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Guest broken doll

Binding Question

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Guest broken doll

Not sure if I should put this here, but I'unno, I'll give it a shot. Sorry if it's in the wrong place.

This maybe kinda complicated - sorry.

I have DID (Multiple Personality Disorder) and one of us is FTM. There are also several of us who are genderfluid/andro etc. Anyway, a few of us would like to bind when we're out & in control of the body. It wouldn't be all the time as some of are still very girly and that's fine too.

This body was cursed blessed with 38F breasticles and they drive us insane quite often. Is it even possible to ever convincingly present flat chested with such massive airbags (without crushing ribs and a lung?).

Would appreciate some advice or thoughts :)

Thanks guys

Doll & Ky

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Guest Luna Selene

Hey broken doll!

I know there is already a thread here, but it only has three responses and one of them is a link to another couple threads on the site. Hope it helps!


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That's a hard question! I was really quite developed pre T and found the FTM bathing suit top from Underworks worked best. Actually still does though I have between an A and B cup after massive weight loss on T.

Yesterday I found a new binder on ebay for about $30 less than the zipper binders usually run-do a search under breast binder. I found anything except a zipper front results in the dreaded uniboob especially when well endowed and I have a wide upper rib cage.

I did find the velcro and zipper closing binders worked much better than solid because the solid are too hard to get on when you are well endowed in my opinion and don't tend to be as adjustable to stay in place.


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Guest broken doll

Thanks for the links, Luna.

I can't tell you how badly we'd love to be an A cup. Stupid body. :thumbdown: We'll definitely look into those tho and have a browse of 't internet. thank you Johnny

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Guest Refusing to choose

Thanks, I was interested in knowing too.

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