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Guest Christian_the_FTM

The Voices In My Head

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Guest Christian_the_FTM

Listening to things that aren’t there

They tell me I’m, nothing

They tell me how to die

They aren’t real but they feel so

So very real

They are scary and shattering

But they aren’t real

They have me paranoid

Everyone wants to hurt me

They say no one cares

But I know that’s not true

They have a way of making me

Feel oh so alone

So hurt, so scared

Until slowly I feel nothing at all

Well besides fear and hurt

Somebody save me

Before I go insane

Oh wait I already have

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Guest Krisina

Our self doubt and negative thoughts internalized sometimes hold us back, the negatives and the fear.


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Guest miss kindheart

You not insane

Your just the same

As you should be

You will see

That you are good

Like Robin Hood

So have no fear

Just lend an ear

Just be true

And don't be blue

Always know

As you grow

That you will be

Just what you see

Yes you can

Be that man

Yes you are

Just like a star

Burn so bright

Believe in light

Look above

Look for love

And know it's true

For i love you

:wub: vanna

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