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Guest Nova Maria

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Guest Nova Maria

Hey ya'll! I've been *MIA* for a couple months, I know. What can I say? I've been busy with my glamorous and exciting life! (By which I mean that I've been putting in extra hours of bookkeeping, obviously :D).

So, I'm going to have my forehead and mandible contouring, and I'm debating on which surgeon I should go with. My 1st choice would be Osterhout, obviously, because he is the authority on Facial Feminization and has been doing it since before I was born. The problem is that his services are nauseatingly expensive. Obviously, facial feminization is never cheap, but wow! So I'm debating whether I should bite the bullet in exchange for the best service.

My second choice is Spiegel. He's much younger and has fewer years of experience, but he's clearly very intelligent and talented.

My third choice is Murphy. The main reason I'm considering him is that his office is about 45 minutes from where I live. Not having to jump on a plane halfway across the United States to have my bones cut up would be a definite plus.

So....has anyone here had surgery with any of these gentlemen? Or have friends who had surgery with any of them? I'm curious about your experiences, whether or not you would recommend your surgeon, etc. Thanks!!!!

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Guest Leah1026

I saw Dr O way back in 2005. The main advantages are his experience and the Cocoon House recovery facility. I also liked his surgical philosophy. What I mean by that is his whole approach to surgery. Instead of just making wholesale changes for the heck of it, he studies your face and concentrates on reducing the male markers in it. By doing so your face naturally looks more like it should have (female). But as you mentioned he is not cheap. That said I thought it was money very well spent.

Dr Spiegel is his heir apparent as far as being the top FFS surgeon. He uses newer techniques and because he is affiliated with a teaching hospital he is cheaper. Also Dr Spiegel has now been doing FFS for about 8 years or so now. So although he wasn't experienced enough for me back in '05, he's got plenty now. Which is a shame as Dr Spiegel is basically right in my backyard. Oh well, I can't complain as I'm quite happy with my results.

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