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Moments you can feel the love --

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This past Saturday I had the chance to go to a special celebration at an Episcopal Church parish a few miles from my own. The actual church was All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena CA which 20 years ago had made national headlines by conducting a public blessing of a Covenant Of Partnership for two gay men. The church itself is very beautiful and about 8 times larger in size than my own is. I forget what the maximum occupancy on the door said, but it was close to four figures. On the day twenty years before, the blessing ceremony had packed the church and it had taken on almost an royal wedding air. The sidewalks outside had been another sight, with picket signs that announce the honeymoon destination was a literal hell, not only for the two men, but everyone who entered the church. The picketers were there for months.

Saturday, there were about 200 or so people there. I was the only TS there I think, but I was very warmly welcomed and felt very much a part of the celebration. Bishop Gene Robinson who is openly gay, and whose own election as the Bishop Of New Hampshire a number of years ago lead to death threats, and international concern was the guest of honor, and Bishop M. Glasspool from Los Angeles who is lesbian was also there with her partner. Bp. Robinson in his opening comments to the group (which was about 45% gay, 45% lesbian <1% trans and the rest family members of the G&L folks) actually mentioned including Transgender people in future actions by the church in a way that was NOT token, he meant it!! I was actually able to talk to him myself for a few minutes after his talk to the group, and I was made to feel VERY good about being who I am. A point that was made later was that the closet door, and not the religious right, is what separates any of the GLBT people from the full love of Christ and God. I was told by several people that Trans people do still confuse even our allies by our inability to even agree about who we are in order to communicate with them. I am real to them, and they can support me and love me, but as a group we are elusive. A point I am well aware of. Since my own parish is too small to have a GLBT group I was invited to join the one there at All Saints, and I will be e-mailing them to get myself added to their list. On the way out of our final Eucharist service, I also got to speak to Bp. Glasspool, who is one of my own bishops, and while she and I had met briefly once before, she had known about my coming out in my parish and had wanted to more fully meet me some day. Oh wow!!

On the way home, the words of a song I have come to associate with the GLBT Christians I know was going through my head .

“I the Lord of sea and sky ….who shall I send? Here am I Lord, is it I Lord?, I have heard you calling in the night. I will go Lord if you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart….”

I get the feeling I have a job ahead of me somewhere in this, and stealth is not going to do the job. I am a transsexual Christian, it needs to be seen, we need to be seen, its not what I want really, but.... there will be love along the way!!

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Guest harvester52

I had a similar experience last weekend at my ordination. Bishops and priests from several different denominations attended, and laid hands on me. A few even asked me for my blessing after the ceremony. It was incredible to feel the love of Christ from so many people. Long story short -- God's love is limitless, incessant, and abundant! Take it in as much as you can, and share it with as many as you can.

Your Brother in Christ,

Fr. BC

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Michelle 2010

Beautiful story Vicky and wonderful sharing on God's love Harvester.


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Guest Lacey Lynne

Just BEAUTIFUL, Vicky !!!

Peace :friends: Lacey

Joy to You!

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Guest Gregg Jameson

Hi Vicky,

Thanks so very much for sharing this with us!

I had read this last evening and was running late, so could not comment. I'd returned tonight in order to thank you.

There is such tremendous insight and love in your post! Such beauty!

I imagine there is a job ahead for you in this! You are the perfect candidate!

It's a joy to feel your joy on this topic!

Truly beautiful!


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Looks like the Lord is showing you which direction to go into.

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Guest ValerieM

I am so happy for you. I have not yet built the courage to be open about my real self yet. I go to church with shaved legs and nails polished with shorts and sandles - and no one seems to notice or care, but I am still so afraid to be me and rejected. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Vicky, I really enjoyed reading your post, it lifted me up.

It's so sad, that people are under the wrong impression of Trans people. They perceive us as all heathens and on a fast road to you know where. They think and say that we can not possibly be Christians because Jesus would not approve of us. But, they are so wrong in their stinkin' thinkin'. There are many of us who are Christians and it has nothing to do with our gender or sex. It is the way that God chose to make us. And, only when we give into the Masters Will, will be become happy and have a chance to live a good life.

All I can say to your post is Amen sister Vicky.


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      Yes, this was an uplifting video.   Jani
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        This is something that is most disturbing to me that the GOP would contravene this "contract" we have had for over 200 years.  No good will come of this.     Jani
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      Hi Alex,  I only just got here myself, but the help and love here is amazing... squishy hug, Jae
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      https://www.today.com/parents/transgender-kids-t123436   This is a wonderful mini series of The Today Show and shows parents dealing with their Trans kids in positive ways.  I several families of Trans children that I have met IRL and would love to meet the parents and children in these vignettes as well.
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      Funny you should mention that, @Shiratori.  We put Discord through its paces and found that it doesn't have a couple of key features we really need.
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      Thank you Cynthia! The time in between will be spent saving money so I can have more then 2 days off work. The summer on Granville island for buskers should prove quite rewarding and my day job shows no signs of slowing down cash wise. i will just put my trust in the process and kee connecting on this forum and at the AA meetings I attend. i guess the big one will be when I am approved for cosmetic vulvaplasty and whether or not I will be able to go thru with that.  Regardless I have been moving along with the approval requirements of that and regardless it has been most liberating.  cheers Rachel
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      The road to surgery is a long and complicated matter, so personal.   I hope your outcome is pleasing Rachel.   Best   Cynthia -
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      I snickered this morning reading Kenna's comments   Go Vicky, such fun !   C -
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