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Did You Ever Wonder How Atheists Swear?

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I got to thinking about a friend of mine who used to play guitar in a heavy metal band, when someone sneezed he felt it sounded wrong to 'bless' them so he would 'dang' them. (I lightened that up a bit)

So years later I am still wondering how do atheists swear?

"Oh my nobody!"

"Go to nowhere at all!"

"Oh Nowhere!"

Can you think of any more - remember this is PG-13.

Love ya,


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Guest Megan_Lynn

Not to change the subject but its realy hard for me to belive atheists even exsits. They like most everyone will still scream oh God or oh my God at the end of a certain event..just saying...lol...

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Guest kylie666

I have to say i am atheists but i still use stuff like "OMG" or what the Hell, or even "jesus ***** christ!!!" But i use them in a sarcastic way ;)

Or some times i replace "god" with Bob... Like "Oh My BOB!!" Or i use Jebus HAHAHA (Family guy joke)

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Guest Elena

"By the primeval soup"

"Great big bang!"

Hmm, perhaps more evolutionist than athiest, but they usually go together.



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Guest kelise

I'm an athiest, and yes I say oh, god from time to time. Funny how something that's supposed to be against the rules for christians to do (taking the lord's name in vain) has been made so commonplace that one usually can't think of anything else to say in certain cases. It's just an expression. I'm not actually asking any god to bless or damn anybody or anything. I also say love, crap, DONKEY, pregnant dog, vagina..etc.

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Guest Wulfhere

Thing is, I don't really use "god" in any of the phrases you mentioned and saying "God" isn't necessary in any of those phrases. I'm not really a PG-13 person irl, so I'll use actual swear words, not "god"...and if kids happen to be around, c*@p instead of $**t lol

"Oh my nobody!" - Oh fudge ;) or the swear words referenced above.

"Go to nowhere at all!" "Fudge" off

"Oh Nowhere!" See first response

God is a very uncreative/uncolourful swear word, as far as this atheist is concerned, lol.

For those talking about the "end of a certain event"...see: "oh fudge" :P

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Guest Basilo

Lol, i'm an atheist and i still use god. I don't attach any meaning to it though and i just use it as a replacement for an expletive.

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