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Guest leo

The future

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Guest leo

Something iv been thinking about a lot and I want to know what everyone thinks.

So where do you see yourself in 10 years? What would you be doing? Will you be stealth or openly out?

I should be fully transitioned by then, (the full works, top and bottom surgery) me and my wife have decided that when this is done we are moving to a different city for a new start. I Would also like to have had 3 children (got 1 already) also I want to be stealth. I want to live a 'normal' life and get on with it. I have found transition to have held me back 5 years already and I'm not even on T!

(fingers crossed I start 2moz, not holding my breath though)

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Making plans for the future is always good. Helps get you through the rough times too I think

Just don't put yourself on too rigid a timeline because with anything trans related there can be delays and snags that take time. Lots of time. Transition taught me patience as nothing else in life was ever able to do. I always took my time and weighed options but when I committed to a course of action I wanted it done NOW. With transition that just can't be made to happen. Trying to force things ends up just being a case of banging your head against a brick wall. You hurt yourself but accomplish nothing else.

A balance between planning for the future and taking today as it comes works best for most of us I think.

But without a plan you can also find you have been going nowhere but in circles so I salute you for that.

May the future be all that you envision!


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Guest shaubjd


I used to get very depressed about the future. A year ago, I couldn't picture myself transitioning. It was a foreign concept to me.

Still, I couldn't picture a future with me in it. I wasn't suicidal in the traditional sense, I just wished I was never born.

Now, I'm a lot happier. T and being out publicly has allowed me to see a future where I have a place.

In 10 years, I would like to be doing something less beauraucratic than my current job, where I get that "hands-on" feeling of helping others.

I would love to go back to school for social work or something in that field.

Anyway, great question. Keep on keepin' on!


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Guest ShortyT

So where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In a comfy computer chair, hacking away at a keyboard.

I'll still be out, as going stealth would mean having to relocate completely, and I'm way to lazy for that. Hopefully I will have found something else to do for a living, as my current job is too stressful for me. But, for now I can't think of something else to do. I also hope to have a boyfriend by then, but not counting on it. I'd better have gotten a better apartment at least!

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Guest Risu

If I am single and never move then I'll be out only as much as I need and little else.

If I am dating and happen to have moved I will be stealth.

If I move, it won't be until after all my legal paperwork is changed and I will more or less be stealth with the exception of Laura's. Don't know if I can ever fully give this place up. Guess we'll see.

While I would love to be an activist and supporter of TG rights like many of our moderators here I think I'd really just like a chance to live a normal quiet life with as little TG related drama as possible.

And the only reason dating would change my being stealth or not is because of feelings I had both with my last boyfriend and current prospective love interest. I would never want him to have people stick him with a lable like "gay" because of me, nor would I want to cause him risk with his relationships to family and friends because of my medical history. I'll be as stealth, and open as I feel I need to be and of course any potential S/O would be told long before things got serious.

You pretty much said everything I would say regarding what I want for my future Leo, but as for planning or where I truly see myself I really can't say. Right now I'm so broke I can't afford to pay attention and that kind of situation makes planning for the future very difficult. Where ever I end up, I just want to be happy and right now I am taking the steps to get there.



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Guest Raging Shadow

ten years, ill be about 26...

fully transitioned except bottom surgery and definetly stealth

either in graduate school or teaching by then i hope

nothing too definete,probably living in Cali still, or New York, or England.

Who knows? :)

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Five years from now, I will have a new name and be in my new career, and hopefully making enough money (and/or having a decent enough insurance coverage) that I may have by then had hysto and top surgery. I may or may not be on T. I may or may not still be living with my husband and girlfriend. My kids will probably still call me mommy (or mom, as the older one will be a teenager).

Other than that, I don't know. I might be living in Texas. I might be living in this area. Unless someone wants to pay me to take the California bar, I won't be living there. I can't see any way I'll be stealth. Well, I might be kinda stealth if I move back to TX...except in a small town, one is bound to be recognized now and again by people from high school or whatever. Though also, in a small town things like transness aren't as likely to be on the radar so passing might be easier.

I gave up quite a while ago on putting plans in stone. Was hard to get out of that tendency, I've always preferred to have a plan. Life, however, has seldom gone according to plan, so all plans now come with contingency plans.

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Guest Kael147

I don't even wanna go to the future right now. I just want to live right now. I hope to get top surgery in 2012, but that's my biggest goal. I am in a highly public profession, so I doubt I'll ever be stealth!

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Guest KaelParker

In ten years? I see myself graduated from college, a few years into a career, and in a steady relationship. I'd like to get married around 28, so I might be married or still waiting awhile. I will have been on T for just under ten years and had top surgery, maybe bottom surgery. :)

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Guest Masculinity

Well, you guys should read my post because I dream big. In ten years, I see myself in any California university obtaining degrees in acting because I hope to become an actor when I grow up, having better friends than the ones I have in high school right now and being on T but still saving money for my first surgery that is top surgery... the most important one. Yes guys, I see myself following my hopes and dreams of becoming an FTM actor... I want to be on TV, movies, plays, Hollywood and to be accepted as FTM trans by who watches me on TV and movies. It would suck if people criticized me and telling me to get off the TV shows and movies because I'm trans. But... is it even possible?

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Guest Rowan19

10 years? Legally an adult and not held back by my Mum. Hellz yeah ta that!

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Guest Yossarian

In ten years I see myself having completed my physical transistion but still growing into myself as a whole. I'll be content in a career I, for the most part, enjoy.

I may or may not be in a long term relationship. I most definitely won't have any children.

My life will be quiet and relatively simple. I see myself being happy.

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Guest Call me DEAN

Ten years seems so far! I'm sure I'll have transitionned by then. I'm studying in university right now, and in about two years or three I'll be working and making a name for myself, and I want that name to be a man's. To me, building my portfolio and my reputation in the animation industry is another step in my life, a step that I fully intend to enter as a man. New beginning, no way I'm gonna screw it! I used to be quite pessimistic about the future, thinking I would have to hide my whole life and keep lying to those around me, taking blow after blow each time someone called me a woman, but now I know I can change things and make myself respected as what I really am, so I'm actually looking forward to it!

In ten years, I'll be near 30. I'd like to be married and have kids (being a dad's one of my biggest dreams). It probably won't be that easy, and I have no idea if I would have bottom or top surgery, but a guy can dream! I would also have a cool job in the movie and animation industry, though I am not sure in which field yet.

Thinking about the future and having goals and dreams is the way to go!

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    • Gwen
      Welcome, Tali. I'm so glad you found the courage to say hello to TransPulse. I hope you find this a welcoming and informative place, and a safe place to just be yourself. I also have social anxiety and have found life my complicated with my transgender issues. But, I have found support here, and I'm fortunate to have a few people in my life who accept me. I hope you also find the support you want/need as you make your journey, which will provide happiness too. The happiness will come!!   Gwen
    • Charlize
      It sounds like you have a good plan for the future and are getting through the present difficulties with a grace that deserves praise.  I remember the humiliation of being called by my male name in crowded waiting rooms.  Those times were instrumental in getting me to make the necessary steps to change my legal status. HRT and living as yourself are certainly major steps along your journey as is finding a style that works well and makes you feel comfortable as yourself. Thanks for the update and happy birthday!   Hugs,   Charlize
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      Good morning Everyone!🍳   Happy Birthday Alexastimo!🎂 Happy Birthday Laura Beth!🎂 Happy Birthday Trojan!🎂 Hope your day is very special!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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        Hi Mary,   I have slightly more than 20 good trans female friends that I speak with on at least a weekly basis. I have never felt alone and if I really need someone to talk to there is always someone nearby. My friends situation is very different. Don't know what the stats are but there appear to be far less FTM than MTF humans out there. That is stating the friend situation only for him. Now, since he's attracted to cis females, the numbers diminish even further. No clue for how many cis women are looking for transmales  but the number seems to be like really really low. So, to me, online dating is a no brainer.  I've checked a few places and the suggestions on dating sites are not many.   Good for you doing the online dating thing. I as well think we should be up front about who we are and I also think it can be safe providing that common sense is used       I really appreciate your view,   Tess
    • TessaOKC
        Thanks Vicky. Some people like very much to be part of a couple, me being one of them. Good luck at your weddings!!!
    • MarcieMarie12
      Hi Tali, one thing that helped me was getting out of the house and meeting others. My family members all responded differently  to it. My nephews were pretty much a shrug. It took time for some to come to terms with it too.   Welcome to Transpulse!  hugs, Marcie
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      Hi Raya welcome! Nice to meet you!
    • Jennifer W
      Welcome Tali...glad your here with us. Hugs!
    • Jennifer W
      Hi Kelly welcome! Give the cats a hug for me!
    • VickySGV
      Sounds like you are doing very well.  Back when I started things out on the name change, I could not do the gender change until after GCS.  Several months after my GCS and all the changes for me made, they changed the laws -- for the better -- so I would not have had the long drawn out  program that I had to do.  Keep your head high and you will make it, and laugh about all of the hassle.  
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