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Guest Melanie54

Not welcome home for Christmas

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Guest Melanie54

I just found out I am not welcome home for the holidays. Not because I am trans. My does not know I started HRT or anything else I've done.

I don't know what to feel. The tension has always been high between family but they have never been this cruel. I figured since I just started HRT a few days ago, that my emotions should be all over the place... but I'm just blank...

I dunno. I guess, I'm just gonna stare blankly at the tv for a while.


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Guest Krisina

Melanie I'm so sorry to hear that about not being invited home for Christmas and the family rift. Christmas although supposed to be a happy and joyous time of the year is also one of the hardest too. I hope you find some friends nearby to spend some time with during the holidays. Having not been hrt myself I can only guess it takes a while to kick in since it's a low dose? Everyone responds differently? Maybe some experienced with hrt folk could help here with what to expect. I do hope you have a good Christmas regardless of not being home for Christmas.

If you are ever feeling really down, come on over to the chat room which requires separate registration. There are crisis chat rooms too. Don't ever feel like you have to be alone during Christmas. There might not be people actually in your home physically but there are people who care here that you are okay and get through things, a bright future with love.

Big Hug


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Guest Elizabeth K

Are you sure? Sometimes we misunderstand what is said, or worse, what is NOT said. Please ask directly and let us know what happens.

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It isn't the same of course but there will be people here to talk to and who are facing the same situation for Christmas.

It's wrong of people to use this time of year to hurt and reject others. Sometimes we have to make new families of our own chosing and let the ones we were assigned at birth go. Otherwise they can make your life miserable.

You are not alone in this and if you are going to be alone that day why not volunteer somewhere? Like visiting at a nursing home or at a hospital-something-so you will be with others and feel good about yourself too.

I do understand. I once spent several years in my 20s without going home for Christmas after a family rift. In the end we did get close again.



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Guest Elena

Madison honey, I'm sooo sorry!

Best I can do is a big ((((((((((HUG)))))))) here and let you know if you need to talk or someone to cry with you can PM me. My skype is on my profile, just let me know so I can turn it on.

Lotsa love girl!



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Guest Melanie54

Eh, I guess I'm ok. I mean, that hurt a whole lot, but I will make it through this. I started moving forward and I am not going to let this slow me down. It was just so unexpected.

Elizabeth: I am very sure. "Don't bother coming home for Christmas" is pretty cut and clear.

To all of you here, thanks for all the support. ^_^ I know I can always stop in here and not be so alone.


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Guest Elizabeth K

Yes, that seems very direct. I might still check, to make sure things haven't changed.

I am spending Christmas with my family - and that is Dee Jay and Sally. Neither of them have anyone. My children will be in their own homes, two which are far far away. No one else in my family wants me - so that is just how it is. We transpeople lose so much and it is so foolish on everyone elses part. We are still the same people we always have been right?

I suppose there would be distant friends - or other people alone I could locate - and share a bit of Christmas. SUX really, I mean having family and all who are being such horse's behinds.

So many of us this time of year have this situation. I have no solutions for you exceptmatbe to say you are really never alone. I will do my best to be available on Laura's Playground these holidays, so look me up!


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I have been on HRT for two years ago, and have been full time for about 5 months now. If I am willing to cross dress as male, I will be welcome to be with my grandchildren, otherwise, I will not be. Who do I see every day? Who did I last see over a year ago?? Who will I see every day in the next year?? I will be very uncomfortable going as "him". They are young and resilient, I am old and easily dented. Decision pending.

The hormones can be a roller coaster even in your first month or two, but it will not be violent shifts of emotion, unless you are on some injectibles. Yesterday was "day 28" for me which made me pretty testy, but I have had several days of tears when I have tried to settle my mind on what is happening. My family is not intentionally cruel, but its a bunch of geniuses who have no knowledge, and think they know it all.

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Guest John Chiv


I am sorry. I have spent many holidays alone and it can be rough.

I don't know if I will be here on Christmas Day but I will try and stop by and check in atl east once. You won't be alone because other mods and members will be here.


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Guest Szenzie

Madison :) :) :) ::hugs::

Let's play a lot of TOR and chat during the holiday. (20th tomorrow!) I'm super free after Thursday but decently free even before. <3 It would be a waste for you to ever be truly alone - so you won't! You're too much fun to be around. ^_^

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Guest Jessica_Mowry

Sometimes you have to follow Sonny Bargers advice "Create your own Family" I try to invite some of the people I know to Xmas with my kinfolk as a way to help. I remember when I was alone on Xmas eve the year my mom died and after I started animal control and it was a horrible feeling so I wish I could do more but being unemployed and not knowing how to cook much less cook something that big. hopefully if things go well with the woman I love in the future we can host a big Yule feast and I can teach the community how to sumble as a way to strengthen community but I don't know

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    • TessaOKC
      Mine were painful for about eighteen months. Three years on hrt I can still function and have no pain at all. The fact you are in pain for a few days after is a red flag for me. Also, I have never read that estrogen or progesterone drops T levels. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this but I think you need to do some serious research. Best of luck....
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      That's great news Gwen   Tracy
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      Good luck Amanda.   I had a friend for many years. As I changed he became very touchy and, particuarly,  toward the middle of last year, very trans and homo phobic. I think it was his other friends. He had worried about how other people would react with him from the very beginning (in fact has always been concerned at anything which could taint him as unusual). To me it seems like insecurety, but the break came when his other friends started winding him up, saying that we were an item. He finally snapped and lost his temper ridiculing the clothes I wore.   At that point I decided I had had enough and could not put up with the abuse any longer. I walked and have heard nothing from him since.   Tracy
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      The little cars I have had had would be almost invisible next to these   I did like the look of a Dodge some time back, but totally impractical for me. Even the garage is too small for anything other than a car.   Lovely photo Charlize x  
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      i just got a chevy 3500  6.5 diesel. I some times randomly bring cars home, opps lol  Least now i can tow them.
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      https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/15/dozens-transgender-volunteers-seek-join-military-since-jan-1/1030185001/   Carolyn Marie
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      It's always wonderful when things go better than expected. Happy for you   ~ ZD/Rikki ~
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      My current truck is a 14 Chevy Silverado crewcab 4wd that I love. Many adventures ahead!
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      Great news. It's nice to have things turn out better than you expected. 
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