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Guest Serene

A reason for Transgendered?

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Guest Serene

I feel certain my spirit is inhabiting a living prison, trapped in a body that is not my own. While blessed on many aspects of my life, I am cursed in others, not the least of which is that I am female yet was born into a male body. So why has God, all powerful and all knowing as the creator is, placed some of us in bodies that arent our own?

This is just speculation on my part along with that of another, but perhaps it runs along the lines of convincing others to be more accepting in order to refine the souls of loved ones. For instance, christian parents may be unaccepting of certain people, like transgenderists and bi and homosexually oriented people, essentially condemning people based on how those individuals feel and love. Doing so both claims God's right to pass judgement as well as hypocritically offering hate when they preach love. But what if then they discover their own child is a transgenderist. All good parents will love their children no matter what, even if they dissagree. Such a discover would force them to do one of two things ultimately; accept their child for who he or she is and in so doing accepting all like people, or disown and turn away from a cultivated and unconditional love and thus choosing to be closer to irredemption.

Of course this still leaves those children suffering throughout life's struggle to greater degrees as most other people, and some of which sadly break under the stress.

What do you all think of thise hypothesis?

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Guest GinaInside

I have wrestled with this issue from the time a was a small child, however...

In 1980, (when I was still playing Supermale) I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident, and in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, was briefly "clinically dead", and had an NDE, and crossed over.

I can tell you a few things for certain:

1) Yes, we are Soul-beings. 2) Yes, there is a realm of Spirit, and Consciousness. 3) It ain't nuthin' like people have been taught to believe! And when you cross over, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. 4) So-called "Free Will" is marginal. 5) Reincarnation (really a misnomer, but that's a long story!) is The Rule, not the exception. (I also learned a couple personal things)

I do not "believe in God", perse'. One either knows there is a Creator, or not. I consider myself a "Diest", accepting the reality of an Ultimate Oneness, Creator/Creatrix. But, "The One" creates, and does not micro-manage, and leaves Nature to take it's course. It is not that "God is cruel", or is somehow testing us in one lifetime for "eternity". It is that "God" creates, and experiences through us. I know that does not lessen anyone's pain, as it is hard to imagine a Creator that makes mistakes and allows suffering to occur.

That did not solve my GD, though, and I probably spent more hours in prayer, meditation, and in tears begging to Creation over this issue, than many people who tried preaching to me. After all the trials of being Trans, and all the mistakes made trying to "fix it" somehow, I can only conclude that this path is partly a mistake in Nature, and partly has a Spiritual dimension.

There are many valid scientific studies giving evidence for this problem being a pre-natal issue. But, if you can learn to calm your mind, you can also find the Spiritual dimension to this.

I still curse my fate, and the ruin of my life, because I am Trans. When my breasts hurt, and my body aches and itches, and I burst into tears, and want to puke, I still curse and scream at Creation. It does no good. What keeps me alive? I know that about half a billion people on Earth wish they only had my problems, and I hang on for all the other Trans out there who are hanging on, too.


Gina Renee

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Guest RainbowGoth98

A human trying to read gods thoughts is like an ant trying to think about what I'm thinking.

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Guest SeeJay

i was over, over thinking about what god thinks years ago as i have been a active christion for 30 plus years. there are valid debates about the rights and wrongs of this that we are in. i feel warm and loved in my faith. i do not want to sound crass about this but before st peter gets to my gender issues, there far worse issues he'll judge me on. i believe and you may or may not, faith is comforting and i think if god really thought it wrong, it would not happen and if it needs fixing, he'll fix it. today more and more see a place for us. we only hear the worse. this year alone i've heard a few stories about gender related issues with a positive tone. okay it still does not out weigh the bad stories.

some of the authors of what we know as the bible are writting about things they have only heard about. it is not in the ten commandments that gender is a sin. nor in those commandments does it say laying with a person of the same gender is a sin. there are plenty of scripture talking about it pros-v-con (few pros). Eve was designed for reproduction of the masses but, it does not say the masses have to deal with gender issues. and then there were eunicks that were exhaulted. i do not want to preach here but, i am comfortable having a friendship with god.



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Although we have developed a pretty heavy counter Christian segment in the Transgendered population, and a goodly number who have become alienated from other mainline religions, nevertheless, Transgendered people have a very high level of spirituality that dips into almost all sources of spiritual inspiration. Certainly, the Native American traditions of the Two Spirit play a part here in the U.S. but other so called Pagan spiritual sources attract us in other cultures. We do have a unique relationship with creation as it is seen by those who accept a single source of life. We also have insight into "less than perfect perfection" by awareness of our split nature with body and mind at odds with each other.

I have personally made spiritual journeys into several traditions and have found that even the spiritual paths that proclaim the greatest exclusivity, are perfectly at home with others whose validity they deny. An example for me was the fact that I can still hear both of my inner spirits praying in harmony during the Holy Communion service at my Christian church. I did not feel that either tradition repudiated the other, but rather re-inforced each other. In my dealings with Chemical Addiction recovery, my highest power, while in one sense, the diety of the Abrahamic traditions takes on a more personal self in helping me meet the elements of recovery, I am able to hear the voice of the diety in people around me, all people, not just clergy folk in a church.

Perhaps our true nature is to remind others of the whole scope of creation which has all things, joy, fear, contentment, pain, healthfulness and even death as part of its entirety by our duality.

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Guest Serene

Wow, hehe, the philosophical discussion sparked makes my question appear simpler than it is. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts :)

Most of my beliefs center around Catholocism, but I do not believe in everything it has to teach, simply because religeon is an imperfect aspect of imperfect beings. I do, in fact, not believe much written in the Bible. Sadly the holy book as we know it is constantly altered throughout history by human hands. Jesus never said "Man shall not lay with man", that was some diciple who had a problem with homosexuality I thin several centuries after the death and ressurection of Jesus. That is far from the point however. I hold great respect for all religeons and find I agree with much of what different ones teach and disagree with yet more. The main message though, in most religeons, is to treat others with love and respect.

I, like many others, seek to understand God. An impossible task for the current state my humanity is in, but I think the simple effort of seeking the Creator often leads to a love of others, of life and happiness. And despite my struggles, perhaps seeking to match my body with my spirit will broaden the horizon of my loved ones' views. Perhaps not.

Whatever the case my be I appreaciate everyone's thoughts!



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Guest OutOfSorts180

Hi All:

As I've posted elsewhere, I'm a Christian and a member of a church that is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). However, I'm not 100% (maybe like 95%!) aboard with every single aspect that the SBC believes in.

What I do believe as a Christian is that I believe in God the father, God the Son and God the holy spirit. And that Jesus came and died for our sins. I also believe that God as the creator loves us and has a plan and purpose for all of us. And this is where I find whatever comfort I can from me being transgendered.

I can not and will not believe that God allowed me to be transgendered so that I could just "torture" myself internally for the rest of my life. So...while it may not have been with the timing I would have wanted, I do believe that God had a reason for me "now" to have these feelings turn so strong --- so intense that I had to seek out help and after doing so, convinced me that the time is "now" to finally act. And I also believe that once I have come out and once I have started to transition and after I've transitioned, he has a purpose for me. Maybe it's to reach out to LGBT community. Maybe it's to challenge conservative thinking in the church that at face value, would not be understandable or supportive of me being a transgendered person. Who knows. Only God knows. And I trust him to lead and guide me to where and what he wants me to do.

Love to all of you.

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I came out late in life (56). I never knew that I was transgender until then. That was over six years ago. Now I see being transgender as God's gift. He has a plan for my my life. I have embraced what ever has come my way because it strengthens and and tests me. Each one of us fit into His plan no matter what society, the church, family, and friends say.

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Guest OutOfSorts180

Gennee --- AMEN to what you said!

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      Hi Ladies,   so im approximately 15 months into my journey. My doctor started me off on Femiston which really didnt suit me at all. She then put me on Elleste, which again we’re giving me lots of side effects......bloating, period type symptoms and the most awful mood swings and just for good measure sore swollen breasts and hot flashes!!   my sister said that I ought to ask my doctor  for HRT gel which I did and I have now been on since Christmas. It’s fab and I feel so settled on it, I still have the odd bad day but in general it’s much better and the period symptoms are still there but much less. my breasts are no longer swollen, nipples are tender and very sensitive to the touch. I’m now filling out a DD cup, and that seems to be where I’ll finish at. I’m buying lace bras now, instead of padded t shirt bras, though my sister brought me a push up bra and I have to say I love it.
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      I posted doe a new position in the company I work for. I transitioned on the job, but have not legally changed my name yet. In the system it still has my legal name doe payroll,  etc.  I dont know if the management of my location has even said anything about my transition to the corporate office. when I submitted my posting,  all also included a letter from my psychologist stating that I present as a gender and use a name that is not consistent with what is listed on my legal identification. Something like that may work for you.
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      We're here if you need us. When someone gets you down, tell them, you've got the Trans Pulse Army in your corner.
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      Damn right. Don't give in. I figure if anyone has a problem with me, they can go to hell. Sometimes you have to let the ones you love but who don't love you back go.
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