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When I began my career as a CD, the most feminine things that ratified my existence were my breast forms and my wigs. Since I am older, and my spending money was enough to buy these accessories if they were buffered by my credit cards, I did buy. My own hair at the time was almost military short by habit, and some of my wig purchases were a bit on the flamboyant side that compensated for the real stuff. I bought a new wig about every 3 months and was for the most part happy with what I got, and had gotten good quality ones to boot. Average cost was $130US, and the ones I have worn for general day view have been fine and realistic and I do look highly presentable wearing them.

Fast forward beyond my TS realization three years ago and start of HRT 33 months ago.

Back in November I had my first actual beauty salon hair appointment when they were having a special on hair color service. By this time I had gone without a hair cut for nearly two and a half years. I had the color job and a trim and even out styling, and since then have been wearing my own hair with or without some add in pieces, and it has worked fine. I had another appointment in early January for touch-up, and then again today I went for my 3/4 inch hair root repair touch up. I had not thought much about the cost, except that today, it was coming from my debit card and not a credit card so I looked at the price more carefully. I have been spending the same amount for having my own hair done that I had been spending on my wigs!!! $130 bucks a pop including tip.

For crying out loud!!

Last night though, I went to a nice seafood restaurant down on the beach, and my own hair had been pretty grukky from some painting I had done earlier in the day and had not worn a cap. I had worn one of my cuter long blond wigs, and happily had a cute waiter who liked talking. He was cute and nice enough, and he appreciated blonds, so I gave him an extra tip. I felt cute too!!

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Hi Vicky,

I always enjoy your posts!

I hope you'd had a great time while out last night!

Glad you are feeling cute! :D

Continue enjoying life! You do it all so very well! :score:

With Gratitude,


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Funny but it had never crossed my mind that hair care cn be more expensive than wearing a wig but it is! Still there is a pleasure in caring for hair that a wig doesn't bring. Worth it I would think.

Also sounds like you are in such a good place. I already knew that from your posts but it is good to hear all the same.

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you are cute. Wish I could be your waiter and not for that extra tip either!


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That is so cool, Vicky.......

I wear a hair piece (just for bangs...I didn't want to cut my own hair...) but, I'm perfectly passable with out and can make do without!

I looked at your pics and I really like all the different hair thingys you have!



Dee Jay

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you are a lovely lady inside and out. I'm glad you had such a nice dinner at the beach.

Hair care is extremely expensive and it is something I have only just begun to figure out. I am very thankful for your posts and expert advice on accessories and I am seriously considering trading in my thin wavy hair for some thick synthetic locks! And to be honest, it would be nice to be able to change hair color, almost as easily as changing your outfit. From day to night in the drop of a hat! I don't think I would ever have more than highlights put into my own hair, if that. Since starting HRT it has slightly changed colors to a lighter brown that turns red in the sun. I kind of like it like this.

Decisions, decisions. Thank goodness for your posts!



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I would like to add this. As a hairdresser as myself keeping up with color or highlight is part as getting it done. Trying to keep up the appearance is up to you, but we all know you need it. Reason why it cost so much is not only just the cost if color and slappimg it on its also the knowledge of the hairdresser has. Color is chemical, chemical react in different ways. As to knowing how that is going to effect the hair is how we know it going to react. Also hair cuts are not simply just cutting hair its knowing geometry how its going to fall what angle to hold the hair at elevation and overdirecting of the hair. For all this it is knowledge there for the prices is where it is at .

Have a happy hair day :)

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Misty -- I am one who fully appreciates the skills and knowledge of my hair care folks, and I do not in the least mean to sound like I was complaining about the cost, I think it is absolutely fair and appropriate. My colorist and I were actually having a good laugh over a couple of her extraordinary clients, like one who had 60" long hair, and wanted a single highlight running from crown to hair tip near her ankle, and another one who had tried self highlighting, and came in looking like a cheetah with highlight slop spots in two foot long hair. The colorist had a picture of the cheetah highlights from the back, thereby protecting the identity of the guilty.

My real point in this story was really just about " no matter how much things change, they stay pretty close to the same". Its a bit of a chuckle at myself, and as Johnny noted, I am feeling happy about myself and how life is going now. Its also a bit of a story on how and what changes in importance as we take our adventures.

Again, this was NOT any complaint about the amount I am paying.

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