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    • jae bear
      Diet!!! Exercise!!! I thought we weren't supposed to swear on the forum!?   Well, it's a swear word to me at least, I'm chubby and proud... I've been under the weather for a few weeks and have not been able to handle any food for the last 8 days, just a single top ramen with a pinch of the chicken flavor at best each day. This for me is nearly a sin (I love to eat!) and I've already dropped 10 pounds and counting, this by the way is NOT recommended, it is super unhealthy. I can't wait to eat again, I fantasize and dream about food! Hot dogs and mac&cheese, chocolate cake and some ice cream, maybe a dozen crispy cream donuts to feed my inner piggy.... OH I WANT TO EAT! My coworkers are sick of my whining, they all got better and eat normal again, if I see one more cubicle dweller munching a hot pocket I'm going home! From all the stories around work and from family I have another week to go before My tummy will  work again, it's like torture! I hate that my girls are not as fluffy under my shirt like they were before, I can't wait to feed my curves some chocolate cake when I feel better. I am hoping the upside to my unintentional diet will be loosing some boy fat and gaining some girl curves! Big squishy hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Hi Brandi,  I only came out to her about the cross dressing, I have yet to drop the girl and hormone part... That's gonna take a while and some counseling before it happens- As I've said before, "if she screams, accuses me of being a cross-dresser and tells me to get out, I'll just pack up her things and go"   (not really, I'd beg at her feet on my hands and knees and lie my tail off)   squishy hugs, Jae  
    • Spyke01
      Hi.  This is my first day here.  I have a 15 (almost 16) year old teenager, he was born a female and now is trans to boy. This was only brought to our attention 2 years ago.  My teen (we will call him David) had alway been very feminine acting, loved wearing dresses and playing with dolls.  Around the latter part of middle school it started to change.  He cut his hair short in 8th grade, then the summer before 9th grade, he told us he's like to become a boy.  We are very open minded and accepting parents.  So we were ok with it, and supportive.  Told him we'd always love him no matter what.  He seems to still like boys.  But my major question in my mind - this week - is when should we allow him to start on T hormones, and let him do his top surgery.  He wants to do top surgery right away.  We told him he needs to wait until senior year.  My "other" son, who is a year and a half older than him supports him 100%, and started a Fundme campaign for him to get top surgery.  He challenges me all the time on why we are making him wait.  I told him, insurance won't cover any of it until he's 18 (I think).  But the other reason is that I really want to make sure he is 100% SURE before he does anything. Just looking for discussion.  Thanks!
    • Hey, it's Alex!
      Hey Jae Bear, That sounds like a great idea! It's always good to practice and then practice some more. Those books can be a bit difficult sometimes, but the usually are for different levels of artists. Keep drawing. ~Alex
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Hello All:   Thank you for the advice.  I know that I go back and see my doctor in March and will need to get labs done a week before so we can go over the results.   I have notice an itching around my breast and thought it was because of me wearing my breast forms.  Also I have notice that I did have a slight pain where it felt like it was on the bones, but when I put my breast on, the pain almost went away and felt comfortable.   Thank You   Amy
    • BrandiBri
      My heart goes out to you, Jae. It's pure h___ if your spouse won't support you. I know from experience, my wife would have no part of it and demanded that I not dress that way, so I had to dress behind her back. That's hard emotionally and I completely understand how you feel. I guess I could have been the one to write that poem as it's my story as well. You nailed it!   Love, Brandi
    • jae bear
      Hi Alex,  I got out my daughters 'how to draw furries' book last night and realized it is for serious artists, not beginners... I think the author was just trying to show off a little. I am just going to keep knocking out the same little body form and bunny body overlay until I can do it from memory, I try to draw one every night if I can, just to keep that pencil moving. I might have to explore more digital methods, but I would really just use that to color in the pencil sketch anyway... Hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Errrggggg.... I am so jelly of you dang it!!! can't get it out of my mind! tight sqeezey hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Well Brandi, everyone knows Nebraska girls totally rock! Hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Hey again Terry,  I almost forgot why I started to reply! I love Lilac too! You should take a peek at my terrible poem 'Bears and Bunnys' there's a lilac reference there that really gets to the core of me... Big squishy hug, Jae
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