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Guest Amberley_Vail

I think Ive figured out my name.

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Guest Amberley_Vail

I signed up here at Laura's with the handle Amberley Vail.

As much as I love the name, Id never really be able to use it... ill explain

You know Games Workshop? The store with all the little plastic guys and the bigger guys with too much disposable income? =P I used to be one of them. I grew out of the game, but not out of the universe. Anyway, I limit myself to reading novels set in the universe now, and one branch of Imperial government, used to keep the aliens and heretics in check is the Inquisition.

Amberley is an Inquisitor.

Beautiful and deadly but no one knows what she's really like underneath.

Ciaphas Cain series, well worth a read if you like Blackadder!

So. To business.

Ive been putting a lot of thought into what my name would really be, and I had almost settled on Lucy.

Now rather than bore you all here constantly, I decided to set up a blog. [http://lucybecool.blogspot.com/] I googled blogs and clicked on the first site that lets you set one up. Seems its owned by google. So I try to dredge up from my mind the password I used when I got Amberley a hotmail account. 2nd try I remember it.

Seems I signed up to google back in December with the real name Lucy and completely forgotten it.

Twice Ive searched for a name, twice Ive come to this one.


Hi everyone, Im Lucy ^_^

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Guest Gregg Jameson

Hi Lucy!

Great name! :D

Fantastic blog! You are so very articulate and write well! I was taken into your stories as you were telling them!

I am speechless as to how the doctor has treated you. I definitely think you are better off if you can get a new GP.

So sorry about the wait and hope there is another way for you, safe and much sooner!

Interested in how things go for you. Thanks for sharing your blog link! :thumbsup:

Keep on keeping on!


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Guest Shari

Hi Lucy! You look a lot like Amberley but you're prettier.


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Guest Amiel TS

Hey Lucy!

Congratulations for figuring out the name! Nice name, by the way.

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Guest LauraJen

Hi Lucy welcome to Laura's :-) Lucy is lovely, I can definitely say that, as for me it's a close contest between Luc(y/ie), Lily and Laura (I like L names, it seems). I haven't checked out your blog yet but I'll be sure to do that when I get a spare few minutes.

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