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How Should A Christian Act?

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I recently sent a friend request on Facebook to an old friend and former business partner, not too unusual if not for the fact that she had cheated me out of my half of the business and then sold it.

The question that I was asked was why would I friend someone who had cheated me?

The answer is quite simple, a Christian is supposed to forgive and so I have, long ago.

I can be her friend because she was always a good friend but a lousy business partner, she had never done anything to hurt me and had always been on my side whenever I needed her help - money was all that she took from me and money has very little meaning to me, all I ever have is barely enough to get by but then it is enough to get by.

It is not my place to judge her, I will never get involved with her in a business deal or loan her any money - I have learned that lesson but holding a grudge does not hurt her, only me.

I am not over run with friends, living in a new city where I spent the first year working in male mode so I only started making new friends last September and this seems like a bad time to be throwing away any friends.

Do not lock people out of your life over monetary affairs, it is rather trivial - we can forgive, we do not have to forget but holding a grudge just hurts you, they never even know.

Love ya,


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"How should a Christian act?"

Like CHRIST....period...

Anything less is merely human error...Svenna

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I've been wrestling with a thought that I was having a difficult time expressing, so thank you, Sally, your example allowed me to think it through.

Here it is - the commandment is not 'Love thy neighbor' it's 'Love thy neighbor as thyself'. Next time you meet a so-called Christian who expresses anything but love for some part of society, console that person with the response, 'You must really hate yourself so much to hate those people like you do. I'll pray for your turning from hating yourself to loving yourself so that you can express that love to others, as Jesus commanded us to do.' I'll be trying to do that in the future and if anyone else tries, I'd be interested to know what the reaction is.



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Another phrase for like Christ for me is "With Love" Universal love for fellow humans. Just as HE taught.

The rest is contradicted in the different gospels but not that. Because it was the message.


So simple and beautiful


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I can follow "love one another." I can forgive and love someone who has wronged me, but I don't want them as a friend. The Creator gave me a brain, so why re-friend someone that could cheat me again? I mean if they come to me and ask my forgiveness, and ask for a second chance, that is one thing. But for me to seek someone out and friend them without working through - and settling all the past issues is questionable wisdom.

This is a protected forum and I would never attack anyones beliefs. I have always been a student of Christ's teachings. I just say I approach my Christianity with an open mind and disregard dogma.

I am Uniterian Universalist. I love the teachings of Christ, but also of all the other devinely inspired Prophets that have come into the world. So much Christianity as a religion is warped from the original, as it is practiced today, at least with my experiences. Not all self-defined Christuians are bad, but they have to look past the dogma and also be ethical in their living to make it work. In other words - follow what the Creator tells you in your heart, not whatsome priest, minister, preacher, or so called layperson interpets from the Creator, the Bible, or their own opinions.

Instead of saying it's Christian to forgive, I would like to say it is following the teachings of Christ to forgive.

Where did all that come from? Some would claim I have an "unforgiving spirit." I would rather define it as a sense of ethics and rational living (principals of the Uniterian Universalist Church of which I subscribe) - fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


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Heard in my own home for many years --

"Don't you trust me daddy??" "I do trust you, but its what I trust you to do that causes the problem! But I love you anyway!!"


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Hmmm I have always been a firm beliver in giving everyone the benifit of the doubt. But still live by the screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me. I am sorry but anyone who values money so much that they are willing to step on a friends toes to get it well they are a bad person. I have given up many chances to have a better life financially but refused to do so at the cost of others. Myself its better for me to live poor and have a clean conscience then to be rich and have hurt others along the way. Forgiving someone just means you no longer hold there misdeads in your mind and heart. Forgiving never means setting yourself up for future possible failure. No way would I ever aline myself with someone I knew I could not trust.Love the person hate the dead is a good way to live. Sad things is many are such slaves to thier deads thats who they become.I have always enjoyed this fraze..A buddy/associate may bail you out of jail but a true friend will be there with you saying darn that was fun....Basicaly saying a true friend( super rare) will be there for you regaurdless the cost a buddy/associate will not. These are just my opions but I truely feel they speak the truth..

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