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Sobriety Check Points! Not A Problem!

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Ok, I am at day 1270 on this trip up the stairs, and had an experience tonight that was worth the effort.

I am full time RLE, but am a month or two away from legally changing my name and here in CA, my drivers license information. I had gone over to see a family member about a garbage disposal on the fritz, had dinner and was driving home. We are being hit with a predicted rain storm, and the streets and visibility were as screwed up as we can get here. Low and behold though, near one of the local high schools I have to pass on the way home was an operating Sobriety Check Point run by the city PD. (It was one of the school's major spring dances that have gotten rough in the past due to Al and drugs.)

I was stuck and had to go through the "gate", no way to miss the checkpoint. I rolled the window down and had my license out of my purse which was standard. I was happy I had checked my calendar earlier in the day so I knew how long ago my last drink was, and to boot, I did not feel the LEAST BIT NERVOUS about being my female self even with HIS ID in my hand.

"Ok mamm when was your last drink?" "Over 40 months ago, I am a recovering alcoholic!" "Good for you!!" "Can I see your license?" "Here it is, I am a male to female transsexual who is transitioning just now, but this is still legally me!" "Yeah, your hair is much longer now, will you be changing it soon?" "In the next month or so." "OK, drive safely mamm even without a drink these streets are dangerous tonight!!

Not a bit of a flinch when I explained the TS isssue, I knew he had checked my pupils during the chat, and was legitimate about congratulating me on sobriety. The best was properly gendering me both times!!! It works if you work it.

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That's such a sweet story. " We are going to know a new happiness and will comprehend serenity"

Bless you, Charlie

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Guest pumpsara

The state of Calif is great for Transgenders as it is not against the law to express your gender identification. In some states it is, but most police office have see far more weekly in their jobs then most in a life time. Being honest goes a long way. That is an issue most people have, thus the need to not be honest when drinking, or they have been made to believe cross dressing is not being honest as well.

If you are ever stopped by a police officer, this is the perfect example of how to deal with it.

Retired CHP officer

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Carolyn Marie

You handled that great, Vicky. Confidence is king (or queen, as it were) when dealing with the public.



Carolyn Marie

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Michelle 2010

Welcome retired CHP :)

One of my retired Fla friends is mtf NYPD. I believe y'all have a trans PD organization..?

Anyway, just wanted to chime in on the thing of being straight up about who we are and what we're about. I have gotten pretty comfy just sayin' that I'm trans when shopping or doing anything that might cause confusion. As a not full time girl, I don't get majorly depressed about being missed-gendered. I'm just finally comfortable with who I am and "what others think of me is not my problem". Oh, and I haven't been disrespected yet...


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Guest Arbon

Glad it was a pleasant experience for you.

My attitude about disclosing is different - generally I don't have any desire to explain to people or talk about my being trans with them, its none of their business, including the police (I've been pulled over twice by our local force this year - the first time before my name change to - I just did not care what he thought and felt no need to explain) - there is nothing to be honest or dishonest about, nothing to be straight up about, it should be a non issue..

The state of Calif is great for Transgenders as it is not against the law to express your gender identification. In some states it is,

Its not against the law in any state. :)

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    • Gwen
      Welcome, Tali. I'm so glad you found the courage to say hello to TransPulse. I hope you find this a welcoming and informative place, and a safe place to just be yourself. I also have social anxiety and have found life my complicated with my transgender issues. But, I have found support here, and I'm fortunate to have a few people in my life who accept me. I hope you also find the support you want/need as you make your journey, which will provide happiness too. The happiness will come!!   Gwen
    • Charlize
      It sounds like you have a good plan for the future and are getting through the present difficulties with a grace that deserves praise.  I remember the humiliation of being called by my male name in crowded waiting rooms.  Those times were instrumental in getting me to make the necessary steps to change my legal status. HRT and living as yourself are certainly major steps along your journey as is finding a style that works well and makes you feel comfortable as yourself. Thanks for the update and happy birthday!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning Everyone!🍳   Happy Birthday Alexastimo!🎂 Happy Birthday Laura Beth!🎂 Happy Birthday Trojan!🎂 Hope your day is very special!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • TessaOKC
        Hi Mary,   I have slightly more than 20 good trans female friends that I speak with on at least a weekly basis. I have never felt alone and if I really need someone to talk to there is always someone nearby. My friends situation is very different. Don't know what the stats are but there appear to be far less FTM than MTF humans out there. That is stating the friend situation only for him. Now, since he's attracted to cis females, the numbers diminish even further. No clue for how many cis women are looking for transmales  but the number seems to be like really really low. So, to me, online dating is a no brainer.  I've checked a few places and the suggestions on dating sites are not many.   Good for you doing the online dating thing. I as well think we should be up front about who we are and I also think it can be safe providing that common sense is used       I really appreciate your view,   Tess
    • TessaOKC
        Thanks Vicky. Some people like very much to be part of a couple, me being one of them. Good luck at your weddings!!!
    • MarcieMarie12
      Hi Tali, one thing that helped me was getting out of the house and meeting others. My family members all responded differently  to it. My nephews were pretty much a shrug. It took time for some to come to terms with it too.   Welcome to Transpulse!  hugs, Marcie
    • Jennifer W
      Hi Raya welcome! Nice to meet you!
    • Jennifer W
      Welcome Tali...glad your here with us. Hugs!
    • Jennifer W
      Hi Kelly welcome! Give the cats a hug for me!
    • VickySGV
      Sounds like you are doing very well.  Back when I started things out on the name change, I could not do the gender change until after GCS.  Several months after my GCS and all the changes for me made, they changed the laws -- for the better -- so I would not have had the long drawn out  program that I had to do.  Keep your head high and you will make it, and laugh about all of the hassle.  
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