe we can not help but connect with diety on some level. No matter our faith or outlook on life this invariably leads us toward a common goal which is the betterment of ourselves, our community, and through these our whole world. It is obvious that here in this community there are many with a deep understanding of this vital spiritual connection to diety. Some are Christian, some Wiccan, there are even very profound postings from a satanist, and everything around and between. The depth of love and sense of community from such diverse spiritual perspectives is nothing short of astonishing and I would even say miraculous. The common ground from such a spectrum is truly beautiful and exceedingly rare. :friends:

I can say without hesitation that I have never before seen a Satanist give spiritual advice to a Christian who took the wisdom therein to heart. This speaks volumes for how thoroughly our peculiar struggles open us up to truth. In fact it paints a spectacular picture of what our world could be like if such attitudes were shared by more people, much less if they were shared by all. This is somthing I wish to explore and reach a better understanding of because I know I was led here to be a part of this community. For what ultimate end I can not yet say, only that it will be a process of giving of myself and recieving what others freely give because I know that this is how we grow.

So I would like to share how I came to my particular spiritual path, what it means to me, and how I believe it guides me. And then hopefully some others can do the same, and we'll all be the wiser for it.

I posted a bit about how I came to believe as I do in the pagan forum, so I will be brief here on those aspects already covered. Basically I was taught to appreciate divinity by my mamu and that is expressed through connecting with the ancient Irish and Scottish gods know as the Tuatha-de-Dana or Children of Dana. In modern pagan parlance I as well as two of my cousins would be said to follow a familial pagan tradition, though this is a misnomer because there are no rituals or spells passed down. Merely an appreciation, love and devotion to those old gods and the truths we can learn from interacting with them. Because much of modern wicca is based on these same gods and the old world traditions of their worship. I identify quite closely with many wiccans, especially those of British Traditional Wicca, though I hold quite a few distinctly differing views. Lol, of course they have enough differing views among themselves that it makes little difference. Still these are kindred spirits, and I have taken some of their wisdom and made it a part of me.

Those gods which I identify with are Lugh and Brigit to who I am dedicated, for they are who I strive to become most like. Then I also spend much time with The Morrigan and Etain when I walk in the Otherworld. Lugh is the sun god of ancient Erin, light and justice and wisdom. He is also the master of all crafts, for no task is his master, but he of whatever he sets his hand to. So I try to do my best at whatever I undertake, and pray that I will be wise and just and a light to others. Brigit is a mother goddess, the warmth of hearth and home, the nurturing spark that brings growth and fruition, she is also a maker what she creates will last aifetime, often depicted as a smith. Of her I would bring her love and nurturing spirit, and hope to touch others in a lasting and meaningful way. She is also Home, and I have only just been shown what that means and how much I need it.

The Morrigan and Etain are different, they are mentors and friends and in a way embodied within me. The Morrigan is calledthe Raven Lady of Battle, the Harbringer of War and the Blood Raven. She is darkness and strife, viscious and ruthless when nessecary a consumate warrior who strikes swiftly and efficiently. The shelter of her wings is both terrifying and comforting for she brings victory at the minimum cost. I have sheltered under her wings far too many times, most before I was even an adult, but I only regret the necessity, not what I did under her dark aspect. My life, my sisters and my mothers depended on me being strong enough to fight, even if it almost cost me my sanity. I would have done far more to protect my family, no matter the cost to myself. Etain has been a mystery to me for most of my life, only clear to me in the Otherworld. She is all that is beautiful of woman. Where the Morrigan is purity of purpose Etain is pure of heart. Etain is love pure and simple, but her story is a tragedy. Her beauty causes jealousy and she is repeatedly transformed and unable to fulfill her love, constantly buffeted by the rough winds of the world. Yet she perseveres to return home and regain her shape, and happiness that is rightfuly hers. The myth of her never says if she makes it, yet I have seen her happy and whole in that place where only our spirits may soar for a little while.

The greatest of those principals that I hold most dear are responsibility, love, and integrity. For these qialities above all others me must have with ourselves, or we can not share them with others. I struggle with these often at different levels, it is a constant battle that can never be completely won because we can always do better. The messure of how much we can love is integral to how honest we are inwardly and outwardly, and how willing we are to accept our own responsibility to ourselves, our families, and communities, and how willing we are to take on those responsibilities. I know our dysphoric natures forces far too many tests on us in this regard, and yet the love so evident here is so far beyond what I see in the rest of the world it is truly amazing. That I be allowed to share and benefit from it is even more so.

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    • VickySGV
      Sad to say, this is running about the same as it is here in the U.S. and may not be as bad in a couple of places, but still it is pretty bad overall.  Great Britain has about the same stats on H8ers, minus the KKK of course, but the Fundamentalist and Roman Catholic influences are used as the same excuses to just plain hate from what I have heard.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/washington/articles/2018-01-19/senate-passes-conversion-ban-transgender-bullying-bills   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/third-transgender-people-victim-hate-crime/   This is very troubling, but given the very negative press and public opinions, hardly surprising.  The question is, what, if anything, will be done about it?   Carolyn Marie
    • Charlize
      Seat belts are not required but highly advised.  Actually i took me time to feel much and even then changes were slow and subtle.  Enjoy your journey!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Timber Wolf
      Oh my gosh, I love it! Like stepping into a bygone era!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Charlize
      This is my other baby.  It's a "52 chevy 1 ton flatbed that we use mostly for farm markets.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cbxshawn
      Congratulations, get ready for the ride and hold on. I started HRT about 14 months ago at 41. I have loved every minute of my journey thus far. I won't lie, it's a roller coaster. Good luck on your journey and do keep us posted.    Hugs    Shawnna 
    • Shiratori
      My GP finally received the confirmation from Daventry GIC to prescribe hormones for me. I'll be on leuprorelin injections to stop production of T and estradiol valerate tablets. Shame I have to wait until after the weekend for the pharmacy to get them in, but I've waited this long so a few more days don't matter too much. Looks like I'll be on HRT in time for my 46th birthday on Wednesday.
    • amanda is cute MK3
      I have 2010 CRV  i did drive for years my parents 3/4 ton gm van and then their 1 ton dodge van.  i do have a thing for military trucks  i like the M809 series and some of the large german and russian trucks  
    • TessaOKC
      Here we go again Carolyn!!! You throw meaningful articles out there that usually result in really good  debates, thank you !!!   I have read two books by Jen Boylan and she is as real as they get. I also like that she's from Maine !!   The listed article really hit home while reading a quote from Kristen Beck, “What you wear, what color you are, your religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity has no basis on whether you are a criminal or not.”  Yes indeed. I support Eric Snowden and the courage it took for him to expose unprecedented abuses of power by the United States. His motives were clear, his intentions were more than obvious. Perhaps I still need more understanding,  but I have yet to wrap my head around the motives and intentions of the information released by Chelsea Manning...??? All I do know is that there is a sea of negativism surrounding her  and now her unqualified run for public office.   I spend hours every week at the  VA hospital attending LGBT group meetings. The horrible comments and ridicule I see on a weekly basis toward our transgender Vets walking the halls is unmatched by what I have experienced in public. A good friend straightened me out on this. He says the VA is filled with  right wingers. Yes it appears this is true. Since this whole Chelsea Manning running for Senate thing started it has gotten even worse, trust me!   I have posted on this site previously  that I merely wish Manning could be grateful for being free and go live a quiet, happy  and public free life. Jen Boylan echos this. I oh- so- admire the piss and vinegar Manning has but she is in fact a convicted felon embodied in a sea of perceived public hatred.   Like the hateful Vets at the VA, I don't think we will ever change their minds about accepting trans humans. . Not in this lifetime. Say what you will but it is my true belief that we need positive examples. Though she's not my favorite but Kristen Beck is right up there. Retired Navy Seal that served with honor and distinction. The author of this article, Professor Jennifer Boylan is another. This list goes on and on, doctors, lawyers, politicians, successful entrepreneurs . I support Chelsea manning as a trans woman and human being. I do not support her for a  Senate run, and her public exposure merely adds fuel to the fire of hatred already directed toward innocent trans people like me and you ......   In the brutal world of public opinion there is a saying; "Its not what you are but what people think you are."  I love and deeply respect our transgender community. You will never find such courageous people as represented in the transgender world. We proudly serve in  every profession, military branch, labor force and service industries. We never ask for recognition or a pat on the back, all most of us want is to be allowed to live our authentic lives free of murder, rape and ridicule.  Is Manning helping that cause?? What is your opinion??   Sincerely,   Tess
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