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Transgender Victims of Hate Crimes

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There is a story about Paxton Quigley, author of Armed and Female who was on her way home from teaching a seminar in Florida when her car broke down. A man stopped in front of her car, got out and asked her if she needed help. She was relieved that someone stopped to help her. Her purse was over her shoulder like she has taught women to do in hundreds of seminars when the man punched her several times in the face stunning her. He threw her over his shoulder and stuffed her into the trunk of his car with her purse. For several hours he drove her around while telling her all about the awful things he was going to do to her. Imagine how terifying that must have been. He finally drove her to a deserted spot where he planned to commit his crime on this poor weak victim of senseless violence. He opened the trunk of his car whereupon the victim emptied her Smith & Wesson 357 magnum into his chest. This is a woman who refuses to accept the inevitable and be a victim.This man was bigger, stronger and was out on parole for committing several violent forcible rapes. It was ruled a justifyable homicide.

Violence against TS and TG woman is not inevitable. I understand if you live in the People's Republic of (insert state) where a disarmed citizenry is considered safe. Take classes, become aware of your surroundings. Where when seconds count, the police will arive many minutes later. You are responsible for your own safety. When someone is hurting you, three minutes can be a lifetime. That could be your lifetime. I know, I've taken many police reports from badly beaten punching bags who were lucky to be left alive. There are several former law enforcement officers on this forum. When going to your car at night, that is the worst time to talk on your cell phone. Call them back later. If you ever feel threatened, stay inside where there are other people. Have a plan for your own safety. Be aware, predators are looking for an unaware victim. Watch your alcohol intake, travel in pairs. Look confident and aware of your surroundings like if you bother me, you will live to regret messing with me. Please be safe ladies.


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Hi Kathryn Julia,

Yes, unfortunately too many are targeted as victims of hate crimes and physical assaults.

I find this very disheartening, very disturbing and hope people are very careful.

I'd encountered many threats to my safety, throughout my life, for simply having been born as a female bodied person. Very serious threats, simply because my body was female. I'd encountered them from members of the general public, as well as from some members of law enforcement, in several different incidents during my lifetime thus far.

While I my safety was threatened by "criminal" behavior, my safety and welfare were sometimes extremely threatened by having called for help from my (then) city's police department. (No transgender element involved in this, by the way. I was simply female-bodied generally considered "attractive," and was determined to stand up for my rights...and often also stood up for the rights of others.)

In the worst case of police involvement I'd experienced, I had lived under the threat of serious harm while being the State's prime witness in a case involving serious police corruption. I'd received many death threats, for sure.This situation had involved the lengthy history of a police department violating the rights of women, both by the behaviors of some of the officers themselves, as well as in ignoring complaints of sexual assault by both police personnel and non-police offenders, made to the police department for investigation/prosecution.

It was a well-known fact that women were afraid to drive alone in isolated areas of this city due to the police corruption. This also involved women reporting sexual assaults by non-law enforcement persons, with cases being purposely and immediately tainted, reports/complaints being lost, total failure to make an arrest even though the violated party wanted to pursue pressing charges, and more...all because the alleged perpetrator was someone working in the police department or was a close friend of someone working in the police department.

My own home was broken into, with very obvious signs of having had the door kicked in, even while it was bolted. I was in a very obvious and lengthy struggle and had gotten away. I had immediately called the police and they came to my home to investigate while the crime scene was fresh and some evidence was clearly obvious. Hard to ignore all of the damage to the door, to the door jam, and more. Investigating officers were told, when they had called the ID of the perp into the station, to return to the station without making any arrest. (This was because the perp was a personal friend of the chief and the chief wanted the case to go away.)

It took two months to get an arrest, as the police dept refused to arrest and had stated they had lost the original complaint.

The police station had also leaked the information to the perp and to his family, so they were all very angry and increasingly threatening. The police station had then admitted it had "tainted the case," so could not make an arrest and had told me I was out of luck because there was nothing they could do to help me. Period.

As I had quietly pursued other avenues of legal recourse, I'd had months of videotape (and still pictures)of continued harrassment, many faces (some off-duty) police officers congregating in gangs in my driveway, on my land, just happening to hang out (6-8 or more persons, all together) near me, repeatedly, in public places, following me into these outdoor recreational areas or into buildings. I was taking video and/or photos constantly and they had no idea I was doing this.

Eventually, when it was clear I was going to press charges anyway, I was in more danger. It had taken two months to then circumvent the police station and gain the interest of the DA, which had also involved letting the DA know my own personal attorney held the original copies of all evidence in his own safe and would release everything to the media in the nearest metro area if this investigation of (allegations against) the police dept was not done and if the perp in my case was not arrested and made to stand trial. Although this delay was a nightmare in many ways, it gave me more time to gather more evidence as to what some of these people were up to. If it had not been for this delay, I would not have had extensive videotape, pictures, call logs and more for evidence handed over to the DA in support of an investigation of the police dept.

Then, when it became clear that the DA had done a quiet internal investigation of the police dept, due to all of the evidence I had quietly submitted to his office, more people were increasingly angry. Some of the police chief's officers had testified against him in the "secret investigation." He was told about this when he was then questioned by the DA. He was now in big trouble. He, and others, were very used to getting away with all they'd done to people. They were now furious. I was warned as to how furious some people had then become and was told to make sure I was now protected.

We had thought that shedding light upon all of this would be protection, in and of itself, as once the DA and others know about corruption and harrassment, the average person usually stops or at least quiets down for awhile. The people involved in the case only became increasingly angry and increasingly determined to interfere with my rights and with my sense of safety. Once all of this came out, and arrests were made, anyone seen talking to me was seriously threatened, which had resulted in groups of people going to the DA for orders of protection, which were eventually issued by a judge. I had to go into hiding, at this point, for my own protection and also to protect my own friends. During this time, when I came out of hiding, I was escorted directly to the court house for depositions, etc. I was also often in disguise when out in public (very rare and for depositions and other legal issues only), as per the suggestions by the DA and also as per my own personal attorney. All depositions took place under protection, etc.

(Disguise was in place during travel to and from my destinations. I could also go back into my neighborhood while in disguise and could visit friends in disguise. I could go to their homes while in disguise and they would not be threatened like they were if I went to their homes not in a disguise. Seriously. Absurd, I know.)

That was horrendous, as it took many months for the charges to simply to get investigations completed, to file charges, and to get depositions completed.

My point: I was in my own home, minding my own business when all of this came about! I had met up with a known sex offender, inside of my own locked home because I was female bodied. When I had called law enforcement for help, I was marginalized and further harassed, my rights further denied by the police dept because I was female bodied ... and because I was female bodied, they'd thought they could intimidate me out of seeing to it they would all answer for at least some of their ongoing offenses and corruption. They also, quite obviously, thought I was stupid (since I was female bodied), as some of the stuff they did was just so incredibly absurd and so very easily documentable, they hung themselves carrying on this way. They thought they were totally above the law.

During this time, I'd never carried a weapon. This decision may seem counterintuitive; yet, I was surrounded by people with guns There were too many complexities involved and I was concerned I'd have my own weapon used against me (either used on me or taken from me and used somewhere else and I would be blamed), in an effort to somehow discredit me, so I made the decision to have no weapons in my possession during this time. That was a tough decision for me; yet, I'd thought it best.

Interestingly enough, the state in which I grew up allows for firearm possession, carrying (w/o permit) and also has provisions within the law for self-defense. I have rarely been seriously threatened in my home state, where people are allowed to carry.

I have been very seriously threatened, repeatedly, when I'd lived in states that did not allow for carrying. (Most people carrying in those states were criminal or were carrying with criminal intent, including some law enforcement officers.)

The general public, erroneously in my opinion, tends to think the most violent crimes will occur more frequently in states which allow for carrying without a permit. This has not been my experience, at all.

Out of anything I share in this post, the point I want to get acrossed the most is this:

It is vitally important for everyone to fully understand the laws around self-defense.

People are often very surprised to learn how they must approach self-defense in order for their actions to be covered by the law. I urge people to be very aware of these laws, as one must follow the laws regarding self-defense, in order for the law to protect you if you choose to utilize a weapon.

A very large percentage of women are doing time in prison for crimes committed in their own self-defense.

Please learn the laws around issues of self-defense. Please do not carry, or intend to use a gun, unless you are well-trained, are within the bounds of the law in doing so, and fully understand when you can and cannot fire a gun (or use deadly force) in self-defense. In most cases, if not in all cases, certain criteria have to be met in order to use a weapon and if you are the one using a weapon, you must fulfill all criteria as outlined in the pertinent laws in order to avoid serious criminal charges for having used a weapon against someone else, even if the person has threatened you.

In addition to obtaining adequate firearm training, to knowing the laws pertinent to acting with deadly force in self-defense, to observing and following all laws pertinent to the legal possession of a firearm (including needing or not needing a permit to carry and/or a permit to conceal), please also observe additional logic/common sense, in order to most fully protect your best interests.

Thanks for starting this topic, KathrynJulia. I am very concerned about the safety of everyone, too.


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Quite a story, Brad. I Googled the general topic to see if I could find it and there are so many cases involving sexual harrassment and police corruption I couldn't believe it...

Thanks for sharing.


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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your comment.

It is not a "fun" topic to address. The fact that you had found so much on an internet search speaks for itself.

That time in my life was a nightmare, even though some justice was eventually done. I'd lived alone and it was quite overwhelming. I was determined to, somehow, keep my wits about me and do all I could to find some degree of justice for everyone affected.

(Despite having found some justice, eventually, I'd still had many unpleasant memories for a few days after sharing in this post. It was a very traumatic time in my life, no doubt.)

This is definitely not the kind of situation anyone wants to encounter. I had been further harassed in connection with the role I had played in seeking justice, and that harassment had followed me through moves to two more states, over a two year period; this was two years after all investigations/arrests/legalities were said and done.

I also have tremendous respect for the majority of persons serving in law enforcement, whom are very ethical and full of integrity. We never could have made any headway with this case IF a few of the police officers did not tell the truth in the closed investigations done by the DA.

Two officers gave me honest information during this time. One was male and one was female. They gave me totally honest info all of the way through, no matter what kinds of stories the others were weaving. Their honesty/integrity had helped me tremendously.

I am thankful the corruption stories do not involve the majority whom live truly "to serve and to protect."

I am always very concerned about everyone's safety. Although I am trained in the use of guns and I fully believe in the rights of all to protect person and property, etc., I also want people to know that "packing a gun" is often not the safest answer.

I hope people can, and will, find a way to stay as safe as possible.

With Love and Concern for All,


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