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My Tai Chi Experience

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What a wonderful experience! I did not want it to end. The class was held in the Bhudda room (I could feel the power there) and there were about 12 of us, half of us being there the first time. Everyone was friendly and I was accepted like everyone else.

This was not a martial arts class. It dealt with slow movements designed to release the Chi. It lasted about an hour and by the end I was totally calm and relaxed. I'm usually a little aggressive when driving, but tonight I was not in a hurry at all. No tension whatsoever. On my way home I stopped to pick up a script and forgot my wallet. It didn't phase me in the slightest. Unbelievable! This is a feeling I could get used to, and I definitely will be going back next week.



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Guest GinaInside

Hi Jennifer,

Focusing Chi/Qi/Prana is really pretty easy. I read about it when I was young, but was skeptical.

The human body is an elctro-chemical system, like a battery. Which also happens to be connected to the powersource of Creation, and is measurable by scientific means.

I learned to focus Chi after years of trying, finding it one night quite by accident. I have used "Chi Scan" for many years now to help manage the pain associated with old injuries. I will try to describe how to begin to focus and move Chi.

1) Seat yourself comfortably, in an area that is not breezy, or has any noticable flowing air. This is critical for feeling Chi for the first couple times.

2) Relax, take as many deep breaths as neccessary to calm, and de-stress yourself.

3) With your arms comfortably resting by your side, your forearms, and hands resting on your lap, or legs.

4) Bring your forearms up, palms facing inwards to each other, about shoulder-width apart.

5) Focus your attention on your palms.

6) Very slowly, bring your palms towards each other, but do not touch your hands together.

7) You will begin to feel almost a breezy pressure between your hands. After you get the hang of what you are trying to feel, and you gather energy, it will feel like holding a baloon between your hands and pressing it. (this is why you want to be in an area that is not breezy)

8) Bring your hands together, not touching, then move them apart. You should feel the expansion of the Chi.

9) As you get a feel for the Chi Ball, the next step, is to breath in Chi, and focus it to the Chi Ball. This is the focus of Tai Chi, and what the practicioner is doing with thier hands in front of them.

10) The next step is to learn to move the Chi Ball through your body, known as "scanning". This is an aid to healing, and you can literally place the Chi Ball on an injury, or ill spot on your body.

11) Then you learn to focus the Chi to specific points in the body, and "breath in Chi" to those points.

12) You can also feel your Chi, by placing the plam of your hand a few inches above your arm, slowly closing the distance until you feel the "warmth", or pressure. You are now feeling your electro-chemical field, or Aura.

13) After you learn to focus Chi, and move it through the body, you may want to consider working on your Chakras.

14) Then comes Kundalini, talk about a rush!

I hope this helps. Good luck.


Gina Renee

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Guest Juniper Blue

Beautiful Jenny!

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Guest Gregg Jameson

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for sharing about your experience!

I have also found Tai Chi very relaxing, very centering, very grounding!

I hope to hear more about your fun with Tai Chi! :D

Gina, Fantastic instructions for finding/feeling Chi! Thanks so much! :D

Oh, and yes, activating kundalini can be quite an experience! I was lucky enough to have had people around me, advising me to gently activate kundalini and to hold great respect for kundalini. This has made my experience much more safe and enjoyable.

Thanks Again,


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Guest Jaques

Hello Jennifer, Tai chi's a wonderful way to relax and allow energy to flow through your body, ive been practicing Reiki since l998 and 2 years ago started to practice Chi gung which i find enormously helpful.

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      This is a decent book.  I bought the paperback version some time ago.  They referenced a companion audio file that could be downloaded that demonstrated the exercises, etc.  Unfortunately I cannot find it.  
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      Thank you! I just want to let you know that I prefer to go by Dillon, but my parents said that I am not allowed to make that my first name. (and the name Dillon B had already been taken)   Yours Truly,  Dillon B.  
    • Belle
      Shawna and Laura,   I'm reading through a Kindle book called The Voice Book for Trans and Non-Binary People. It has good reviews and it has been helpful so far. It doesn't have an Audible version so you would have to read it rather than listen to it. But it has lessons you could learn while reading and then practice while you're driving.   I have also watched a number of YouTube videos that have been helpful. There are several sisters who I can't believe they aren't cis, so I steer away from any others.   If I find a good source for lessons that can be done while driving I will post here.   Love and Hugs 💋 Belle  
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    • Belle
      Same to you Shawna! And I'm sorry I've been misspelling your name. I had read one of your earlier posts where you said you had tried to put Shawn as your name but it wouldn't let you, so I was trying to respect that. I wasn't paying enough attention to your signature in your replies!    Love,  Belle ❤️
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I had downloaded an iPhone app call VoiceUp and it seemed to be helping.  The analyzer gave me fairly good numbers well into the female range with very little male range recorded. Just after a short while too. Though to me I still sound male.   I realize the range of a cis women can vary fairly low in pitch to very high.  But still.  To me I still sound male.  I hate it.   At best I may sound like a gay male.  Which is a beginning I suppose.   I plan to seek out a voice trainer in my area if I can get it covered under insurance.  Fingers crossed.  
    • Belle
      Tally, I'm so happy that you're finally making it to the endocrinologist! I want to start HRT so much! A while ago I actually started on some herb cream that was causing changes very quickly. I was ecstatic but soon realized I had to slow down for safety but also because at some point in the not so distant future my wife would figure it out. That's when I came out to her and she insisted I stop. My dysphoria skyrocketed.   If you're comfortable with it please share as your body begins to align with your true self.   Belle  <3
    • ShawnaLeigh
      We may of been born and even lived a huge amount of time in our male shells but inside we are women.  Something we are trying slowly to bring out and bloom.   This is how I know you.  Read you.  I am glad to of met you here and hope to hear and read more from you.   lot of love Shawna.  
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      This is the best time of the year to browse through the female side of Wally World, and buy frilly things with lots of straps. "My wife/gf/mistress told me she wants a new _____ for Christmas." If it doesn't fit, "surprize her" by exchanging yourself after Christmas for a better size. Realistically, they're too busy to care about anything except getting off ... er, work that is, not the other.
    • EliAvery
      Welcome, Andrew. 
    • Laura76
      Hi ShawnaLeigh,    Has there been any further response to your question? Did you get the EVA MTF for the iphone? I too am working on my voice, since I sound VERY male, and am still in transition.   Thank  you, Laura76
    • A. Dillon
      You have no idea how much I feel this. For years, I would literally tell myself that I should have been a boy, that I was just waiting for the testosterone to kick in, everything like that, but totally dismissed the idea that I was trans. It was (and still kinda is) confusing, but eventually I learned to just do what made me the happiest, which I now know is rocking a man's jeans, a man's haircut, and a man's name.
    • Belle
      I'm just so used to getting a reaction from females as if I'm a guy. I'm overly sensitive to the idea that something I have said was taken wrong. It has happened so many times with varying reactions.    🤗
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