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Guest RainbowGoth98

What's it feel like to be comfotable with your genitals?

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Guest kelise

Most of the time, I notice nothing at all...and it's bliss.

On the occasion I am naked in front of a mirror, and happen to glance at that area and think, "Hey, there used to be a penis there"...at that point an uncontrollable smile spreads it's way across my face a a big bubble of giddiness comes up from my belly and tickles my nose ^_^

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Guest Leah1026

It simply feels like it always should have. Dare I say "normal"? It's hard to put into words.

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Guest Pamela5

After many years I am finally postop; three months. I have always looked like a girl and lived as one for several years. I dreamed of having a vagina most of my life and i can not tell you how wonderful and complete I feel. I shower at the gym and love to walk around without my clothes and be completely relaxed. My clothes fit nicely and I love my workout tights; yes pubic mound! I wake up every morning thankful that modern medicine has allowed me to be the woman physically I have always been mentally. I now longer worry about someone at the airport finding something extra and I actually enjoyed the pat down I received the other day. The TSA woman touched my genital area and said thank you miss. I am happy, free and totally relaxed and only wish I had done it much sooner. One more thing. I made love as a woman for the first time last week and the feeling was incredible; I cried tears of joy. I am no longer a small feminine guy; I am a 5'7" 130# fairly attractive woman.

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Guest Kitty_Babe

I feel perfectly happy, just feels perfectly natural to me if that's any way to say it ? its been years since my actual Op, I have long forgotten what "it" looked like :)

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Guest Carol Uren

Like Kitty, it has been many years since my op (1979), so I don't really think about it any more, except maybe when I have been in a sexual relationship with a guy and the awe and wonderment at what the surgeons have made possible might occasionally cross my mind (and I offer up a silent thank you to him). I do remember the pure elation that surged through my body immediately after the operation (and checking with a mirror that it was finally gone LOL).

Now of course it is possible to dress in anything I want without fear of an unsightly bulge and to get changed in the female locker room with all the other women at the gym I go to, without having to worry at all.

I also had to pass through the special X-Ray machine at Heathrow Airport when I flew out to Peru this January and it was reassuring to note that there was no discussion between the male and female security staff as to who should step forward to give me the 'pat down'.

Other than those things I just don't really think about it anymore, even when I bathe or shower, it is just me (as I should walways have been).

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Guest Juniper Blue

Regarding my new chest ... I feel like I have been restored to my natural state. I am very happy .. I feel as if a grave mistake has been corrected. Regrading having no uterus ... wow ... so grateful to have no menstruation ... this was such a bizarre, painful, embarrassing and absolutely ridiculous involuntary bodily process for me to have to experience. Now, I am free of it! :D regarding my vagina and other "girly gear" ... I have only a vague many of feeling dyshoric regarding these parts as I was very young 3-6 years old ... it feels like a sense of understanding and acceptance that one might feel if they adopted a part of themselves ... it is a sense of deep appreciation and honor .. a sense of contentment and at the risk of sounding silly ... as sense of happiness to be female-bodied in this way. :)

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Guest Svenna

I love to hear of such happy endings, I am eager to be 'whole' also...

I dunno is SRS is gonna ever need to happen, but if it does, I am soooo glad to know that the new equipment can work as planned...

Someday, all good little girls will have little girl parts! Well, that WAS my prayer...now I can see how it could come true...

Thank you all for sharing your stories. :)

Love, Svenna

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One more thing. I made love as a woman for the first time last week and the feeling was incredible; I cried tears of joy.

This is the one thing I look forward to more than anything else. I only hope I can find a partner after my surgery.

Now I'm crying happy tears for you.

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There is poem I read and memorized as a child and have never gorgotten -it says how I feel about the realities of being a transman

BTW-over 100 years old & not copyrighted

I wonder why

When God made bees and butterflies and things

He made me wishing I could fly

And didn't give me wings


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