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Eating disorders: Closer to self harm than people hope

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Countless times I've heard other sufferers saying ''At least I'm not (self harming), it's not as bad''. But just how true, or how false is that statement?

As many other people will attest to when having experience with both/either, the reasons for eating/lackthereof and self harm can be veeery similar.

For example: an over-eater may eat excessively ''Now I have a reason to be upset, I'm fat. I can justify my feelings in a physical form now''.

And a self harmer may harm themselves ''Now I have a reason to be upset, I've been (harmed). I can justify my feelings in a physical form now''.

Or, an under-eater ''I don't deserve to eat. How can I eat when everything is wrong?''

And a harmer ''I don't deserve to (Live, be un-hurt, to not be in pain). How can I (look/feel) fine when everything is wrong?''

Both as a long term (and definitely as a short term, too!) are highly dangerous (Fatality is a word that comes to mind...)

So, if you think to yourself your eating disorder ''Isn't that bad, or isn't as bad as (harming)'' Think again. If you say those who (harm) need help, you do too.

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Very wise and true words from a very smart young woman. Thank you, Maria.


Carolyn Marie

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