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How you meet?

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I was talking to my girlfriend the other day about this. We meet at a work social night but hadn't. Really known each other.

I was open and honest to her about Transition right from the beginning. She admitted to me when I said I was thinking about transition she thought I was MTF but I'm not I'm FTM.

I find this interesting as it proves I was passing a little before I even thought about it.

What are other peoples experiences?

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I met my fiancée on a fetish website. She declared she was MtF but was so cute I had to say hello.

I got no reply, the she said in a new post she wanted to meet someone and I replied.

Thankfully this time she got in contact with me and we got on well from early on.

On third date went to a barbecue her parents were hosting and introduced as the boyfriend. Well, what could I say.

We are now at 5 months into relationship and planning wedding for 2014.

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I first met my SO over a decade ago when we were at college. At the time my SO was a 'goth' and wore more make up than me! We lost contact, but found each other again 4 years ago. We dated, my SO proposed, then we got married 7 months ago. I had no idea of anything until a little under a week ago. I consider my SO to be my soulmate so I sure hope we will grow old together and get through the rough times.

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