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Guest CamCass

Anime xP

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Guest CamCass

I didn't know what topic this would be under. Anyway, does anyone know any good anime to watch?

^_^; I'm too lazy to read the blurbs and looking through all of the anime on the websites doesn't sound entertaining if half of them are boring. I'm looking for Comedy + other so anything is fine so long as it is funny. 07-Ghost, Junjou Romantica, Perfect Girl Revolution and such. :Crylol: Also if there are any anime that have transgender, I'm definitely interested.

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Guest Kelly-087

Elfen Lied is wonderful, however it pushes the depths of everything humans find sorrowful about the world. Very graphic.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, a classic. There's quite a bit of humor in this one through most of the series.

Voices of a Distant Star, 5 centimeters per second, The place we promised in our early days. All beautiful films, very worth watching.

There is a transgender in Yu Yu Hakusho however she's a villain, gets felt up and then loses a fight.

Full Metal Panic. The anime version of the Sci-Fi novels by Shouji Gatou. It's very funny most of the time, but also has a great story. Shouji Gatou is an author, who really has a great sense of Japanese humor. As an alternative if you don't enjoy the main series, there's a spin off based off a small collection of stories which only has humor as a goal, named Full metal Panic Fumoffu

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Guest Exeter

Have you ever watched anything like School Rumble, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Wallflower, Moon Phase, Love Hina, or Maria Holic?

School Rumble is basically a love-triangle comedy. The main guy is in love with a clueless girl who is in love with an equally vacant boy. I really enjoyed it.

Ouran Highschool Host Club is about a girl who cross dresses as a boy to join a club of boys who entertain girls. It's got a good bit of comedy.

Wallflower is about four pretty boys trying to make their land lady's reclusive, horror-film obsessed, slobby neice into a 'lady'.

Moon Phase is basically about a spoilt brat vampire girl. It has some comedy and a good overall story.

Love Hina is a traditional 'harem' type anime. Nerdy boy running an apartment full of girls. Has some funny things, but I personally get annoyed by the girl who's supposed to be in love with the boy always beating the crap out of him. :lol:

Maria Holic is about a lesbian girl (who is allergic to men) going to a Catholic all girls school and, incidently, her struggles with constant nose-bleeds. :o There's also a cross-dressing sadistic boy, who has traded places with his sister, and gives the main girl a difficult time. (It's only subtitled.)

And lastly, have you ever tried Sgt Frog?


Not certain if any of these suggestions are your cup of tea, or things you haven't already seen, but I wanted to try and help, as I really love anime. ^_^

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Guest Robin Winter

I was a big fan of Ranma 1/2. It certainly has a transgender type theme, and it's funny as heck.

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Guest Kai Reddtail

Scrapped Princess, Death Note, Angel Beats!, NANA, Rurouni Kenshin, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed round out my list of favorite anime.

Also, some people count Avatar: The Last Airbender as an anime even though it's US-made. Totally worth watching. Love it.

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Guest Theosphir

D.Gray-Man, Saiyuki, Black Cat...

I know a few "trans" anime however they are hentai/porn, and the characters serve only that purpose (not very tasteful...)

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Guest Sarah_Maria

The key animes such as Clannad, Kanon and Air are funny but expect to cry or at least feel sad. I'd also like to second ranma 1/2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Chobits are two of my favourites. Then for an anime with transgender there is Wandering Son which isn't funny but it deals with some of the issues of a boy and girl both transgender trying to get through life. The manga is definetly better but I enjoyed the anime.

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Guest xlxm

Im glad someone menshiend Rurouni Kenshin I love that anime as it was my first anime and I rewatch it every year.

But I know of 2 animes with a transgneder theme one is Ranma 1/2 which was menshind before its about a guy who turns into a girl when cold water touches him and he turns back into himself when hot water touches him. The other is Kampfer its really hard to explain but its about a guy who was chosen to to fight in an alien proxy battle and all the fighters have to be female so he is turned into a girl (that luckey duck) Kampfer is deffently PG15 and dont even watch ep. 14 its like a mm from being hentai, unless you like that.

I prefure manga to anime and I know of many transgender theamed mangas. Too many to list hear but if your intristed pm me.

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Guest Alison Mendez

I've been watching an anime on youtube called Cheeky Angel, though it's also known as Tenshi na Konamaiki. The premise is at the age of nine, Megumi is an aggressive fighting boy. One day he saves a strange man from a gang of other children. In return, Megumi receives a magical book. After accidentally bleeding on the book, a genie appears and offers to grant him a wish. Megumi wishes to become a strong man's man. The trickster genie inadvertently turns Megumi into a woman. The series is all about Megumi trying to cope with her new gender and leaving behind the traits of her old gender.

Unfortunately there's nowhere to legitimately purchase a legal copy. All the copies being sold on eBay and Amazon are recorded off of a TV using a VCR and tapes, then converted digitally, slapped onto a DVD and distributed that way. Bootlegged tv series really.

Still though, all 50 episodes are on youtube. Some in pieces and varying standards of video/audio quality. The first part of the first episode is here:


It takes a few episodes to really hook you in, but I highly encourage you to give it a go. It really is a great series.

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    • ToniTone
      Thanks hun!    Yeah, it feels totally validating and flattering!    There's also the overly forward, unwanted attention from sleazier cishet men though. Still awkwardly validating, but obnoxious and gross. The things us women have to put up with, sigh...   ~Toni
    • KymmieL
      Shawn, welcome to our little corner of the web. I too am a USAF Vet. Security specialist.   Have you registered with the VA? They are a perfect place to see a therapist. Plus they serve ALL vets, LGBT as well. They will treat you with respect. Never judging. Check my pinned post in the Vet section.   Kymmie
    • Susan R
      You are starting to reap the benefits of the HRT.  Confidence and happiness built up quite a bit for me too during this point in my transition.  When cis guys start to notice, you know you're doing something right...I'm happy for you, Toni.  Enjoy it!   Susan R🌷
    • ToniTone
      6 1/2 months on hrt! There's a couple big developments to mention:   - Last night in the shower, I noticed my breasts are filling in quite well and recognizable as female breasts! They are solid A cups now. Round, perky and firm yet flubby. They are quite sore too. When I step oitside, the cold air makes them feel like they're burning. I can handle it though. I'm so giddy and excited!!    -I started using the women's restrooms in public regularly. This is big for me. I was so anxious about this going into and early in my transition. Worried there might be conflict, not feeling I look passing enough. But in need of having to go, and feeling invalidated using men's rooms, I went for it. It seems trivial, but it gives me confidence and validation being able to now.    -I (and my gf/transition sis) have been getting a lot of compliments, cat calls, flirting/hit on etc., notably from cishet men. And I've been get gendered properly. This makes up for the times I get misgendered. I'm finally getting cute enough to be noticed. I know this might be vain, but it makes me feel pretty...    -My gf/transition sis got her breast augmentation (enlargement) yesterday. They look nice! She's very happy about them, and I'm happy for her... We celebrated over sushi, num!    It's been a lovely day...  ~Toni 💕
    • Jani
      I hope this works out for you both.  I hope he hadn't spent the money or there will be a delay in returning it to you.  
    • Debra Michelle
      Husband and I were alerted today by our accountant,$20,000.00 missing in our bank account for our towing yard,semi and auto repair shop.Found out it was our guy that does the paychecks,embezzled the money.Did fire him and police were called with him arrested.Did admit taking the money and did take $10,000.00 more lately.It is a mess now which will be resolved by the prosecutor charging him with embezzlement.Meet up with the prosecutor on Friday,will get that $30,000.00 back which he will have to pay back if convicted with jail time.
    • MaryMary
      I was talking also on a philosophical sense, my basic argument being that if you are a metaphorical database we are a very unreliable one (most of us)
    • Tetris
      Nah I didn't take it the wrong way. I was just clarifying I meant what I said in a philosophical sense and not in a literal sense hehe
    • MaryMary
      to return to your original question : I work in computers, I'm a programmer. Each time I tell others what I'm doing they don't understand on a quite basic level. My estimation is that 20% of the people when I say : "I'm a programmer" will know what I do. The 80% don't really know what a database is really. So they won't know the link between identity and databases. You will just have a lot of explaining to do that's for sure. But hey, I have a lot to do just to explain my work so it's to be expected.   in my experience people who call you one pronouns for a long time will have a hard time changing. But if you say your prefered pronouns to a new person you meet they will probably use it whatever it is.   (My goal was to add arguments to my disagreement and not to say what you know and you don't know. As far as I know you maybe are the best programmer in the world. I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way.)
    • Tetris
      I'm well aware of how neural networks work lmao I know how to program NNs. I was more talking in a philosophical sense. 
    • MaryMary
      here's a VERY good vulgarization of the brain :    
    • MaryMary
      data in it's rawest form is O and 1       I'm sorry but no we are not. In fact our memory is very inreliable (for most of us anyway, some are different). The brain is basically a network of neuron that are connected to each other. Each time you access a part of is you reinforce this connection. But those connection are unstable so sometimes a link is "pruned" and a memory becomes "polluted" and maybe false links are created. Here's a video of what i'm talking about :   brains are more akin to neural networks : https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-build-your-own-neural-network-from-scratch-in-python-68998a08e4f6   I'm linked something in case you want to learn. Each part of our brain do a very narrow job. All the speed of the brain is in how it's able to fetch a message from one network to another and analyse an image (for example) in a small number of steps. You can replicate that when you program an AI on a computer. I suggest you research "deep learning" and "neural networks" on the internet to learn about it. It's very interesting and it also show how much more a brain is then a simple database.
    • Nivegnal
      It is a great job. The best I’ve ever had but availability is the same as anyone.  Sadly I do not work on the campus or medical center there.  I am a BioMed and work in four hospitals In Vermont and New Hampshire.  Being the only BioMed in each so I’m busy.  Though I do have access to a ton of info.   it give me lots of commute time.  Time I hope to practice.    
    • Jani
      This is the one guaranteed item they don't talk about!    As to electrolysis, I am just over four years and 240 hours.  I told my electrologist (who's become a great friend) if I had known I would still be on the table four years later I would have cried.  Oh wait!  I did cry, but from the pain when she zapped hair on my lip.  But everything gets easier and I am almost finished.   With just a number of white hairs on the neck to go, I rarely wear makeup now unless I'm doing something special.  I've achieved my goal of blending in and being one of the girls when I am out.      TL:DR  There is no easy road to success (or happiness).  You gotta work for it! 
    • Tetris
      Well yeah, it's mostly out of familiarity. It's more the "database" I identify with as opposed to the CSV directly. I am yet to learn JSON or SQL but I intend to. But part of why I really like CSV is *because* it's so simple. It's data in its rawest form. Its most abstract, baseline form. It'd be difficult to express data any simpler than that. I could represent all this data graphically, couldn't I? And yes, while linear regression machine learning models *are* attractive in their own sense, they lack the poetry that a simple CSV holds. Through all that simplistic data being displayed comes a hidden pattern. The numbers hold the answers to questions we didn't even know we had. While JSON and SQL are objectively better data structures, there's simply something about how raw CSVs are that I love. All it is is just strings and numbers separated by commas. That's all it is on the surface... but the hidden, underlying structure behind those strings and numbers is what makes me swoon. So beautiful, and I feel it to my core. All databases really capture my attention, but it's the simplicity of CSV that really makes me love it.  It's hard to explain why I consider myself a database. On one hand, it's a kin thing. I'm very, very kin with numbers, data, and data structures in a way I'm really incapable of putting into words. On the other hand, we're all data structures, in a way. We're all a database of the sum total of things we've learned in life. In many ways, the way I organize my mental structures are closer to a tree rather than a CSV (as is with most people), but I find if I mentally store parameter-based data in a mental csv, I'm able to remember things FAR better. More accurately, in a mental struct.  
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