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Guest Alexx21

mental health

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Guest Alexx21

Unsure where to post this as it has to do with mental health but not depression

The last week or so my husband been saying that i am very paranoid and i have had to see the crisis team because am so bad with it ...the dr has uped my medication and i have to see a psych on the 29th of feb

I dont feel there is anything wrong really only thing that bothering me is the spies that are after me and they are wanting to take my soul away and my husband

they been poisoning the water so am not drinking it they have also done something to the food ...but am unsure what they have done to it everything tastes funny...

Had the mental health team round today and they think i should try and go out more even though i have social anxiety

unsure what to really do for the best

i just thought i should up date you all ...

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Hello Alex,

I'm not there physically with you so I can't actually tell if anyone is after you. Water companies regularly put chemicals in water supplies to kill bacteria so that could account for the funny taste. It's nothing that would hurt you. Did the mental health team have any other suggestions for you? Is there any way you could get your therapists appointment moved up to an earlier date? Perhaps that would help put your mind at ease. In any case, just know that we're here for you,

MaryEllen :)

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Hi Alexx,

So sorry things are so hard and scary for you right now. But from what you have said I can tell your husband cares a lot for you and so what you fear must not be working. If the mental health people thought it was they would have seen you sooner. Maybe those you fear are just trying to scare you and keep you from eating and drinking?

I am glad your husband is there for you .

Many of us also have social anxiety disorder and that does make it hard to get out. Can you maybe just try doing something small first like taking a walk -did the team have any suggestions about how and when to get out? Could you go for a drive with your husband? Then he could handle the social interaction.

Thanks for the update. We are here for you


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Guest Maria_B

Hey there Alexx.

Water can taste funny if you're getting the supply from a largely populated river due to chemicals to make it drinkable. They are safe chemicals meant to help you, but they will make the water taste funny. The Murray in Aus spans many cities, and the ones at the bottom have very funny tasting water because of the usage the river gets. Food will taste weird too if you don't drink enough water or have enough (or too much) sodium, so if you've not been drinking then it'll probably taste off.

I can't say whether people are following you, but your husband and the team are there to keep you safe, your husband sounds like he really cares too. Remember, no one can take your soul unless you give them permission too, there is no way to trap a soul. That soul is yours. Final and comlpletely.

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Guest Alexx21

The mental health team gave me some idea of places i could go with my husband one of them is a hearing voices group and another place that dose courses for those with mental health problems i have info on the courses place but not on the hearing voices thing they are going to send me out some info about it

There is also two groups that i can go to that i have been to before one of them is a lgbt group on a monday from 5 to8 pm and the other is a mental health group in a church on a tuesday from 10 am til 12 pm .

But am really nervous around people at the moment because the voices and thoughts are telling me to hit people my dr knows about it and i havent done anything like that but this thing with wanting to hit people has been going on for a long time

I am eating and drinking fine at the moment i still need to eat and drink even if it makes me ill

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I am so glad to hear you are eating and drinking again.

Trust your mental health people to know that it will be okay for you to be in those groups. I know it's hard but they really do have your best interest and the safety of everyone in mind so I am sure they wouldn't have you there if they thought you were a danger to anyone.

I am also very glad you are getting help and wish you the very best


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Guest Amethyst_Redemption

If your body chemistry is out or wack, you don't drink enough water, don't eat enough, or really do much of anything the taste in your mouth is going to change and how you preceive tastes and smells is going to change.

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Guest Juniper Blue

Dear Alex,

Keep reaching out. Keep crisis numbers posted into your phone and make sure that friends check in on you often. If possible, see if you can be with your friends ... even if it is just to hang out on their couch. If you like animals .. a dog (or cat) may be good company as well and maybe walking a dog or just having a dog around will help you to feel a little better. A friend may let you "dog sit". I hope that you can get your appointment as soon as possible to help ease the anxiety.

Best to You,


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Guest Alexx21

i dont have any friends ...i kinda keep myself to myself really the only person i talk to about things is my husband

Was oing to go to the LGBT group tonight but i dont feel that up to it today

the spies are still there watching and waiting

taking my medication everyday like am meant to and taking extra when the dr tells me to take them

i see my dr on the 24th and my psych on the 29th so hopefully it goes ok

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Alexx-we care. We hear you and hope that things get better for you. This is a hard struggle and I admire that you can reach out for the help it takes to get through it


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Guest Jenny C

One can have some aggression thoughts toward others when there not free to be themselves and when in the past they have been really suppressed or treated bad...

It is like if a part of oneself wants to defend itself... To defend itself of thinking it's not ok... Of being somehow victimized or criticized .

But these are only thoughts...

It's ok to have such thoughts sometimes...

They are not actions... Only thoughts... Sometime, just to accept them and let them flow is enough... 'cause you are not these thoughts and they come for a reason...

Sometime to tell you to give yourself a break and not to be harsh with yourself...

I know it is difficult understanding it when we are living it... So, it's important to get help. The psych will help you...

Give yourself some time and do not forget that you are not these thoughts, do not believe them. They are just an expression of an emotion that's need to flow...



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Guest Alexx21

Sorry i havent replyed until now the spies are still here but there is also people that are trying to get the spies away from me there names are keira ,Sophie and Isabel they police the dimentional gate way that the spies come through ...but there is also 2 people that are on the spies side thats ruby and william they both are trying to bring there master hex to rise up and start a war between the other dimensions a war witch battle ground will be earth

i and keira ,Sophie and Isabel have to stop them.

i have felt suicidal for a few days but am ok now

got my psych on the 29th so see how that goes

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      Mine were painful for about eighteen months. Three years on hrt I can still function and have no pain at all. The fact you are in pain for a few days after is a red flag for me. Also, I have never read that estrogen or progesterone drops T levels. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this but I think you need to do some serious research. Best of luck....
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      That's great news Gwen   Tracy
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      Good luck Amanda.   I had a friend for many years. As I changed he became very touchy and, particuarly,  toward the middle of last year, very trans and homo phobic. I think it was his other friends. He had worried about how other people would react with him from the very beginning (in fact has always been concerned at anything which could taint him as unusual). To me it seems like insecurety, but the break came when his other friends started winding him up, saying that we were an item. He finally snapped and lost his temper ridiculing the clothes I wore.   At that point I decided I had had enough and could not put up with the abuse any longer. I walked and have heard nothing from him since.   Tracy
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      It's always wonderful when things go better than expected. Happy for you   ~ ZD/Rikki ~
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      Great news. It's nice to have things turn out better than you expected. 
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