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Guest StephanieG


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Guest StephanieG

Hello everyone,

my preferred name is Stephanie even though I havnt really adopted it yet :S. I guess I should start off by saying I have been to this site numerous times over the past few years, and finnally decided to make an account. So about me hmmm, well I am 22 and I guess I have had a difficult life, in my opinion anyways. I guess the first time I really knew that I might be transexual, I think I was like ummm 18. I ended up researching everything I could find, including lots of personal stories alot from this site. I went through the whole denial thing, and out of all things decided to join the military. Thought it would give me all those "masculine traits" I was lacking, that backfired horribly. I think basic might of the worst experiences in my life :(. I was always the emotional kid in my family, though I am not going to get into that here way too complicated lol, but needless to say I broke down alot in basic. In basic is when I finnally accepted it, I even confided to a friend I had made there, she was rather supportive. I continued on in the military, it wasn't smooth by any means but I made it through. I started seeing a psychologist which didn't help, rather contorted viewpoints. I ended up getting posted and finnally got to see a gender therapist, he was good. But I ended up having problems with military life that couldn't be ignored anymore and got out I guess at the end of October. Kinda a mixed blessing, I get to grow my hair out :) but I am now without a therapist and kinda stuck :( its really starting to get to me. Like I am on Spiro, been on it since July but ya. Which I guess brings me back to making this account, I am getting so down on life right now and just need an out. Maybe meet some interesting people in the process :).

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Hi Stephanie, welcome to the Playground! You have come to a good place, and we have some neighbors of yours here that post about the Canadian health care system and their successes and pratfalls in it regularly. Please read the Rules and Guidelines forum if you have not done so. We do moderate the forum to protect the members, and the R&G, also known as the Terms and Conditions which you can link to from the bottom right hand corner of every forum page are the standards we use to approve the posts. The members here are from age 13 ot 65+ but we try and keep it so its OK for the teen's parents to read. You can reply to a post anywhere in the forums, and post your own topics in the best suited forums, you have two more years you can start a post in the Teens Forum, so that one is open to you too. Enjoy and make use of this place.

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Guest chngnwnd

Welcome, Stephanie. You can get a lot of support here - it is not the same as a therapist - but it helps. It was a lifeboat for me when I lived in an area that wzs not TG friendly and had no community resources for us. I hope it can be as big a blessing for you as it was for me.


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Guest rita63

Welcome Stephanie Its good to see another Ontarian here there are a few of us. I have posted this link here befor, its for a trans group in S.W. Ont. and they may be able to help you find someone in your neighbourhood.

Nuts it doesn't want to copy, anyhow google the Alphabet Community and you should find it. If not try Pride in a city near you.

Have fun growing you'r hair out, I got my ears pierced too, makes me feel so femme.

Have fun hon

hugs rita

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Guest StephanieG

Thanks everyone :).

Also thanks for the info Rita, I looked it up. I will have to stop by there at some point :), used to live there and might be moving back soon. Was kinda having a problem finding any resources there. Ummm just a question do you happen to know if there at any GTs there?

O I'll definately enjoy growing out my hair I just wish it would grow quicker :). Ya I bet I used to have my ear pierced I loved it but it ended up healing :(. Well I'll fix that at some point, but ya thanks again :)

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Guest Mia J

Hello Stephanie and welcome to Laura's. We are happy to have you here with us.

Thanks for the great intro. You have come to the right place to be among others who feel like you do.

Looking forward to seeing your posts.


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Guest miss kindheart

Welcome Stephanie

<<< hug >>>

:wub: vanna

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    • VickySGV
      Sounds like you are doing very well.  Back when I started things out on the name change, I could not do the gender change until after GCS.  Several months after my GCS and all the changes for me made, they changed the laws -- for the better -- so I would not have had the long drawn out  program that I had to do.  Keep your head high and you will make it, and laugh about all of the hassle.  
    • Laura Beth
      Welcome Skye. As many have said it takes time to figure things out so taking your time will allow you to find the right fit for you.    Laura Beth
    • Laura Beth
      I have been wanting to legally change my name and gender marker for close to a year now. I am now divorced and living as a female as much as possible which has it complications. Today I went to see my regular doctor for a refill of my pain killers; I was dressed as Laura as I usually do since starting my transition. I have to go by my male name there because they won't use my preferred name like I do at my gender doctor's office. The doctor's nurse comes out and basically stands next to me and asks the front desk clerks if I had checked in for my appointment using my male name. She is told that I have so turns around and calls my name, to which I get up. She has a bit of a stunned look on her face and leads me to the examining room to wait for the doctor. I get my new prescription from the doctor and leave to pick it up at the pharmacy. When I get to the pharmacy the assistant pharmacist has some fun trying to find me in the system due to me going by Laura there and the name on the prescription was in my male name.    Before I have to see the doctor again which shouldn't be for about three or four months I will have to get the name change and gender marker taken care of.  I should also get it done before I see the psychiatrist this summer some time. I have started to receive mail in my preferred name which I was afraid was being sent back for some reason. As I posted else wheres my counselor has told me I am doing well at picking out appropriate outfits to wear that will help me fit in. The hormones have been a blessing in many ways, from slowing facial hair growth, allowing me to relax better mentally and changing my body physically.    Laura Beth
    • Melisa snep
      i had a 86 toyota 4x4, i so miss it. But needed a bigger truck to tow with
    • ChickenLittle
      Hi Kelly!   Thanks for your help on the chat side of things! I'm Kendall. I have five cats at home, plus a feral in the backyard that I feed every morning. I should probably just say I have six cats  
    • Jennifer W
      Thank you Cat I'm trying..
    • ChickenLittle
      Being safe online is definitely top priority but I think online dating can be done safely. I have a friend who is a cis woman who went on a few dates with a trans guy before he told her he was trans. Once he told her, she immediately called me to tell me about it and she was really sweet, if a little misinformed. She just kept saying, "but he's so HOT. He's definitely a man!" I had to roll my eyes and tell her that yes, trans men are men and can be just as conventionally attractive as cis men. Last I heard they were still dating and it was going great  
    • Gwen
      I love your stories, Charlize! I once had a friend who owned a red Nissan. His had big tires and looked more like a man-toy. I still miss my first Toyota (new), which got excellent mileage and didn't need a single repair in 135,000 miles. The second was geared for towing and guzzled gas. There's a huge auto show going on in Detroit over the next week and I hope to go and caress a few truck fenders   Gwen
    • MaryMary
      I can get why your friend is down. Dating for a cis man is hard (at least according to my own anecdotal experience). i dated with a male presentation for 1 month after separating from my ex wife but before coming out as a trans woman.   How many woman I actually dated? 0 To how many woman I talked online? 0   Dating is hard if you are not super pretty, lol
    • MaryMary
      I find that topic interesting.   Ok, I get that that's dangerous but more and more dating work with online dating sites. I personally make sure the other person know i'm transgender as soon as possible and I chat with this person for quite a bit before meeting in a neutral place with plenty of people. I'm not that active in dating because that's something that confuses me a lot but I had a couple of dates and it worked 1 or 2 times already.   I don't want to mislead people but at least here in Canada I don't have the impression that it's more dangerous for a trans woman then for a cis woman. My ex had a couple of dates too and I would say that she had stranger stories then me.   My feeling is that if you have an active life and you wait to find someone in real life you can wait a lot since there's so much people dating online.   to me the advantage of dating online is that I can put a transgender flag with "proud to be trans" written on it and write that I had the surgery in my description. I call that my "douchebag filter" In real life it can be more awkward and take too much time for the other person to know and ending up being more dangerous.   Dating only trans people, at least here in my local community, do not seem like a realistic option since we are too few. Finding the right person would be next to impossible...   well, that was my 2 cents on that. I,m actually surprised by the comments so far.
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