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Guest AshleyCA

Following in Dads footsteps

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Guest KristaCA

Since I can remember I knew I was not a boy. I started to crossdress when I was 10. I would play sick to stay home and dress when I was in middle school. I got caught by mother when I was in the 10th grade when she came home on a day I skip class. I then stopped. Then in my senior in high school my father announced to the family that he was a transsexual. This was a shock to me. I had just start to come out as gay. I retracted the path because of my Dad. My parents then got a divorce. I was 18 at the time it was final. On the final day of high school, my mother moved us to Ohio to flee my father.

Then life got hard. I was in Ohio to goto Ohio State my grandmother aranged it. Ops her program was for accounting and business course work. I was tring to be a Chemical Enginer. So to the comunity college. I discover my career choice to go into Computers.

I was getting depressed and missing my dad. After about 1 year, she moved to Ohio to get work that did not know her past. I moved in with her and returned to crossdressing. I went out in the public for the first time. This is when my dad's boyfriend figured my out. This caused me to suppress the me again. Life returned to "normal". I was always looking for a time to be me.

After my dad returned to Texas for a better job, that would return me to live with mom. That lasted about 6 months. I convinced mom to move to Texas so I could be closer to dad. I was in Texas for five years and crossdressing when ever I could.

In 1998 my uncle offered me a job that would pay 3 times what i was making in Texas. Ops that would be if the business succeeded, which it did not. During the time that we were working in growing the company. Another mistake, I got married, There was no love there. I just wanted to married to stay "normal". That last 2 job losses, a year of unemployment, 3 jobs, fatherhood and 11 years.

That is when I decided to return to ME. Start seeing a therapist for ADHD and through the sessions I discover who I am.

Now the Journey has begun


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Guest Shari

Hi Krista,

Are you still in touch with both your parents? Do they accept you?

It's been a tough road for you but it sounds like you're on your way. Life is grand when we can be ourselves.



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Guest KristaCA

Yes I am in contact with both, but have not told them. My "dad" will support me but not sure Mom will.

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Guest SaleneAlexis

It is awesome that your "dad" came out. You two can rely on each other for support, and of course you have us.



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