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my impossible hair

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My is curly an puffy naturally, but it really annoys me. my hair is dark brown an I wnat flat and strait hair. Is ther any soaps (or something) that might help? thanks.

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I don't know if soaps can do that. Might be easier to buy yourself a straightener.

I need to get one too come to think of it.

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I have sort of wavy-to-curly hair too. While straight would be nice, I'd rather just make the most of it naturally :) easier than straightening it every day. Curly is beautiful :)

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Hi Rose,

I need to update my avatar. The one you see of me is my "birdsnest" hairstyle, that I had to wear before I came out at work. My hair is quite curly on top, has a straight band around the sides, and back to curly at the bottom - just messy!

Now that I'm out to everyone, my hair is much different: straight with just a bit of wave. I use a blowdryer and flat-iron to achieve it, but may ask my hairdresser to do a perm as well. (it was too short for perming - it grows slowly on top of all it's other faults.) The use of the blowdryer and flatiron can damage the hair, so I use four different products to offset that: a long-term conditioner applied at the salon, a creme rinse after washing, a mousse-style conditioner when I get out of the shower, and an oil that's used after blow-drying. my wife has been doing the same for years and her hair still looks terrific.

At times, I miss the old wash-and-wear style. But, I signed up for this - girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Love, Megan

PS - love your name - has a nice familiar ring!

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Ah hair, according to my counsellor my single biggest hang up.

My natural hair is very grey, reasonably thick at the sides but unfortunately very thin on top. I would just love curly hair as I think, hair for hair, it looks thicker than straight hair.

I am letting mine grow and it is now nearly to the bottom of my ears.

I have adopted a central parting which spreads my thin top hair over both sides of my head and definitely looks thicker.

Please update your avatar Megan as I would love to see how you look now.

I may have a picture taken shortly of my hair to gauge some reaction.

I just don't like wearing my wig, despite the fact it was actually quite an expensive one.

My feeling is that as with false breasts so with a wig, it just isn't me and who I want to be.

My apologies for interjecting in this topic.

Best wishes,



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My hair is the same way. Mellisa is right, you'll probably want to get a straightener, or have someone straighten it for you.

For some reason people seem to like my curly hair, but I hate it! >.< It seems like everyone wants curly hair until they realize how difficult it is to manage. lol I found that using non-polyurethane based conditioner makes the hair a lot softer and more manageable, though. ^_^

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