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After seeing Addam's video on youtube of the laser removal gone terribly wrong I am very nervous about it. Currently I am not on HRT nor really out for that matter. Since I'm older, 33, I am thinking it would be wise to start removing this beard that I can grow - not mention back hair, foot hair, hand hair, stomach/chest hair, etc... basically the missing link hair system.

I'm not sure as to how to progress or what I'm allowed to say. Please forgive me if I miss step because I am brand new here. Currently I live around St. Louis. (is it okay to say the city? i know not to give my address, nor would I want to.) Next Fall I will be in San Fransisco for my next step in my education. Yes, SF!

My logic was to see doctors out there to start the transition, but before I get there do as many little things as I can before I arrive. Hair seems to be one of the biggest things in my way.

So my questions are I guess then, 1) How do I know if a place is okay for TS people? 2) Does anyone know of a trusted TS hair removal place in the greater St. Louis area? 3) Is my plan of attack listed below reasonable at all?

Next 6 months do a couple laser removals.

Land in SF start the gatekeeper analysis to begin HRT, and do another laser removal.

Start HRT at the end of summer, do one more laser removal.

Start painful electrolysis.

Warmest hugs!


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Hi Nikki,

Do you have a lot oflight hair on your face? If you do laser is out of the question. If you don't have a lot of light hair then I would go to the local support group or call an LGBT center and ask for their recommendation.



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I could rival any trucker in a full beard, and part of it is white already. I think by light you may mean blond or do you mean white hair? You could use my beard to be the first step in nail filling I'm afraid.

I'm nervous about local LGBT centers to be honest. They seem to be 99.99% LGB and no T at all. Is that silly of me?

Thanks for my first reply Jenny!!!

Warmest Hugs!


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Nikki, if you have light skin and dark hair, laser might be a good place to start since it gets rid of the dark hairs within a few months, electrolysis will then get rid of any light/gray hair that the laser does not remove and any dark hair that returns, this will allow you to not have to worry about a dark shadow when you are out and about as Nikki, i would wait a good year or more before removing any other hair other than facial hair, hormones will more than likely thin and make those hairs lighter, until then wax or shave..

If where you live now has a local LGBT group, ask someone there who the friendly laser tech's are, do the same before or when you get to SF.

Do not forget to start growing the hair on your head, that take a long time to grow long.


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Hi Paula!

I am starting to grow my hair out. When you say HRT will thin the hair, does that tend to imply the patches are still there but less visible or gone entirely? For myself I have an upper back patch that is light, but totally noticeable, and two lower back patches on each side. My chest could pass a nice throw to stay warm with in winter. Even if I was a male I would not like them!

Today I will look for an LGBT group to call. I won't disclose my location, but I'll say this place scares me. So I am very nervous to go to places on campus or our in town. I really don't think there are many trans people near me, nor do I think the LGB communities have much experience with trans. :( But I have high hopes for San Fransisco!

Warmest hugs!

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