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Guest Torixo

Starting Serious Voice work, Can anyone offer insight?

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Guest Torixo

Hello Everyone! I'm very new to this forum & look forward to talking to different people and being involved in discussion! Without further ado, I need some serious help please! So I'm very serious about getting my voice together because I feel like it's keeping me from passing more as a female. I work in retail & I'm constantly talking to people so my voice being perceived to how I feel would really make a difference in my life!

So I purchased "Finding your female voice" by Andrea James and hope to get it all down, so in a few weeks I have a passing voice. I understand this is something that is going to take hard constant work & practice so I'm quite prepared for that. What I would like to know would be did anyone have successful voice transformation using these cds? Or Did anyone have successful voice transformation a different way & would like to share with me & anyone else who is interested? I truly believe voice is a very important factor in people determining your gender & hope other people agree.

So Basically... Anyone With A Passing Female Voice Who Can Offer Help I would loooove you :]!<3

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Guest Donna Jean


Hello, Hon.....

Welcome to the Playground

I'm Donna Jean...

"Finding your female voice" by Andrea James is a great training device....

The three girls that live here together (me, Sally and Julie) work with that CD. We're all over 60 and the video has helped us a lot.

Plus, it's taken a LOT of practice ....

But, It CAN be done!


Dee Jay

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Guest Mia J

I don't have that program but I have heard it is very good as it takes the approach of most of the good ones of using a lot of the same techniques that are used in voice training for singers.

No matter who's program you use the main thing is to practice, practice, practice. And when you are done with the practice do some more. Just don't strain your voice.

For me a tuner and a voice recorder was an absolute must so I could hear the difference.

You can expect some good changes in a few weeks but understand that it take most of us months of work before it becomes natural and second nature. Too many give up because they don't see quick results.


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Guest Torixo

Thanks girls! I suppose I'm just nervous that it's not going to work ;l. I've heard so many amazing before and afters online & would love to have the same result. I suppose I can't expect anything if I'm not practicing! I quit smoking a few days ago & now sometimes dabble on my electric cigarette so I'm definitely motivated for results. I hope I can practice more and more the next few weeks & maybe even upload a voice sample when I get closer!

Also, coming from someone who is 18 it's very inspiring to see someone at your age being who you are. It's NEVER too late to transition or be who you were meant to be & I commend you on that.

-tori, xo

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Guest surifi

well for me it was kinda not a big issue. when i started working i was at a fast food place and everyone called me ma'am over the speaker. back then i had no inkling that i might be something besides just male. eventually i just started trying to sound female to have fun with it. i found that speaking soft to start was good practice and slowly make it more vocalized. beyond that just practice practice. i have actually started having fun using my female voice behind a person and seeing their face when they turn around. although i mostly do that at anime conventions. it is easier to act a bit more out there when there is a good chance i will never see the person again.

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