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Do you dream you're beautiful?

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Guest Juniper Blue

I have had to think about this one Autumn ... I have only once seen myself in a dream In my dreams, I can see everything around me but i never see myself .... I was 13 when I had this dream and in my dream I was a 13 year old boy ... It is kind of cheesy but .... I was running through a cloud forest ... I had long brown hair and I was very slender and agile... I was my my actual height .. about 5'4. My skin was tan. I was barefoot and not wearing a shirt. I was running very fast ... very powerfully and joyfully. I was confident and completely unafraid ...

I had been a cross country runner at that time in my life ... and I have had times when I felt like this while running but this time, my body matched how I felt ... I remember waking up feeling very moved by this dream. I still remember it quite vividly... and yes, I was "beautiful"... lol.

Great Thread Autumn!

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Guest Stormrider2112

I tend to dream that I'm on stage playing in a band, and everything is perfect (and it's too dark to see myself!)...I already have my perfect guitar, so just waiting for myself to catch up! (Oh, and write some new music...last song I wrote was in 2003...working on writing lyrics [my weak spot] about this whole little thing I've got going on, you know...life! Of course, going to be some epic speed/power metal, too!)

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Guest rikkicd64

Hmmm . Never have I had a dream seeing myself as beautiful ever.Am just content having dreams that I am female in. I am a realist by nature and know while my personality/demenor might be very good my outside face and body are bordering on hideous. I am ok with this not everyone was ment to be goodlooking. I am seen as female by pretty much everyone I meet so this is all that matters to me. Would rather be an ugly woman then a good looking guy. Not sure why so many trans people seem to think they need to be some kind of beauty queen. Seriuosly if you are pressenting your target gender and people are excepting this get over the beauty queen ideal. If you are called maam , miss, ect you have already won the grand prize be happy with it. Just my opion....

Megan, you are so right on, I'm 65 and know my looks are terrible, but I still consider myself as a lady and like you said, to be called maam makes my day.And another thought, I feel beautiful inside and despite all the wrinkles, I even like to look at myself in the mirror.And like me Megan,you are beautiful!

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Guest kimberly c

Hi, I always dream about being a beautiful woman, having the perfect feminine shape and dressing in the most

beautiful lingerie and clothes.

Love Kim

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Guest Daiyu Hurst

Do you dream you're beautiful.

It hasn't happened yet. In most of my dreams, I'm not even a participant, just a nameless, genderless observer of events. On the rare occasion otherwise, like where I'm fussing with clothing, they're women's clothes; or needing to go to the bathroom, it'll be the ladies room. If someone calls out my name, it's my chosen (now legal) female name. The most recurring themes in my dreams revolve around places I went to school, or worked, and frequently feature my former cow-orkers.

But for what it's worth, Autumn, you are beautiful!

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Guest Holly S

The night before last, I dreamt that I was a GG, and was wearing a bridesmaid dress. I was with my mum, who was helping me with my hair or something. Just mother and daughter, bonding. I can work out what my counciousness is trying to tell me, but the rational part of my brain is saying the opposite. Waking up from the dream, all I wanted to do was close my eyes and dream again. Why can't I just dream all day? I'd be so much happier.



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Guest composercookie

nah, i love how i look. Idc what ppl think about me. I do dream that i was a genetic girl, a real girl, but in that dream, i look like myself, with long hair.

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Guest Mayrah

Everytime i dream, im always a beautiful women. I do get the feeling that the majority of the time its my vision of what i would look like if i were born female.

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