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Making Your Own STP/Packer

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Those things are so expensive! Some of us are comfortable without them-some need them to feel natural. I need an STP because of hiking and to feel comfortable using a men's bathroom. Especially at first because I knew if someone was confused they might check if I was standing. A plain STP without a packer just seemed yucky and unnatural. Created dysphoria.

So I had to make my own. You can end up with a pretty good one for around $25 including shipping if you shop carefully. Actually making it is really easy.

First I think the Mr Limpy works fine. I like the short. I'm not a big guy and don't want to draw attention-just look natural. I did order a new packer just out -listed as an artificial penis on ebay-all lengths but I got the 4" for the same reason as I gave above.The initial color is more natural, but I find it is almost too soft and is bigger in diameter than the Mr Limpy and is $10 more. In spite of cornstarch it is also stickier. On ebay the Mr Limpy is under $15 with free shipping. It's in the adult only section though.

You will need medical rubber tubing-the 1/8th inch wall is too thick-go with the 1/16th for flexibility. You can also get it on ebay for $5 or less if you look patiently. The opening diameter needs to be around 1/2 inch-5/8th is what I have now. A foot long is plenty.

Then I find the baby medicine spoon system works best for me. Some people try the Go Girl but I found it really hard to use and have posted about the trials of the SheWee. Hate them both. Haven't heard much good about the nipple style either but if you have extra tubing that one is cheap to try because even the expensive ones you buy just use playtex nursing nipples. Anyway I got a couple of medicine spoons for around $5 with shipping

Okay we have spent $15 for a packer, $5 for tubing and $5 for baby spoons-assuming you need to order this stuff like I did. $25. You can now easily make a packer that runs from $50-$60 on most FTM sites.

First mark the center of the front of your packer with a dot and the center of the back. Then you heat a screwdriver metal end over a flame-I just used a lighter-and starting with the tip-and that is important because it matters much more that it is in the right place on the tip-you touch the hot screwdriver to the packer and it will go through as smoothly and quickly as a knife through butter.

Then-and this is important too or your packer could disintegrate a lot-run the inside of the packer where you just made the tunnel under cold water till it is cool. Now it will stretch over the tubing. Leave the tubing longer than you think you'll need on both ends. Cut the end of the baby medicine spoon off.so that about an inch is left in front of the opening-any serrated blade will cut the medicine spoon.

Now work the tubing over that 1 inch left on the medicine spoon . I don't glue it because I have found it holds securely and never slips off yet I can take it apart for deep cleaning when I want. Some do glue it. Up to you.

Finally position the STP and practice with it in the shower or tub unless you are used to using it. Place the medicine spoon opening over the urethra and hold it there securely. You can then tell the right place to position the packer. When you are sure it's right then snip off the excess tubing not quite flush with the tip. It looks better but leads to odor and cleaning issues if it is flush or recessed. Now you will need to secure the packer to the tubing I have found. otherwise it tends to slip down. I just use plain old superglue and just a spot about the size of a nickle top and bottom because the packer can be removed oif necessary without real damage.

Some people remove the testes from the the packer because they find it sits better and is more comfortable and others leave them. I have one of each-depends on what I am doing or wearing. It's a personal preference. If this is your first try it with them on first. You can't put them back

Now you are in business.

One last tip. Embarrassing but it can make a difference. I trim the hair where the packer sits. Don't have to shave-loathe that idea -but a trim makes it easier to manipulate in many cases.

Good luck -I hope this helps you guys and saves you some of the mistakes I made learning it :D


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Guest mynameisjay

Johnny, you rock! I have been using the medicine spoon, but couldn't afford to buy anything that looked more natural. Now you've given me a way to make one from the stuff I already have. Thank you! The men's room was one obstacle I just couldn't over come. This gives me hope.


PS A friend and I were laughing last night about the bathroom issues...we decided that we should write a book listing every establishment in Atlanta that has one-seater bathrooms.

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Welcome Jay. The men's room was a big obstacle for me-and for that I just needed an STP/Packer. Still only use a stall but now it's just routine and my stomach doesn't even tighten as I head through the door anymore.

Not that first time ..I'll never forget how hard it was. I was in a Sams which has a family one seater but it was getting to be critical and the family was occupied so I headed into the mens room thinking it would probably be empty. Was I wrong! It was senior day and the bathroom was crowded. I marched right past them and did my thing -even had to nearly brush shoulders with one guy to wash my hands. I gave him a peeved look for not moving out of my way -he was blocking two sinks waiting for a buddy and he looked sheepish and moved. So I washed my hands and exited. Limp with relief and downright giddy because I had finally walked into the lions den and came out unscathed. Now it's routine. But a validating one.

Good luck on making your packer/STP. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions


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Time to update this with things I've learned. First I went to a soft end on the medicine spoon so I could sit down without fear of a nasty and painful pinch and a run to the bathroom to adjust. All you need is the type of syringe that is used as a baby medicine dropper. Or I think they make them for other things too. Any soft end bulb about the right size with a plastic tube will work. I used a medicine spoon as a guide to get the angles right and cut it with plain old scissors. The tube I cut off with a serrated knife. Get a couple of extras so you can experiment on angles etc on the bulb. They run $1 to $2 each so you can afford to experiment and the angle is critical.

I used a very slightly larger tube piece to hold the end pieces together and it works but ended up using medical foam tape because it is easier and seals securely while being easy to replace. I no longer use glue because it can degrade the tubing over time.

I also went to a MASHO packer which has worked much better and is actually cheaper than the Limpy. It hasn't discolored over time and is never, ever sticky. Also has a slightly different and better weight and feel. I was replacing Limpys every few months because they start to look nasty no matter what you do but have used the MASHO for many, many months and it still looks good with no degradation in color or material. They can be hard to find but a place called Queen City on the internet has them-can't link since they carry sex toys but you can search it and the MASHO. They do tend to sell out frequently everywhere that carries them but will be restocked as soon as possible so don't get discouraged. Actually any packer you prefer or have should work for this.

Here are pics of the setup with the old way using a tubing sleeve to hold it in place.





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Guest Jtlloyd64


MASHO packer...packer dust or no ?

Not sure what it is. Also the medical rubber tubing you use can you only find it online ?


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There are a number of packers that work but I prefer MASHO for the price because they aren't sticky and dont need to be dusted with cornstarch to counteract it. Also means they dont discolor and look nasty so quickly.

Because I live in a very rural and sparsely populated state I dont have access to much except online but I think you could probably find it at a medical supply as well as pond supply place. Came across a roll of the same tubing I use for the STP the other day. I bought it long before I knew about STPs when I was putting a fountain in a pond. The clear flex tubing you usually see in pond supply is too stiff but some carry latex too. Try garden stores-most carry pond stuff. Maybe even a big pet store or a farm store


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Guest imyodj

i love the post especially since i have a masho and am in the process of going about starting to learn how to use a medicine spoon!

i have kind of a personal question though.. do you still put the rubber part on your urethra like you do for the medicine spoon or do you just hold it there? lol

im a bigger guy so im trying to figure out what might work best for me as a stp until i can get a peecock. Thanks!

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You use the rubber part exactly like the medicine spoon. In a way you are using the tube as an extention of the urethrea and need to keep it in place during the process so it doesn't leak but I've started using urinals with no problem once I got it down to the point of being a smooth operation and second nature. In fact it's good to have a medicine spoon so you can copy the angle etc. The main reason to use the rubber bulb is that it won't give that nasty pinch a medicine spoon can.

There is another STP a lot like the Pee-penis but much cheaper. You can find them by doing a search for silicone packer or silicone STP . The have names like Boa, Python etc. I have used one daily for months and it is still like the day I got it. TranZwear. net carries them under custom STPs and they also have some on clearance that are less than half price if there is a color and style that you like. I got the Boa I think-and I got the soft which is still firmer than a Masho. I can't imagine packing with a firm. I can't link to them because of the pics but you can just take the space out in front of net and you'll have it.

My only regret is that I did not get it painted because it is so realistic I use urinals now -I thought I would paint it myself since I'm an artist but found it costs more to get the paints etc than having it painted would have. I did convert mine into a soft spoon type because I am more comfortable with it after all this time and find I am not fond of the sensation of using the other receptacle.

When I first started using a medicine spoon I was over 300 lbs and am also sort of over endowed from being intersexed as well - now I am half that size but this is the only STP except the medicine spoon that will work for me at all-and it did work -but I just like the medicine spoon better.

I've heard some mixed reviews on the Pee-penis but so far no complaints about these silicone STPs -except that they seem larger than the measure given but in fact turn out not to be-it's just the way they are made. Both the Boa and Python are at or within 1/4" of the average length for American men


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I'm having the WORST time finding a good stp setup that works for me. I pack with a 'pack it lite' and I love the packer itself. I tried a medicine spoon setup. It worked the best except for the fact that it was ridiculously uncomfortable. So then I switched to the baby bottle nipple. That doesn't work AT ALL for me lol. So alas, I'm back to simply packing without an stp so until I figure it out, I won't be using any public restrooms :(

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Suggestion: if you're going with the hot screwdriver method, do it outside. Melting packers smell awful and it's probably a bad idea to inhale the fumes.

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Guest gemini555

hi JJ thanks for the info . I m from india and wen i tried to buy online i couldn't .The reason was no shipping to  India. You guys r lucky and u can live ur life the way u want but here its totally ruined if ur born like this . i wish u all luck . Being India we cant immigrate to other countries as the laws r strict . well nice to knw from u that we can live our life now. .



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Hey-Old topic but toolshed in Milwaukee makes a very affordable-like 45$ stp out of a mr limpy and some sort of soft funnel. Mr limpy isn't super realistic but who's looking that closely? Anyways- I've been wearing mine all day literally everyday. Very comfortable and easy to use. I have found a way to use part of a sock that goes over the plastic part that may rub up against your skin. I can describe how to make it if anyones interested. 


Side note- I am pre t...and t may or may not be a thing in my life- so a bulge is very noticeable. This guy bends and fits very nicely with the right fitting briefs and/or harness. 

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This topic is still useful for people starting out I think but personally I went on to a silicone STP.

An STP is essential for me here in the woods and it gets frustrating that the Mr Limpy soft type all get nasty and wear out fairly quickly with daily wear. They also are that awful babydoll pink and not detailed enough to be truly realistic.

Silicone is initially pricey but much cheaper in the long run. I've been wearing my silicone over two years with no sign of wear and it still passes at a urinal - I've actually saved money. I buy the Che from T-men'sjunkshop. Just add.com. It is the same length a the average male flaccid penis and very realistic. Can take some practice at first but once you master it, it is comfortable and easy to wear and use all day. Runs $157 but comes within 10 days and as I said saves money in the long run.Known quite a few guys who use them including some who di sports.

Funny thing is I never though I was bottom dysphoric till I used this and started feeling complete in a way I never had realized I didn't. It feels like a part of me as none of the sift packers and STPs never could or did.


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On 8/7/2018 at 5:59 PM, JJ said:

This topic is still useful for people starting out I think but personally I went on to a silicone STP.

An STP is essential for me here in the woods and it gets frustrating that the Mr Limpy soft type all get nasty and wear out fairly quickly with daily wear. They also are that awful babydoll pink and not detailed enough to be truly realistic.

Silicone is initially pricey but much cheaper in the long run. I've been wearing my silicone over two years with no sign of wear and it still passes at a urinal - I've actually saved money. I buy the Che from T-men'sjunkshop. Just add.com. It is the same length a the average male flaccid penis and very realistic. Can take some practice at first but once you master it, it is comfortable and easy to wear and use all day. Runs $157 but comes within 10 days and as I said saves money in the long run.Known quite a few guys who use them including some who di sports.

Funny thing is I never though I was bottom dysphoric till I used this and started feeling complete in a way I never had realized I didn't. It feels like a part of me as none of the sift packers and STPs never could or did.


I definitely might look into that in the future. I'd probably love it. ... I would love it. Idk-It was so hard to will myself to get mr limp-it's laughable. I don't know what it is but the realization / acceptance of dysphoria on something so intimate is really terrifying. So it took a while to get there. ? Thanks for sharing! This is very helpful :) 

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On 8/13/2018 at 10:31 PM, Nykoli55 said:

This topic is still useful for people starting out.



Thanks, JJ.  The information on the silicone packer was helpful.

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JJ  I bought the che' and love the look but i am  having a hard time consistently using it without it leaking  out the back. I  have tried hiding   closer to me and further away. I can't find the sweet spot. I had been using  the EZP which I never had any leaking issues  but was not happy using it as a packer also. Any advice would be appreciated. 



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    • Carolyn Marie
      Hello, Grubsky, and welcome to Trans Pulse.  My apologies for taking so long to approve your post.  I guess we're a bit short handed tonight in staff.   There is no one right answer to your questions, hon.  IMHO, a gender specialist is often preferable to a general therapist, if only because they would prob have connections to other resources in the community that trans folk need to follow their path, such as trans friendly doctors, hair removal techs, local clinics and such.  But as long as a regular therapist seeks out the appropriate information or knows how to find resources, they can do fine.  That's especially true if you are already comfortable with them.  It's pretty much up to you.  Starting over can be time consuming and intimidating.   I would be guided by your therapist as to what issues to tackle first.  None of us know you and none of us are therapists, so I'm not qualified to say what is more important, only that they are all important in one way or another.  Boy, what a wishy washy answer that was.      As far as whether and how to tell your current therapist, please don't worry about it.  The honest truth is always your best bet, and the sooner the better.  They would probably prefer an e-mail to not telling them anything, but if you can muster the courage, I think you'd be better off telling them in person.  Having a dialogue works much better that way.   You're welcome to provide an intro in the Intro Forum.  Short or long it doesn't matter.  Take care and good luck.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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      Wow, I'm so impressed and envious!!!
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      I'm fed up with doctors these days. So I missed a "virtual" visit I had scheduled last week. Now I'm worried that the doctor won't refill my prescriptions unless I reschedule my appointment. And the psychiatric nurse practitioner I see for my depression did the same thing. I was about to run out of my medication and the pharmacy tried calling to get a refill but I was told to call the office. The nurse said that she would only give me a single refill because I hadn't seen her since January. I would need to make an appointment with her to get further refills . I mean, if there was a problem, don't you think I would have called by now? And with the pandemic, I figured it safer to only go to the doctor for emergencies.  I've been on HRT for 8 years now and my last dosage change was at least 4 years ago. My blood work always comes back the same.  Why do I still need to see the doctor so often. At this point, wouldn't once yearly be sufficient? I'm so tired of having to see the doctor so much.  (I go to a local clinic that is well known for being LGBT friendly.  All the providers there mostly follow the same protocols when it comes to trans patients so switching to someone else there would likely have the same result. ) Anybody else tired of doctors taking advantage of you?
    • KymmieL
      Good to hear, Liz. I bet it felt fantastic even with the couple of snags. I so envy you.   Today for me was an OK. day. Got the word on my wig. then had a therapist appointment. I wound up rescheduling it because my wife was home. She was going to be nice and go upstairs and do some cleaning. Then as my appointment time came she decides to sit in the living room.(Three feet from me) and look through some pictures. Some privacy. So I scoot upstairs. With her just sitting down here. I really didn't want to open up so I rescheduled.    Of course, when I came down early she asked, All done?  me:Yep short and sweet. her: OK  I hope that I didn't invade your privacy.  in a snide kinda way.   I love her to death but I am getting so fed up with her crap.   Kymmie
    • Heathick
      Holly, girl, sometimes you remind me of myself! I love a pink headband, I'm completely in your boat on weight, I also have a winter/christmas-theme in my name (which I cherish), and although I'm nowhere near any point of choosing a vagiplasty procedure, I know without a doubt if I do ever decide to both transition and also opt for bottom surgery, for me personally, the ability to experience vaginal penetration, be it a guy (even though I'm not romantically attracted to them), or a trans-woman with or without SRS, or a...prop (with or without batteries )...or...any other more universal anatomy...[sly grin]...For me personally, that's where my heart is, and huge part of what I've always envied from the female side.   Personally, I don't even care if it makes me look loose, or even downright slutty. For me, sexuality, along with its partner sensuality, rank among to absolute best top reasons for being alive!!! And I say to heck with any restrained haters!
    • Confused1
      I am 65, pre-op, married to my soul mate and have no interest in penetration or dilation. So I guess that makes me lesbian. I also had my prostate removed with salvage radiation 2 years later (this year). That will make the surgery to install a canal more difficult and hazardous. If I was 30, I might go in another direction. The only thing that makes any sense for me is the Non Canal version. I have my GCS consult next month.   I don't have estrogen yet, but also don't have testosterone either, other than from the adrenals due to Lupron shots. My therapist told me she has never seen someone as happy as I am without any hormones. I can't wait to try estrogen. I don't ever want that poison called testosterone in my veins ever again! 
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      My first full day at work as Elizabeth was interesting. I got my Outlook account updated but somebody forgot to remove my the old picture from my signature. Thankfully I only sent 1 email before I caught it. I have been on auto-pilot introducing myself on the phone for the last few years so I was surprised I only messed it once. I was also pretty funny listening everyone correct themselves when they would use my dead name.   I also changed everything on my FB account. I decided to just update my name, profile picture and just see where it lands. So far it's been going over good.
    • grubsky
      Hi, this is my first post, so hopefully I didn’t screw up somehow. I’m bisexual, AMAB, and right now I am struggling with gender questioning and feeling nonbinary (specifically genderqueer or bi-gender.) I already have a therapist who is a grad student, who I really like and enjoy talking to, but I have presented to him as a cis male from the beginning of our correspondence. I am currently working with him to battle my anxiety and depression symptoms and working with his office to get a formal diagnosis. I don’t know if he has experience in gender therapy, but I feel a need to get help from someone who can help me address my gender identity. The obstacle is that I’m really scared and I don’t know what to say, especially since he already knows me as male, and my gender identity is a bit more complex than just transfeminine (not to undercut the struggles of all of you trans femmes out there, love you!) Anyway, do you think I need to look for a separate gender therapist who can help me? Should I focus on getting my anxiety and depression sorted before I tackle my gender? (Keep in mind I may want to pursue gender affirming medical transition.) Should I just bite the bullet and tell him in an email if I’m too scared to do it in person? I feel terrified, and any response would be appreciated. Thanks.
    • Shay
      So sorry to hear that @Abi 
    • Berni
      This thread is so interesting to read ... even though I feel like this kind of decision is a really long way off for me. So great to hear everyone's stories and thoughts. Such a valuable resource.   I think you are all so brave! I'm sitting here feeling sore and sorry from a really minor operation. The amount of .... determination? (Is that the right word?) ... to undertake what you have gone through is very inspiring.   Man, we trans girls are tough!
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      I feel very let down today    
    • Abi
    • Lexi C
      oh Thank you ladies so much. I just spoke to his nurse today. They require two letters so i am running around like mad to get then even do my appt is not until April 22. I am not sure if i am planning on have sex. I keep catch my self being attracted to women. So confused. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP.  
    • RunValRun
      One surprising outcome of the name change is that you discover just how MANY places you have to amend after the fact. Some are easier that others and completely uneventful, some will test your resolve 😀 and yet others might end up with a feeling of euphoria. I was updating my BestBuy account (which is still unclear why they need me to call their main line from the store, but that a mystery for another day), and at the end of the conversation the customer service rep asked me whether I would like to be called sir or ma'am due to name change. No hesitation in my voice I informed her that ma'am would do wonderfully. And that made my day 🤩 Still smiling thinking about it.
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