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Guest Alexx21

new muslim

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Guest Alexx21

I have became Muslim and because of this i have dressed mostly female where before i have dressed more mixed sex.

Am unsure weather i should dress female than male i do believe how ever that i am about 70% female 30% male( unsure if i should really be on this forum ) i do like to dress in a mix sex way.

But when am praying or about in town ( i don't go to the mosque because my husband isnt Muslim and i would have to explain things to the other women there and i dont want to go into that )

At the moment am not wearing the hajab because my mother was upset at me wearing it ( my father died on the 17th and she don't want me to wear it at the funeral )

IS there anyone who can advise me with this



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Carolyn Marie

I'm sorry Alexx, but I have no advice to offer, other than to seek the advice of a local Mullah or Mujtahid if you attend a mosque. Perhaps someone with better knowledge will see this thread.

Carolyn Marie

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Hi Alexx, Im happy to see a muslim here.

Im a muslim too, but I am not a strict muslim. I know most part of Islam rules and I have red rules about transsexuals and transgenders.

If you tell me what is your case (Gay, Lesbian, Transsexual, Transgender, Or what) and what is your current gender and what is your desired gender I can tell you every thing about rules of islam about you. Cause I live in Iran and Iran is islamic republic of Iran. then I must know every thing :)

but about hejab: You can look at this with diffrent angles. but your mother order or your father order doesn't make sense, cause they are forcing you not to do an order of god and your are permitted not to do what they want. then Its your case. you must choose what to do. If you are currently man (as genitals) there is no need of hejab. but if you are woman then we have some cases. here are some of them:

1st: If you are unsafe when using Hejab, then you are not permitted to do hejab. Its a rule named Taghie. because hejab may be dangerous for you. cause I've heared about some anti religious mads in england.

2nd: If you are safe, but you feel very bad in Hejab, you should not wear hejab. cause transsexual's face is not like face of a woman and it can change the rules about hejab. hejab is because of women's beauty but when you have lost it, then you are not forced to follow it. its so simple.

BUT: not following the Hejab doesn't mean to become sexy. means you must make your self some how that is a normal appearance of women in your country. means you cannot Come in Sexy, Gay, Lesbian, etc fashions. thats because it makes you look like a member of that group and its prohibited in Islam.

I hope it was use full for you.

Please feel FREE to ask me any question you had about Islam, I can help you with 99% of the questions. I am here to help my family members and you are a part of my family.

Best Wishes. congrats about becoming a muslim, Hoping the bests.

Kim Orbit

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Guest Alexx21

Thank you kimorbit for your reply I was born female , it is safe for me to wear the hajab where i live it not a good idea to at the moment because of my mums wishes about my dad funeral but after the funeral i will be back wearing it again.

hopefully there isnt an issue with my mother after that,

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well If there is no danger for you wearing hejab there is no major reason not to wear it. Im sorry about your father. im really sorry. God bless him.

If you are not wearing hejab because of your mother's situation, then I think its ok. she has lots of problems to face with. then I think its ok not to make her sad. But every thing is depended on you in this case. :)

and.... If you want to be a boy, and you wear boyish clothes, and your appearance became masculine, then hejab is not needed any more. cause you are a boy in that case. then if you try to be a man, you should omit the hejab.

please pray for me, today is the turning point of my life.

thank you, your sister, Kim Orbit

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Guest Alexx21

I have stopped wearing the hajab as i feel like am in the middle of female and male unsure what to think of myself really its something i have been struggling with for a while part of me wants to be female including wearing the hajab yet the other part of me wants to be male and not wear the hajab

its confusing.

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I am so happy that you have made up your mind and you have made a choice for your life.

you know, Life is hard for us. I mean transgenders by telling us. and you are a part of our community. well we cant stand the side problems. well I have read :"transgenders must do rules between rules of boys and girls." from a book written by Imam Khomeini. Imam Khomeini was the great leader of Islam in the past century. He had written a book and he had explained every thing about us in that book. well, in gender based rules, we must do some thing in the middle. for example saying prayers. men must do it with high voice and women must do it silently. but we must do something in middle. something like silent. well I think hajab is like these rules. we are something in middle. then we are not 100% boy and not 100% girl. then we dont need to do all the rules for females, must we?? I think its not base on logic that all the rules come in middle and only one of them stands alone. based on logic I can say you have choose the right idea. I will do that when I leave Iran too, cause Hejab is some thing in rules of Iran and even foreign people must use that.

then dont let any thing bother you.

And to tell the truth, you are so beautiful :) I just wanted to tell you and nothing more.

your sister, with best wishes, Kim

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      Wow Charlize, that's something. 3 cords should be a good supply for winter. We only go through about a cord per winter here, depends.    Have a great day   C -
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      Debra,  Did they catch the thief?  Amazing that they tried to sell them in a legitimate market.   Samantha,  Admitting to ourselves who we are and then accepting that is a long term process.  I wouldn't worry too much about being hairless.  Many men are.   If it becomes too difficult then showering at home may be the only alternative.   I'm almost done cutting the firewood for the house.  I've got 3 cords cut, split and covered on pallets ready to move near the front door.  We unfortunately have hundreds of dead ash trees on the farm.  The emerald ash borer is killing them all.  I feel like crying as i take them down but at least they make great firewood.  I've  also set some pieces aside for hafting axes and hammers.  In time wooden baseball bats will disappear. Another ecological disaster.   Hugs,   Charlize
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      Good morning everyone. Woke up yesterday morning and confidently announced to myself, "I'm a trans woman". Made feel feel incredibly content and happy. Went about my day and left a voice mail for a endocrinologist, "I'm a trans woman'. And it felt so good to say it aloud and to someone else, even if it was an answering machine. Lost a bit of this bravado when back with my family last night, butbtjis morning, I'm feeling good again. This site really has and continues to help me. Sorry rambling on. On a side note, I assume most of us here dont change and shower at the gym? Im reluctant to go to the mens locker room with a shaved body. Any thoughts?
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      Happy Birthday Lizzie    I hope today is simply wonderful for ya   Cynthia -
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      This is a seinen manga that has both a FtM main character and FtM side character. It depicts gender dysphoria at the onset of puberty.    For those of you who don't know, manga is Japanese comic books or graphic novels that are read from right to left. Seinen manga is catergorized as "men's manga" because it deals with more adult issues. There is also shonen (boy's manga), shoujo (girls manga), and josei (women's manga).    Hourou Musuko is available to read online at mangareader.net, and is also available in hardback format on Amazon. 
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      Hi Mochi, I'm glad to hear the med is working. I'm really glad. My stepmom struggled with depression and I saw what it can be like.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
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      I'm glad they have your medication sorted and you are feeling better. Good luck for good progress!   Tracy
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      A bit of a twister for me Vicky, but I get the gist. Over here that would be less of an issue, although has occurred in some of the more religious schools. I think my thoughts attune more directly with most of the population here in attempting avoiding confrontation as being no real issue rather than even the presenting of pronouns, as Carolyn examples, which does actually raise the issue in the minds of some.   On a wider front, there is becoming very much increasing resentment here of minority groups getting dis-proportionate representation. That is working against, in this example, trans people, turning what may only be a tricky situation into a confrontation in the minds of people who would otherwise live and let live. In this the press, both good and bad, are probably hindering as much as helping.   Tracy
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      If I weren't the foot ball, I would never get to be in the game at all. 
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      https://twitter.com/intent/tweet/complete?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Ffeature%2Fnbc-out%2Flouisiana-governor-s-race-ad-takes-aim-transgender-rights-n1045176&text=Louisiana governor's race ad takes aim at transgender rights&latest_status_id=1164774685260701696&original_referer=URL&via=nbcnews     So nice to know that we serve a useful purpose as a political football and dog whistle for the right.  Trump will prob (no, will certainly) follow suit.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      I think your instincts are serving you well, hon.  They are telling you that danger lies ahead if you come out when you're not ready.  I have always counseled young people here, as have Vicky and others, that they should not come out to parents if there is even a 50/50 chance it won't go well.  There are too many things that can go wrong, and only one thing that can go right, and to me, that's too big a risk.  So my advice has been to not come out to parents unless there is absolutely no other choice, that waiting until you can at least make legal decisions for yourself is too much to bear.   Keep learning about this stuff; talk to people you trust, talk to us, read up on it, gather information that you can someday give to your parents to help them understand you.  You'll survive the next couple of years, hon.  We want to keep you safe, and happy.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      If she were to ask that face on, my suggestion is to say that you are trying to discover exactly who you are, and that it does take some time.  Perhaps that could be an opening for you to get some counseling about your Gender Dysphoria with the help of your mom.  In most U.S. states, since you are an adolescent, doctors and therapists for your age group cannot discuss gender issues or other specified issues with your parents without your permission, unless you are actively suicidal or thinking about harming another person.  The therapist can become your helper to communicate with your mother and maybe father when the time comes that you are ready.  You can politely  tell her that some comments are not helpful, such as "how girly your figure is" or things like that.  Thank her for being your parent, but tell her you on a a journey of discovery in your mind and will communicate with her as you progress.  I have 3 adult children and had to butt out of their lives for some of their goals, which were hard for me, even though they are all three cis/het.
    • leomonade
      I already said what's been happening in my life on my last topic, but basically I've been more and more bothered about coming out. Now that school started this week (I'm a high school sophomore), I have to live as a girl again, and lately a few people I know (online and irl) have been transitioning and it kinda hurts to see people able to transition safely while I feel like I can't even tell anyone I'm trans. I know my friends would be mostly fine depending on who I tell, but lately as I've had to be seen as female wherever I go I just want to live authentically as a male so badly. As of now, the only place I can safely be male is online, and though my school has been pretty welcoming to LGBT students (at school we had to tell everyone word by word our name and pronouns, which sucked for me since if I told them to call me by male pronouns my parents would find out somehow so I had to tell everyone I went by she and her, so it was a lose-lose for me. it hurt), my parents have been holding me back from being male in the real world for a while. I don't know much about my dad's political beliefs, since he doesn't talk to me ever about topics related to being gay/trans/etc, but my mom has been really nosy about it to me lately. She'll see me wearing tomboyish clothing and start talking to me and asking if I'm self-conscious about my chest, if I'm lesbian, and then goes on a rant about how nature gifted me with such a beautiful figure and god, I'm so tired of it. I'm so fed up with having to deal with everyone calling me she, my mom telling me how lucky I am to be gifted with such a pretty body, and constantly reminding me I'm a woman to her. I get that it's hard for a parent to accept their child is trans and want them to live a good life without complications. She's talked to me multiple times before about gay people, whom she's fine with but would prefer I wasn't, and she's talked to me once about non-binary people, which she thinks is dumb. She hasn't said anything about transgender people, as in FtM, Mtf, to me. About a month and a half ago, she caught me alone and told me that the way I dress, talk, and walk makes her suspect I'm a lesbian and told me she'll support me nonetheless because it's a parent's job to, but being trans is a whole other thing than sexuality when it comes to coming out. Maybe if I explain the science behind it to her, she'd get it, but I feel like she'll insist I'm just a tomboyish lesbian, since she tells me lesbians have more masculine brains, stuff like that. I could also tell my dad, but since I know more about my mom's opinions on topics like that and my mom's more present than my dad, I'm probably going to be telling my mom first if I do. Part of me feels like I have to tell her, just so she knows I feel this way and I won't have to explain anything if she found out I went by male pronouns at school, even if she doesn't accept me at first. But I just don't want my life to change so much just yet. I try to convince myself it's just a matter of explaining a deep feeling, but I can't ignore that my whole life is going to change one way or another once I tell my parents, one way or another. I want it to be my choice to change my life like that, but not gonna lie, I'm so scared to. Not to mention, my mom's been asking me more and more if I'm lesbian or self-conscious about my body, like I said, and I'm worried one day she'll ask me if I'm trans directly rather than asking if I'm a lesbian. What should I do if that happens? I'm terrified for my life to change now and feel like I need to do it myself instead of someone else changing my life, but I want to just live the way I want to as a man, or boy since I'm still in high school. But if she asks me first, I won't have to initiate the conversation myself. What should I do if she does ask me if I'm trans anytime soon? I really  need help on this 
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