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I hope some people will reply to this because I need some feedback.

Well, I'm 18, and I have some severe gender issues. I don't feel like I identify as transgender, though.

I don't exactly feel that I'm a girl on the inside. I know I'm mostly feminine inside, but I just don't think of myself that way. I don't want surgery because I don't think it would make me feel any better, and I don't even really want my family to know anyway.

It's just that I hate being male in terms of biology and society. I hate that I will have to wear a suit every day and to every formal occasion. I hate that I have broad shoulders and increasingly more body hair. I hate that I feel left out of a lot of things because of my gender. It's not so much my identity is off, I just wish that I had a different body. It's very difficult to explain, and no doctor or friend that I've talked to knows what to say.

If you have anything to say, post here please. Thanks.

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I know how you feel. For a while I thought I was just a feminine guy. And I'm no expert on this stuff, but it sounds like your gender identity is a little off. You don't like having masculine traits, nor do you like the role you are forced to play in society. The latter seems to be a different issue though, as conforming to social standards isn't necessary to be happy, but I can see what you're saying. You like the social expectations of women much more than those of men. I get that, but it's not exactly the same as feeling like a girl. Perhaps those emotions will evolve into that some day. You'll be surprised how much your emotions, especially concerning this issue, develop over time.

I would say attempt to find a gender therapist to get these issues sorted out. You thinking seriously out of the binary about your gender is enough of a reason to explore this with a professional.

Hugs and good luck,


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Dear magic,

I want to take this time to welcome you to Laura's. Your comments and feelings are not unusual. Your therapsits that you have seen clearly are not gender therapists. Otherwise, your questions would already be answered. You are gender dysphoric. Please find an appropritae gender therapist to help you.



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