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Guest darlingdoll

Books for Parents?

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Guest darlingdoll

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew a good few titles of some books that would be parent appropriate to give to Eric's mom (I've stolen the laptop thus why I'm asking and not him- he's currently taking the dog out), preferably under 30.00$ if possible and we're okay with online shopping, we just want to know some titles, not so much parenting guides as he's out of the house, but general information would be mightily appreciated :)

thank you everyone so much

Eric and Kay

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Hi Eric and Kay, :)

This is the best book I've found that explains what transsexualism is and what transsexuals go through.



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Guest Krisina

The best book I have ever read, and that I own:

True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism

--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals

by Mildred L. Brown & Chloe Ann Rounsley


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Guest Lacey Lynne

What Jenny and Krisinia (above) told about "True Selves" is the plain truth. If you're going to buy just ONE book, THAT'S the one to buy. Most of us on here would say so. Buy it, read it, love it. You'll be VERY glad you did. Peace


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Guest anyushka

Barnes and Noble carries a book called "The Transgender Child". It was recommended to a 16 year old at an FTM meeting my family attended last night as a way of helping him have a conversation with his mother.

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Guest metajess

We just read The Transgender Child. It's a great book for parents having trouble with it. I don't think it was appropriate for us since were completely accepting. It's great for grandparents and the like too. Very informative and explains how and why kids know they're trans and how young they know.


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Guest meridian

A terrific memoir is *She's Not There,* by Jennifer Finney Boylan. The writer was an acclaimed published novelist known as James Finney Boylan before she transitioned. Her story is extremely moving, and also a great read.



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Guest Kael147

Transforming families. Mary boenke is editor - it is a collection of family stories about when people come out from the perspective of the family members and the trans person.

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Guest again

true selves is a great book!

there is also a pdf handout that you can download from the Central Toronto Youth Services website for free. Here is the main website:

http://www.ctys.org/programs/prideprejudiceparents.htm if it's not showing as a live link, just cut and paste it into your browser.

Here is the direct link to the pdf dcoument. My son sent me a copy of this with his coming out letter and I found it very helpful:


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      Hello Kelly and welcome!  Thanks for all you do.   Jani 
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      Good news Julie.  Thanks for the update.   Jani
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      I agree. It's a publicity stunt. A stunt I fear will do more harm than good to the transgender community.   MaryEllen
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        not only she doesn't have a chance but she will face major backlash. For a lot of people she's a traitor...  and a transgender woman... I mean that's a lot to ask.
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      I think Kristin Beck is 100% correct. She doesn't have a snowball's chance in a volcano. It's a publicity stunt.
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      Obviously things happen, but there is very great variation in parts of the UK. Such a headline for the area in which I live is very heavily over the top. That said there are areas of some of the larger cities in which I would be very careful and probably avoid totally at night. They are the same areas which one would avoid when alone, whoever you were. As I said, things can happen, but at work in healthcare over several years looking very feminine with obvious makeup I never had any less than accepting collegues and only one vagely hostile look (from a patient later to be very friendly) on hundreds of home visits all over the East Midlands UK to all classes and races of people. On holidays I have had some minor abuse in other areas (for example - the West Midlands of UK - from what I have been told, and reported in the news, a generally far more abusive area for people in general), and as I have said elsewhere, in Scotland (Glasgow area) where for some reason women are far more abusive (very minor verbally only). From my experiences the South / Southwest seems to be the most accepting areas, in which no-one appeared to notice me at all (short holidays). Like most places though, inner city areas are generally the most hostile, with small towns in my experience not being particularly better in this respect. I have not visited such as London since changing, but with it's variation in areas I would suspect there are good and bad places. I have noticed that in some areas the authorities jump heavily on any abuse, but I suspect that is in areas in which the crime figures are lower than average anyway.   I have noticed some of the national newspapers cashing in their lot to oppose the general trend toward acceptance. I don't often read them, but my mother gets the Daily Mail which I read when I visit. I have noticed on several occasions what appears to me to be a deliberate attemp to provocate the masses to campaign against any change for the better. If a paper were to be called transphobic I would personally nominate them.   Obviously not living over there in the USA means I am not familiar with general life of trans people, but theoretically here, although there are minor differences in law by country, most are general so it is probable that local social conditions / norms have more effect on life than the law. This is probably at it's height in some 'estate' areas of some cities where the law of silence exists and to 'grass' literally could mean at minimum a good beating and permanent hostility (for most anyone).   Tracy
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      Hi Chris   Welcome   I am glad things are going in your direction now   Tracy  
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      Congratulations   Tracy x  
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      Hi Alice   Welcome   You have made a significant step in improving your life by opening out your thoughts. Every small step you can make is an improvement. If you feel you cannot go out, begin to live how you feel at home. Take baby steps if you need but keep moving forward. You may amaze yourself by how quickly you move, particularly with mutual support from people here.   Tracy  
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