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Help with short hair and pixie cuts

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Hi there, I'm mtf/androgynous, and I want a new haircut!

I've always liked the pixie haircut on women, and I wonder if my face shape would let me pull it off myself. Here's a pic of me, in guy mode, if it helps at all:

The haircut I'm looking for is like this:

Any opinions whether this is doable? I realize I will probably need to grow my hair out a bit before I can do this, but I can wait.

I also plan on fixing my pair of glasses soon, and I may buy a new pair as well. Does anyone know of any cute feminine eyeglass frame styles that would go well with this look?

Lastly, I'm still living socially as a guy, and I hope that I can get this haircut without being teased/questioned by my cis-male friends. Is it possible for this cut to still look masculine instead of always just androgynous or femine? I suppose what I'm asking is, can I adapt this haircut to fit my (at times) fluctuating gender?

P.S. I realize I'm kind of asking a lot, with little to go off of. Any suggestions, opinions, ideas, crackpot theories, wild allegations or drunken reveries are greatly appreciated. :D

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From what I know I would say you should have no difficulty in creating the hair tyle you want. Your hair seems to be reasonably thick and a lovely colour.

Could I suggest you go to a ladies hairdresser and put to them what you are trying to achieve.

Whether you tell them why you want such a cut is obviously down to how you feel and although it sounds as if you have not come out yet this should not stop you finding a friendly hairdresser.

Are you in contact with any groups? Asking other people may solicit an answer as to a local trans friendly hairdresser.

I hope you manage to find someone who can help you.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,


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Being a Beautician I can say without a doubt you would look cute in a pixie but you really do need to grow it longer though.


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Thanks for the great compliments and advice!

After posting here, I spoke with my sister, who has been wearing her hair in similar fashion for half a decade. She gave me some good ideas about what would, or would not work for me. I learned that, although I look like I have a round face, if I lost some weight I would have a heart shaped face.She also said that I should not try anything now, that I should wait until I'm not living with our parents (next January). In the meantime, I just need to grow it out (which always seemed to happen TOO fast for me before I was transitioning :D).

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