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Case of the missing poll

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I didn't really know who to turn to, to ask about this so I made it a topic.

I made a poll a couple days back, I was very careful to consider all of the Rules & Reg. I was very careful not to be biased, and I put a lot of thought into my choices. I was curious to see how people viewed themselves, with more depth than just "40% male 60% Female" etc. I worded it in a way that gave people the options that divided the body instead. I think it may be a bit more accurate.

I know everything needs to go through moderation and approval, so I sat patiently. "A watched pot never boils" constantly ran through my head as I refrained from the refresh button. I put it out of my mind for almost a week, but now I just have to wonder about the poll. Did I get rejected? Did I accidentally press delete instead of post?



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I'm afraid I can't find it anywhere. If you posted it during one of our "slow downs" it might not have come through.


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:( If okay, I will try my best to recreate it.

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Go for it. :)

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